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coviki.org collects the really good Ideas and the scientific Record on Covid-19 Virus.

GET 2020. COVID-19-activated SREBP2 disturbs cholesterol biosynthesis and leads to cytokine storm Extract
  • GET 2020. Behavioural manipulation - key to the successful global spread of the new Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2? Extract
A concept of curative retargeting has been found by cellular lockdown with kinase inhibitors from the oncologic pharmacopoiea.
This means, virus replication can be stalled to zero w/o need of develpoment of new substances. There is no need for world
vaccination anymore. The virus needs permissible cells, and most perimissible is phosphotyrosine on its own compnents.
Paper is (not yet in PubMed) :

credentials to Marinus Brandl who told us about it today. based on e.g.

GET 2020. Proteomics of SARS-CoV-2-infected host cells reveals therapy targets Extract
COVID19 is now a CURABLE disease !!!

My personal bet on the concept of basic resilience

Heparin          Colchicine
Magnesium        Noscapine
My personal bet on therapeutic escalation

GET 2010. Chloroquine and its derivatives exacerbate B19V-associated anemia by promoting viral replication Extract
GET 2020. It is time for computable evidence synthesis: The COVID-19 Knowledge Accelerator Initiative. Extract
GET 2020. (tt bradykinin) Noscapine, a possible drug candidate for attenuation of cytokine release associated with SARS-CoV-2 Extract
  • GET ä. SARS-CoV-2 and viral sepsis: observations and hypotheses Extract
  • GET 2020. Endothelial cell infection and endotheliitis in COVID-19 Extract
GET ä. TH17 responses in cytokine storm of COVID-19: An emerging target of JAK2 inhibitor Fedratinib Extract
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