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32267678 ä. COVID-19: A Call for Physical Scientists and Engineers adressing off-topic research contributors
32190290 2020. SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: The most important research questions
32346223 ä. Artificial intelligence vs COVID-19: limitations, constraints and pitfalls
32317202 ä. Areas of academic research with the impact of COVID-19
32322993 ä. The emergence of SARS, MERS and novel SARS-2 coronaviruses in the 21st century
32257173 ä. An evidence-based framework for priority clinical research questions for COVID-19
32335749 ä. How Could This Happen?: Narrowing Down the Contagion of COVID-19 and Preventing Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
32355837 2020. Comprehensive update on current outbreak of novel coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV)
32354181 2020. Twenty-Year Span of Global Coronavirus Research Trends: A Bibliometric Analysis
32022370 2020. Learning from the Past: Possible Urgent Prevention and Treatment Options for Severe Acute Respiratory Infections Caused by 2019?nCoV?
32276137 ä. Individual risk management strategy and potential therapeutic options for the COVID-19 pandemic
32207680 2020. COVID-19: the new challenge for rheumatologists
30872283 2019. Slicing and dicing viruses: antiviral RNA interference in mammals
32244365 2020. A Systematic Review of COVID-19 Epidemiology Based on Current Evidence
32382706 ä. Emergent materials and industry 4 0 contribution toward pandemic diseases such as COVID-19
32413821 2020. A review of modern technologies for tackling COVID-19 pandemic
32232339 2020. Forty years with coronaviruses
32201335 2020. Cardiovascular Considerations for Patients, Health Care Workers, and Health Systems During the COVID-19 Pandemic
C7148604 2020. Prospect and application of Internet of Things technology for prevention of SARIs
C7148716 2020. Chinese experts consensus on the Internet of Things-aided diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
C7194817 2020. A Primer on Biodefense Data Science for Pandemic Preparedness
32306500 2020. Supporting pandemic response using genomics and bioinformatics: A case study on the emergent SARS-CoV-2 outbreak
32437681 2020. What Is the Role for Algorithmics and Computational Biology in Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic?
32006706 2020. Pathogenic viruses: Molecular detection and characterization

32156572 2020. Viroporins and inflammasomes: A key to understand virus-induced inflammation

32020374 2020. The Role of Augmented Intelligence (AI) in Detecting and Preventing the Spread of Novel Coronavirus
32514223 2020. Covid-19: biotechnologists make their contribution.
32431818 2020. Visualizing an unseen enemy; mobilizing structural biology to counter COVID-19.
32445213 2020. Current Applications of Artificial Intelligence for COVID-19.
32513292 2020. Implementation science in times of Covid-19.
32305024 2020. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for COVID-19 pandemic.
32035811 ä. Emerging threats from zoonotic coronaviruses-from SARS and MERS to 2019-nCoV
32314790 ä. What s New With the Old Coronaviruses?
32309679 ä. COVID-19 Clinical Trials: A Primer for the Cardiovascular and Cardio-Oncology Communities
32313885 ä. COVID-19 Clinical Trials: A Primer for the Cardiovascular and Cardio-Oncology Communities
32173241 ä. Asymptomatic carrier state, acute respiratory disease, and pneumonia due to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2): Facts and myths
32202513 ä. Changing the editorial process at JCI and JCI Insight in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
32458071 2020. Implementation of Medical and Scientific Cooperation in the Caribbean Using Blockchain Technology in Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemics.
32436576 2020. Where is the implementation science? An opportunity to apply principles during the COVID19 pandemic.
32451808 2020. Role of biological Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques in Detecting and Diagnosing the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Systematic Review.
32460383 2020. Fighting COVID-19, a place for artificial intelligence.
32479104 2020. Special report: Early use of ICD-10-CM code "U07.1, COVID-19" to identify 2019 novel coronavirus cases in Military Health System administrative data.
32401550 2020. Involvement of the open-source community in combating the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic: a review.
32462968 2020. Why have nanotechnologies been underutilized in the global uprising against the coronavirus pandemic?
32591346 2020. Data, reagents, assays and merits of proteomics for SARS-CoV-2 research and testing.
32551559 2020. Opportunities and Challenges for Biosensors and Nanoscale Analytical Tools for Pandemics: COVID-19.
32418724 2020. Emergence of New Disease: How Can Artificial Intelligence Help?
32423724 2020. Challenges and Opportunities for the Biotechnology Research Community during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
32568725 2020. The Role of Health Technology and Informatics in Global Public Health Emergency: Practices and Implications from the COVID-19 Pandemic.
32404960 2020. A platform for RNA virus cloning.
32559141 2020. How to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic with More Creativity and Innovation.

32467372 2020. Sick chinchillas languish at farms that supply researchers.
32604585 2020. Unsupervised Machine Learning for the Discovery of Latent Clusters in COVID-19 Patients Using Electronic Health Records.
32562484 2020. COVID-19 Is a Data Science Issue.

32337613 2020. COVID-19 and the role of 3D printing in medicine.

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