Socio-psychiatric aspects of the status hygienicus

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  • GET 2020. Social distancing in covid-19: what are the mental health implications? Extract
  • GET ä. How Do We Balance Tensions Between COVID-19 Public Health Responses and Stigma Mitigation? Learning from HIV Research Extract
  • GET ä. The Impacts of Isolation Measures Against SARS-CoV-2 Infection on Sexual Health Extract
  • GET ä. Characterizing the Impact of COVID-19 on Men Who Have Sex with Men Across the United States in April, 2020 Extract
  • GET ä. COVID-19 Policies can Perpetuate Violence Against Transgender Communities: Insights from Peru Extract
  • GET ä. Physical Distancing in COVID-19 May Exacerbate Experiences of Social Isolation among People Living with HIV Extract
  • GET ä. The Burden of COVID-19 in People Living with HIV: A Syndemic Perspective Extract
  • GET ä. Social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic: Staying home save lives Extract
  • GET ä. Aged Patients With Mental Disorders in the COVID-19 Era: The Experience of Northern Italy Extract
  • GET 2020. Addressing Problems With Alcohol and Other Substances Among Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. Ways of Protecting Religious Older Adults from the Consequences of COVID-19 Extract
  • GET ä. Anticipating and Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Alzheimer s Disease and Related Dementias Extract
  • positives bannend from military
  • GET 2020. Mental Health Strategies to Combat the Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Beyond Paranoia and Panic Extract
  • GET ä. This Time Must Be Different: Disparities During the COVID-19 Pandemic Extract
  • GET 2020. Iranian mental health during the COVID-19 epidemic Extract
  • GET 2020. Acute stress, behavioural symptoms and mood states among school-age children with attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder during the COVID-19 outbreak Extract
  • GET 2020. COVID-19 in People with Mental Illness: Challenges and Vulnerabilities Extract
  • GET 2020. Study of knowledge, attitude, anxiety & perceived mental healthcare need in Indian population during COVID-19 pandemic Extract
  • GET 2020. Issues relevant to mental health promotion in frontline health care providers managing quarantined/isolated COVID19 patients Extract
  • GET 2020. First COVID-19 suicide case in Bangladesh due to fear of COVID-19 and xenophobia: Possible suicide prevention strategies Extract
  • GET 2020. A chaotic and stressed environment for 2019-nCoV suspected, infected and other people in India: Fear of mass destruction and causality Extract
  • GET 2020. Cognitive biases operating behind the rejection of government safety advisories during COVID19 Pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. Pakistanis? Mental Health during the COVID-19 Extract
  • GET 2020. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak provides a unique platform to review behavioral changes in Iran Extract
  • GET ä. Keeping the Country Positive during the COVID 19 Pandemic: Evidence from India Extract
  • GET 2020. Assessing the anxiety level of Iranian general population during COVID-19 outbreak Extract
  • GET 2020. Awareness of mental health problems in patients with coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19): A lesson from an adult man attempting suicide Extract
  • GET 2020. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on pre-existing mental health problems Extract
  • GET 2020. A crisis for elderly with mental disorders: Relapse of symptoms due to heightened anxiety due to COVID-19 Extract
  • GET 2020. Chinese mental health burden during the COVID-19 pandemic Extract
  • GET 2020. Covid-19 lock down: People psychology due to law enforcement Extract
  • GET 2020. Epidemic of COVID-19 in China and associated Psychological Problems Extract
  • GET ä. Sentiment Analysis of Nationwide Lockdown due to COVID 19 Outbreak: Evidence from India Extract
  • GET 2020. COVID-19 pandemic and addiction: Current problems and future concerns Extract
  • GET 2020. Homeless mentally ill people and COVID-19 pandemic: The two-way sword for LMICs Extract
  • GET ä. COVID 19: Impact of Lock-down on Mental Health and Tips to Overcome Extract
  • GET ä. Dealing with Corona virus anxiety and OCD Extract
  • GET ä. From Helpless to Hero: Promoting Values-Based Behavior and Positive Family Interaction in the Midst of COVID-19 Extract
  • GET 2020. COVID-19 and mental health: A review of the existing literature Extract
  • GET 2020. COVID-19: Risk of increase in smoking rates among England s 6 million smokers and relapse among England s 11 million ex-smokers Extract
  • GET ä. Treatment concerns for psychiatric symptoms in patients with COVID-19 with or without psychiatric disorders Extract
  • GET ä. The emotional impact of COVID-19: From medical staff to common people Extract
  • GET ä. The distress of Iranian adults during the Covid-19 pandemic ? More distressed than the Chinese and with different predictors Extract
  • GET ä. Loss and Grief amidst COVID-19: A Path to Adaptation and Resilience Extract
  • GET ä. Affective temperament, attachment style, and the psychological impact of the COVID-19 outbreak: an early report on the Italian general population Extract
  • GET ä. The immediate mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic among people with or without quarantine managements Extract
  • GET ä. The differential psychological distress of populations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. A Longitudinal Study on the Mental Health of General Population during the COVID-19 Epidemic in China Extract
  • GET 2020. "Pandemic fear" and COVID-19: mental health burden and strategies Extract
  • GET 2020. Reflections about the impact of the SARS-COV-2/COVID-19 pandemic on mental health Extract
  • GET 2020. A violencia contra mulheres, criancas e adolescentes em tempos de pandemia pela COVID-19: panorama, motivacoes e formas de enfrentamento Extract
  • GET 2020. Niveles de estres, ansiedad y depresion en la primera fase del brote del COVID-19 en una muestra recogida en el norte de Espana Extract

social deprivation, suicide

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  • the freedom of a domesticized bird...
  • GET 2020. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Firearms in the United States: Will an Epidemic of Suicide Follow? Extract
  • GET ä. Call for Proposals: Special Issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior on the Impact of COVID-19 on Sexual Health and Behavior Extract
  • GET 2020. Fear of COVID 2019: First suicidal case in India ! Extract
  • GET 2020. Self-harm and COVID-19 Pandemic: An emerging concern ? A report of 2 cases from India Extract
  • GET ä. COVID 2019-Suicides: A global psychological pandemic Extract

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