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32268390 2020. Responding to COVID-19: The UW Medicine Information Technology Services Experience
32309812 2020. Prone Position in Management of COVID-19 Patients; a Commentary

32265184 2020. Ready for a long fight against the COVID-19 outbreak: an innovative model of tiered primary health care in Taiwan
32345692 2020. Paying SPECIAL consideration to the digital sharing of information during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
32345693 2020. Enhancing the triage and cohort of patients in public primary care clinics in response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Hong Kong: an experience from a hospital cluster
32267768 2020. COVID-19 and emergency planning
32267769 2020. Legal aspects of COVID-19 pandemic management for community nurses
32312585 ä. Reducing medical error during a pandemic
32335078 ä. Deep Impact of COVID-19 in the HealthCare of Latin America: the case of Brazil
32333290 ä. The piecework anesthetists solution to the lack of ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic
32302561 2020. COVID-19: Navigating Uncertainties Together
32339510 ä. Regional Planning for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Allocation During Coronavirus Disease 2019
32289312 ä. Triage of Scarce Critical Care Resources in COVID-19 An Implementation Guide for Regional Allocation: An Expert Panel Report of the Task Force for Mass Critical Care and the American College of Chest Physicians
32166310 ä. A Novel Approach for a Novel Pathogen: using a home assessment team to evaluate patients for 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)
32299617 2020. Respirators and surgical facemasks for COVID-19: implications for MRI
32152059 2020. Proposed protocol to keep COVID-19 out of hospitals
32269020 2020. Projecting demand for critical care beds during COVID-19 outbreaks in Canada

32336679 2020. Optimizing provision of extracorporeal life support during the COVID-19 pandemic: practical considerations for Canadian jurisdictions

32183864 2020. Safe patient transport for COVID-19
32070391 2020. Critical care response to a hospital outbreak of the 2019-nCoV infection in Shenzhen, China

32345337 2020. Is a more aggressive COVID-19 case detection approach mitigating the burden on ICUs? Some reflections from Italy

32321566 2020. Managing COVID-19 in resource-limited settings: critical care considerations
32321562 2020. Clinical ethics recommendations for the allocation of intensive care treatments in exceptional, resource-limited circumstances: the Italian perspective during the COVID-19 epidemic
32317038 ä. Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic: Health System and Community Response to a Text Message (Text4Hope) Program Supporting Mental Health in Alberta
32295659 ä. Drawing on Israel?s Experience Organizing Volunteers to Operationalize Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing Centers
32236913 2020. Rechtsfragen der Ressourcenzuteilung in der COVID-19-Pandemie - Zwischen Utilitarismus und Lebenswertindifferenz
32360075 ä. COVID-19 admissions calculators - revisited
32374801 ä. Fair allocation of scarce medical resources during COVID-19 pandemic: ethical considerations
32327266 ä. Pre-labor anorectal swab for SARS-CoV-2 in COVID-19 pregnant patients: is it time to think about it?
32349932 ä. Surgical Volume, Safety, Drug Administration, and Clinical Trials During COVID-19: Single-center Experience in Shanghai, China
32372754 2020. Early experience of an infectious and tropical diseases unit during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, Florence, Italy, February to March 2020
32265003 2020. Indications for healthcare surge capacity in European countries facing an exponential increase in coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases, March 2020
32267530 2020. COVID-19 and Family Doctors
32247755 ä. COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of a gastroenterology fellow: looking for the silver lining
32368710 2020. Responding to Healthcare Disparities and Challenges With Access to Care During COVID-19
32355634 ä. Health policy and technology challenges in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
32196387 2020. Strategies to Inform Allocation of Stockpiled Ventilators to Healthcare Facilities During a Pandemic
C7196380 ä. Emergency Medical Services resource capacity and competency amid COVID-19 in the United States: Preliminary findings from a national survey
32313406 ä. COVID 19 Outbreak: Potential of Biochemistry Speciality
32248880 ä. Management-supportive measures for managers of healthcare organizations during the COVID-19 epidemic
32290883 ä. Practical implementation of COVID-19 patient flags into an antimicrobial stewardship program?s prospective review
32370275 2020. Preparedness of Frontline Doctors in Jordan Healthcare Facilities to COVID-19 Outbreak
32182811 2020. Reverse Logistics Network Design for Effective Management of Medical Waste in Epidemic Outbreaks: Insights from the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak in Wuhan (China)
32240484 ä. Providing pharmacy services at cabin hospitals at the coronavirus epicenter in China
32222911 ä. Providing pharmacy services during the coronavirus pandemic
32230995 2020. Quarantine Vehicle Scheduling for Transferring High-Risk Individuals in Epidemic Areas
32225019 2020. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis of China?s Prevention and Control Strategy for the COVID-19 Epidemic
32292636 2020. Contingency management strategies of the Nursing Department in centralized rescue of patients with coronavirus disease 2019?
C7128134 ä. Emergency management of nursing human resources and supplies to respond to coronavirus disease 2019 epidemic?

32313713 ä. Optimization of the intravenous infusion workflow in the isolation ward for patients with coronavirus disease 2019?
32083728 2020. Global challenges in health and health care for nurses and midwives everywhere
32293554 ä. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in: the older physician in the COVID-19 pandemic
32280052 2020. End-of-life decisions and care in the midst of a global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
32304834 ä. Risk Communication During COVID-19

32287086 2020. Practice Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic
32282442 2020. A Bioethical Perspective for Navigating Moral Dilemmas Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic
32208138 ä. Novel Screening and Triage Strategy in Iran During Deadly Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Epidemic: Value of Humanitarian Teleconsultation Service
32229297 ä. Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic
32278730 ä. Ongoing Lessons During the COVID-19 Pandemic
32278728 ä. Ethics in the Time of Coronavirus: Recommendations in the COVID-19 Pandemic
32278725 ä. Medically Necessary, Time-Sensitive Procedures: Scoring System to Ethically and Efficiently Manage Resource Scarcity and Provider Risk During the COVID-19 Pandemic
32276721 2020. Ethical practice during the COVID-19 pandemic
32267928 ä. Rapid Design and Implementation of an Integrated Patient Self-Triage and Self-Scheduling Tool for COVID-19
32333757 ä. When Past Isn?t a Prologue: Adapting Informatics Practice During a Pandemic
32336673 ä. Pharmacy administration and pharmaceutical care practice in a module hospital during the COVID-19 epidemic
32305209 ä. Preparing pharmacy for the surge of patients with COVID-19: Lessons from China
32340829 ä. Educating Surgeons to Educate Patients About the COVID-19 Pandemic
32292256 2020. Working through the COVID-19 outbreak: Rapid review and recommendations for MSK and allied heath personnel

32363005 ä. COVID-19 and its implications in the management of resource infrastructure
32340737 ä. Can You Catch It? Lessons Learned and Modification of ED Triage Symptom- and Travel-Screening Strategy
32151674 ä. Duration of quarantine in hospitalized patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection: a question needing an answer
32376717 2020. Best interests versus resource allocation: could COVID-19 cloud decision-making for the cognitively impaired?
32220574 ä. Featuring COVID-19 cases via screening symptomatic patients with epidemiologic link during flu season in a medical center of central Taiwan
32200489 ä. Hospitals as health factories and the coronavirus epidemic }
32221059 2020. Reflections on Nursing Ingenuity During the COVID-19 Pandemic
32302531 ä. The Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Our Practice
32276097 ä. Which Melbourne metropolitan areas are vulnerable to COVID-19 based on age, disability and access to health services? Using spatial analysis to identify service gaps and inform delivery
32276093 ä. Palliative Care in the time of COVID-19: Reflections from the frontline
32317129 ä. The COVID-19 pandemic: Technology use to support the wellbeing of children
32328285 2020. Pharmacists at the frontline beating the COVID-19 pandemic
32360375 ä. Forgetting ?routine? DVT and stroke during COVID-19 is a parallel pandemic that will be costly if ignored
32360683 ä. COVID-19 financial resources for physicians
32305585 ä. Practical diagnosis and treatment of suspected venous thromboembolism during COVID-19 Pandemic
32342051 ä. Misdiagnosis in the COVID era: When Zebras are Everywhere, Don?t Forget the Horses
32301962 ä. Symptom Screening at Illness Onset of Health Care Personnel With SARS-CoV-2 Infection in King County, Washington

32313587 ä. Gestion de ... pdf=
32119824 2020. The response of Milan s Emergency Medical System to the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy

32289116 2020. COVID-19 and artificial intelligence: protecting health-care workers and curbing the spread

32278364 ä. COVID-19 and risks to the supply and quality of tests, drugs, and vaccines
32339472 ä. Diagnosing malaria and other febrile illnesses during the COVID-19 pandemic
32353270 2020. Public health messaging and harm reduction in the time of COVID-19
32203711 ä. Planning and provision of ECMO services for severe ARDS during the COVID-19 pandemic and other outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases
32312491 ä. Medication Shortages During the COVID-19 Crisis: What We Must Do
32339235 ä. A Quantitative Framework for Modeling COVID-19 Risk During Adjuvant Therapy Using Published Randomized Trials of Glioblastoma in the Elderly
32346357 ä. Kommentar: Gefahr der COVID-19-Ansteckung durch Medikamentenvernebelung
32304334 2020. Taking the Longer View of COVID-19
32328297 2020. COVID-19 Pandemic: A New Chapter in the History of Infectious Diseases
32336348 2020. Effective health communication ? a key factor in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic
32153742 2020. 2019-nCoV: Polite with children!

32330124 2020. Leveraging open hardware to alleviate the burden of COVID-19 on global health systems

32323287 2020. Positionspapier zur praktischen Umsetzung der apparativen Differenzialtherapie der akuten respiratorischen Insuffizienz bei COVID-19

32294763 2020. Aufgaben der Weaning-Zentren im Pandemiefall COVID-19

32356639 2020. The ethical dimension of prioritization and allocation decisions within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
32249102 ä. Recommendations and guidance for providing pharmaceutical care services during COVID-19 pandemic: A China perspective
32247680 ä. Community pharmacists and communication in the time of COVID-19: Applying the health belief model
32224133 ä. How to link patients with suspicious COVID-19 to health system from the community pharmacies? A route proposal
32317153 ä. Drugs supply and pharmaceutical care management practices at a designated hospital during the COVID-19 epidemic
32278766 ä. Fighting against COVID-19: Innovative strategies for clinical pharmacists
32273253 ä. Hospital pharmacists? pharmaceutical care for hospitalized patients with COVID-19: Recommendations and guidance from clinical experience
32362583 ä. Emergency preparedness and response (EP&R) by pharmacy professionals in India: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and the way forward
32360181 ä. Pharmacists? readiness to deal with the coronavirus pandemic: Assessing awareness and perception of roles
32340892 ä. Media s effect on shaping knowledge, awareness risk perceptions and communication practices of pandemic COVID-19 among pharmacists
32340893 ä. Community pharmacists: On the frontline of health service against COVID-19
32317154 ä. Community Pharmacists: On the frontline of health service against COVID-19 in LMICs
32307319 ä. Medication management and adherence during the COVID-19 pandemic: Perspectives and experiences from LMICs
32081569 ä. Community pharmacist in public health emergencies: Quick to action against the coronavirus 2019-nCoV outbreak

32283116 2020. Collateral consequences of COVID-19 epidemic in Greater Paris
32299184 2020. COVID-19 - where do we go from here?

32283886 2020. Love in the time of coronavirus: training and service during COVID-19
32208495 2020. COVID-19 pandemic: triage for intensive-care treatment under resource scarcity
32336956 2020. Thrombosis management in times of COVID-19 epidemy; a Dutch perspective |pdf=|usr=}}
32205269 ä. Rapid viral diagnosis and ambulatory management of suspected COVID-19 cases presenting at the infectious diseases referral hospital in Marseille, France, - January 31st to March 1st, 2020: A respiratory virus snapshot
32276778 ä. Caring for the carers: Ensuring the provision of quality maternity care during a global pandemic
32272957 2020. COVID-19 the showdown for mass casualty preparedness and management: the Cassandra Syndrome
32355606 ä. COVID-19 and digital epidemiology
32377950 ä. Are we forgetting non-COVID-19-related diseases during lockdown?
32259419 2020. Calculated decisions: COVID-19 calculators during extreme resource-limited situations
32268640 2020. Technical guideline for disinfection of wastewater and wastes of medical organizations during COVID-19 outbreak
C7147918 2020. Caring for persons in detention suffering with mental illness during the Covid-19 outbreak
32386927 2020. Enfermedad por coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) en Am�rica Latina: papel de la atenci�n primaria en la preparaci�n y respuesta

32416989 ä. Failure modes and effect analysis to develop transfer protocols in the management of COVID-19 patients

32381261 ä. Equality or utility? Ethics and law of rationing ventilators
32390668 2020. Social Work in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic: All in This Together?

32392488 2020. Transmission of coronavirus by nebulizer: a serious, underappreciated risk

32253484 2020. Coronavirus disease 2019: Mehr Sicherheit durch kompakte Fakten und Handlungsempfehlungen
32223773 ä. Ethical considerations in the allocation of critical care resources when capacity is overwhelmed
32375855 2020. Ethics guidelines on COVID-19 triage?an emerging international consensus
32388333 2020. Internet of things (IoT) applications to fight against COVID-19 pandemic
32443202 2020. Disinfection technology of hospital wastes and wastewater: Suggestions for disinfection strategy during coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in China

C7128296 ä. Covid-19 et quelques probl�matiques �thiques en France
32377324 2020. Epidemics and primary care in the UK
32295662 ä. Allocation of Scarce Resources in a Pandemic: A Systematic Review of US State Crisis Standards of Care Documents
32257058 2020. Contributions and challenges of general practitioners in China fighting against the novel coronavirus crisis
32148740 2020. Challenges and responsibilities of family doctors in the new global coronavirus outbreak

32292634 2020. Holistic care for patients with severe coronavirus disease 2019: An expert consensus?
32388221 2020. Nursing s response to COVID-19: Lessons learned from SARS in Taiwan

32387212 2020. Important considerations regarding the future management of coronavirus (COVID-19)
32402799 ä. Early COVID-19 Impact on Adolescent Health and Medicine Programs in the United States: LEAH Program Leadership Reflections
C7188123 ä. Contingency planning in the clinical laboratory: lessons learned amidst COVID-19

32408107 2020. Critical care capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic: Global availability of intensive care beds

32452455 2020. Professional autonomy and liability of the resident doctor: Between the hammer and the anvil

32291724 ä. How Community and Unity Can Help Americans Survive

32360084 2020. Nurses in Conflict: Providing Care in Extraordinary Times

32387138 ä. COVID-19?Impact on DNR Orders in the Largest Cancer Center in Jordan
C7141421 2020. Influence of Community and Culture in the Ethical Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources in a Pandemic Situation: Deliberative Democracy Study

32448698 ä. Does nasal screening for Staphylococcus aureus before surgery compromise health care professional safety in the COVID-19 era?
32387163 ä. Commentary: When a cardiac surgeon takes care of patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019: It?s gonna be ok!
32380086 ä. Caring for patients with venous insufficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic at a tertiary care center
32389194 2020. Health system quality in the time of COVID-19

C7190296 2020. The experiences of health-care providers during the COVID-19 crisis in China: a qualitative study
C7201192 ä. Leadership, Management and Command in the time of the Coronavirus
C7200366 2020. Managing thromboembolic risk with menopausal hormone therapy and hormonal contraception....
32043976 2020. A contingency plan for the management of the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak in neonatal intensive care units
32381278 ä. Practical Bioethics during the Exceptional Circumstances of a Pandemic
32421541 2020. Practical strategies for a safe and effective delivery of aerosolized medications to patients with COVID-19
32380028 2020. Drone delivery of AED s and personal protective equipment in the era of SARS-CoV-2
32382213 2020. The scientific literature on Coronaviruses, COVID-19 and its associated safety-related research dimensions: A scientometric analysis and scoping review
C7111621 ä. Science Education in the Era of a Pandemic: How Can History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science Contribute to Education for Understanding and Solving the Covid-19 Crisis?
32409154 2020. COVID-19: A perspective of a frontline worker
32205158 2020. An integrated response to the impact of coronavirus outbreak on the Emergency Medical Services of Emilia Romagna
32334859 2020. La m�decine interne dans la pand�mie � SARS-CoV-2
32064701 2020. What should virologists be teaching their students?
32353114 ä. Throat Wash Testing and COVID-19 Disease: Should We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is?
32307559 ä. Management for patients with pediatric surgical disease during the COVID-19 epidemic
32247692 ä. Faecal-oral transmission of SARS-COV-2: practical implications
32367287 ä. New evidence of SARS-CoV-2 transmission through the ocular surface
32366728 2020. Medical Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Single Institution Experience
32366726 2020. Management of Asthma in Children during COVID-19 Pandemic
32366725 2020. COVID -19 Pandemic: The Challenges for Pediatric Oncology
32282033 2020. Initiating adjunct low-dose hydroxyurea therapy for stroke prevention in children with SCA during the COVID-19 pandemic
32362106 2020. Management of conjunctivitis during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020


32304119 2020. Tracheostomy during SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: Recommendations from the New York Head and Neck Society.
32298036 2020. Framework for prioritizing head and neck surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32298035 2020. Managing head and neck cancer patients with tracheostomy or laryngectomy during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32298028 2020. There is no routine head and neck exam during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32298019 2020. Disproportionate impact of COVID-19 pandemic on head and neck cancer survivors.
32298018 2020. Head and neck virtual medicine in a pandemic era: Lessons from COVID-19.
32298017 2020. Management of the difficult airway in the COVID-19 pandemic: Illustrative complex head and neck cancer scenario.
32298016 2020. Commentary on the management of total laryngectomy patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32298006 2020. Care of immunocompromised patients with head and neck cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic: Two challenging and informative clinical cases.
32270581 2020. COVID-19 pandemic: Effects and evidence-based recommendations for otolaryngology and head and neck surgery practice.
32270568 2020. Treating head and neck tumors during the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, 2019 to 2020: Sichuan Cancer Hospital.
32270565 2020. Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on otolaryngologic surgery: Brief commentary.
32348594 2020. Procedural precautions and personal protective equipment during head and neck instrumentation in the COVID-19 era.
32348591 2020. Management of dysphagia in the patient with head and neck cancer during COVID-19 pandemic: Practical strategy.
32348581 2020. Development of clinical care guidelines for faculty and residents in the era of COVID-19.
32347991 2020. Health workers' safety during tracheostomy in COVID-19 patients: Homemade protective screen.
32342565 2020. Tracheotomy in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.
32342570 2020. Overview of COVID-19 testing and implications for otolaryngologists.
32337725 2020. The Value of Headache-Specific Recommendations During COVID-19.
32267962 2020. Migraine in the Time of COVID-19.
32227596 2020. Migraine Care in the Era of COVID-19: Clinical Pearls and Plea to Insurers.
32359098 2020. Delay in OnabotulinumtoxinA Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic-Perspectives from a Virus Hotspot.
32352569 2020. The Adaptation of Management of Chronic Migraine Patients With Medication Overuse to the Suspension of Treatment Protocols During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons From a Tertiary Headache Center in Milan, Italy.
32500101 2020. COVID-19 and telemedicine: A revolution in healthcare delivery is at hand.
32444504 2020. Challenges in the management of older patients with acute coronary syndromes in the COVID-19 pandemic.
32522822 2020. Adult congenital heart disease and the COVID-19 pandemic.
32467031 2020. CSANZ Imaging Council Position Statement on Echocardiography Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
32451232 2020. Position Statement on the Management of Cardiac Electrophysiology and Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices in Australia during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Living Document.
32418875 2020. COVID-19 and Acute Heart Failure: Screening the Critically Ill - A Position Statement of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ).
32473781 2020. Optimising Secondary Prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Position Statement from the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ).
32535140 2020. HRS/EHRA/APHRS/LAHRS/ACC/AHA worldwide practice update for telehealth and arrhythmia monitoring during and after a pandemic.
32425483 2020. Diabetes mellitus: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.
32405620 2020. Managing Patients with Multiple Myeloma during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Recommendations from an Expert Panel - ABHH Monoclonal Gammopathies Committe.
32298473 2020. Clinical Best Practice Advice for Hepatology and Liver Transplant Providers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: AASLD Expert Panel Consensus Statement.
32275784 2020. Telemedicine in Liver Disease and Beyond: Can the COVID-19 Crisis Lead to Action?
32472464 2020. A manual reduction of hernia under analgesia/sedation (Taxis) in the acute inguinal hernia: a useful technique in COVID-19 times to reduce the need for emergency surgery-a literature review.
32415652 2020. European Hernia Society (EHS) guidance for the management of adult patients with a hernia during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32514587 2020. Onkokardiologie: Neue Herausforderungen, neue Moglichkeiten.
32514605 2020. Management von Patienten mit Tracheostoma wahrend der COVID-19-Pandemie: Literaturuberblick und Demonstration.
32448648 2020. AHPBA Webinar about Covid-19: lessons learned responding to a pandemic.
32314881 2020. [Strategy of dental clinics to cope with the epidemic period of infectious diseases based on the experience of corona virus disease outbreak].
32510042 2020. COVID-19 and online teaching in higher education: A case study of Peking University.
32509977 2020. Self-management strategies to consider to combat endometriosis symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32518738 2020. Intubation Containment System for Improved Protection From Aerosolized Particles During Airway Management.
32534693 2020. Cardiological Society of India: Document on acute MI care during COVID-19.
32534691 2020. Digital healthcare: The only solution for better healthcare during COVID-19 pandemic?
32534687 2020. Managing ACS during COVID-19 infection: Do not follow the traditional route.
32317434 2020. Effect of COVID-19 related lockdown on ophthalmic practice and patient care in India: Results of a survey.
32317433 2020. All India Ophthalmological Society - Indian Journal of Ophthalmology consensus statement on preferred practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32461495 2020. Comments on: Tool kit for survival: How to run and manage ophthalmic practices during the difficult time of COVID-19 crisis.
32461494 2020. Comments on: All India Ophthalmic Society-Indian Journal of Ophthalmology Consensus statement on preferred practices during COVID-19 Pandemic.
32461493 2020. Sanitization of glaucoma clinic instruments in COVID-19 era.
32461492 2020. COVID-19: Ophthalmic prophylactic and therapeutic measures.
32461488 2020. Managing intravitreal injections in adults in COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 era- Initial experiences.
32461487 2020. COVID-19 and eye banking.
32461417 2020. Commentary: Gamifying teleconsultation during COVID-19 lockdown.
32461415 2020. Tele-consultations and electronic medical records driven remote patient care: Responding to the COVID-19 lockdown in India.
32461414 2020. Commentary: Restructuring residency training in ophthalmology during COVID-19 era: Challenges and opportunities.
32461413 2020. The impact of COVID-19 related lockdown on ophthalmology training programs in India - Outcomes of a survey.
32425237 2020. COVID-19: Current Knowledge and Best Practices for Orthopaedic Surgeons.
32415659 2020. Managing Pediatric Cancer Patients in COVID19 Pandemic.
32394156 2020. Use of Face Masks in COVID-19.
32519262 2020. Child Health and Delivery of Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond.
32395064 2020. To Do or Not to Do?-A Review of Cancer Surgery Triage Guidelines in COVID-19 Pandemic.
32381147 2020. Respiratory surveillance wards as a strategy to reduce nosocomial transmission of COVID-19 through early detection: The experience of a tertiary-care hospital in Singapore.
32381138 2020. Protecting frontline healthcare workers should be the top priority in low-resource health systems: Bangladesh and COVID-19.
32362291 2020. Calculating an institutional personal protective equipment (PPE) burn rate to project future usage patterns during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.
32412403 2020. COVID-19 and ophthalmology: an underappreciated occupational hazard.
32408916 2020. COVID-19 and antimicrobial stewardship: What is the interplay?
32408911 2020. Current knowledge of COVID-19 and infection prevention and control strategies in healthcare settings: A global analysis.
32248852 2020. How to deal with 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19): Public health practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City, China.
32345392 2020. Universal masking in hospitals in the COVID-19 era: Is it time to consider shielding?
32279674 2020. The COVID-19 outbreak: The issue of face masks.
32532950 2020. Infection prevention and control in blood purification centers during the COVID-19 epidemic: a single institution experience from Zhejiang, China.
32532940 2020. Comprehensive review of mask utility and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32314792 2020. Challenges in the Care of IBD Patients During the CoViD-19 Pandemic: Report From a "Red Zone" Area in Northern Italy.
32393973 2020. Management of Acute Severe Ulcerative Colitis in a Pregnant Woman With COVID-19 Infection: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.
32386056 2020. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Biological Treatment in SARS-CoV-2 Era. Why Not?
32405089 2020. Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on an Emergency Traumatology Service: Experience at a Tertiary Trauma Centre in Spain.
32357257 2020. Role of respirators in controlling the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) amongst dental healthcare providers: a review.
32277770 2020. COVID-19: its impact on dental schools in Italy, clinical problems in endodontic therapy and general considerations.
32320488 2020. Integration of telemedicine into the public health response to COVID-19 must include dentists.
32374899 2020. To test or not to test? An opportunity to restart dentistry sustainably in the 'COVID-19 era'.
32291872 2020. At the center of the COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons learned for otolaryngology-head and neck surgery in China.
32348025 2020. Skull-base surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic: the Italian Skull Base Society recommendations.
32504142 2020. Health resort medicine can be a suitable setting to recover disabilities in patients tested negative for COVID-19 discharged from hospital? A challenge for the future.
32500378 2020. Balneotherapy in the era of COVID-19: should it be recommended or not?
32391412 2020. On-demand app-based rate and rhythm monitoring to manage atrial fibrillation through tele-consultations during COVID-19.
32474676 2020. Statement from the North American Society for Cardiovascular Imaging on imaging strategies to reduce the scarcity of healthcare resources during the COVID-19 outbreak.
32451877 2020. Cardiac imaging procedures and the COVID-19 pandemic: recommendations of the European Society of Cardiovascular Radiology (ESCR).
32524513 2020. Provision of community pharmacy services during COVID-19 pandemic: a cross sectional study of community pharmacists' experiences with preventative measures and sources of information.
32468103 2020. From high volume to "zero" proctology: Italian experience in the COVID era.
32458396 2020. Adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges and opportunities of frontline colorectal cancer teams in the UK.
32451645 2020. Stay safe stay connected: surgical mobile app at the time of Covid-19 outbreak.
32500432 2020. The impact of COVID-19 pandemic in the colorectal cancer prevention.
32323317 2020. Inpatient care for dermatological patients during SARS-CoV-2 - a case report from Portugal.
32378200 2020. Rescheduling of clinical activities and teleconsulting for public dermatology. Two prompt answers to COVID-19 emergency.
32358978 2020. COVID-19 pandemic: University of Naples Federico II Dermatology's model of dermatology reorganization.
32383530 2020. Cognitive-behavioral therapy in the time of coronavirus: Clinician tips for working with eating disorders via telehealth when face-to-face meetings are not possible.
32338400 2020. Access to evidence-based care for eating disorders during the COVID-19 crisis.
32429920 2020. Mobile health clinic model in the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned and opportunities for policy changes and innovation.
32413608 2020. HIV care in times of the COVID-19 crisis - Where are we now in Central and Eastern Europe?
32534140 2020. Presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in Isolation Ward Environment 28 Days after Exposure.
32497806 2020. Continuous physiological monitoring using wearable technology to inform individual management of infectious diseases, public health and outbreak responses.
32482298 2020. Capacity in the time of Coronavirus.
32437912 2020. Novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. Practice recommendations for obstetric anaesthesia: what we have learned thus far.
32250505 2020. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Characteristics in children and considerations for dentists providing their care.
32499073 2020. ENT management of children with adenotonsillar disease during COVID-19 pandemic. Ready to start again?
32526541 2020. Pediatric otolaryngology workflow changes in a community hospital setting to decrease exposure to novel coronavirus.
32388083 2020. Operative team checklist for aerosol generating procedures to minimise exposure of healthcare workers to SARS-CoV-2.
32400870 2020. COVID-19: Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Skills to Deploy during the Surge.
32317558 2020. The suspected SARS-Cov-2 infection in a Charcot-Marie-Tooth patient undergoing postsurgical rehabilitation: the value of telerehabilitation for evaluation and continuing treatment.

32514377 2020. Proposed algorithm during COVID-19 pandemic for patient management in medical retina clinic.
32479914 2020. Management strategies and role of telemedicine in a surgery unit during COVID-19 outbreak.
32479915 2020. COVID 19 and laparoscopic surgeons, the Indian scenario - Perspective.
32454253 2020. International guidelines and recommendations for surgery during Covid-19 pandemic: A Systematic Review.
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