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32377596 ä. Experiencing the Surge: Report from a Large New York Radiation Oncology Department During the COVID-19 Pandemic
32313845 ä. Radiation Therapy in King County, Washington During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Balancing Patient Care, Transmission Mitigation, and Resident Training
32292841 ä. The Impact of COVID-19 on Radiation Oncology Clinics and Patients With Cancer in the United States
32292837 ä. Running a Radiation Oncology Department at the Time of Coronavirus: An Italian Experience
C7142676 ä. Southern Italy: How the supply of radiation therapy, patient outcomes, and risk to health care providers have changed during the COVID-19 Pandemic
32363243 ä. Palliative Radiotherapy for Oncologic Emergencies in the setting of COVID-19: Approaches to Balancing Risks and Benefits
32363245 ä. Efforts to Reduce the Impacts of COVID-19 Outbreak on Radiation Oncology in Taiwan
32337386 ä. Practice considerations for proton beam radiotherapy of uveal melanoma during the COVID-19 pandemic: PTCOG Ocular experience
32322758 ä. Management of Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer During The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Necessary Paradigm Change at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
32318643 ä. Thoracic radiation therapy during COVID-19: provisional guidelines from a comprehensive cancer center within a pandemic epicenter
32363244 ä. Adapting Radiation Therapy Treatments for Patients with Breast Cancer During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Hypo-Fractionation and Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation to Address World Health Organization Recommendations
32313844 ä. A rapid transition to voluntary breath hold from device-assisted moderate deep inspiration breath hold for patients receiving breast radiotherapy during the COVID-19 pandemic
32363247 ä. New policy and regulation for a Radiology-Oncology Center at the time of Covid-19 outbreak in Tehran-Iran
C7151398 ä. How to reorganize the access of children in a radiotherapy department in the era of COVID19, in order to protect themselves and elderly patients
32363248 ä. Experience of a Radiation Oncology Center Operating During the COVID-19 Outbreak
32292842 ä. Breast Radiation Therapy Under COVID-19 Pandemic Resource Constraints?Approaches to Defer or Shorten Treatment From a Comprehensive Cancer Center in the United States
C7118610 ä. Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Recommendations in Response to COVID-19
C7118595 ä. Concerns for activated breathing control (ABC) with breast cancer in the era of COVID-19: Maximizing infection control while minimizing heart dose
32359937 ä. COVID-19 impact on timing of brachytherapy treatment and strategies for risk mitigation
32299723 ä. Considerations for the Treatment of Oesophageal Cancer With Radiotherapy During the COVID-19 Pandemic
32362444 ä. Lymphocytopenia and Radiotherapy Treatment Volumes in the Time of COVID-19
32307313 ä. Compensation de la dose totale en cas dinterruption temporaire de radiotherapie...
32334905 ä. Orga" width="940" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"> tion d un service de radiotherapie pendant l epidemie de COVID-19: experience du centre hospitalier de Mulhouse
32359846 2020. Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic as a National Radiation Oncology Centre in Singapore
32274425 2020. COVID-19: Global radiation oncology?s targeted response for pandemic preparedness
32368429 ä. Quantifying the Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Patients: A Technical Report of Patient Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic at a High-volume Radiation Oncology Proton Center in New York City
32199941 ä. Letter from Italy: First practical indications for radiation therapy departments during COVID-19 outbreak
32302681 ä. Practice recommendations for risk-adapted head and neck cancer radiotherapy during the COVID-19 pandemic: an ASTRO-ESTRO consensus statement
32264908 2020. First statement on preparation for the COVID-19 pandemic in large German Speaking University-based radiation oncology departments
32342873 ä. Navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak: perspectives from the radiation oncology service in singapore
32342870 ä. Radiotherapy Workflow and Protection Procedures During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak: Experience of the Hubei Cancer Hospital in Wuhan, China
32259751 2020. How should we implement radiotherapy for cancer patients in China during the endemic period of COVID-19?
32342864 ä. Bracing for impact with new 4R?s in the COVID-19 pandemic- a provincial thoracic radiation oncology consensus
32342865 ä. Covid-19 outbreak in a major radiation oncology department; which lessons should be taken?
32342863 2020. Practice recommendations for lung cancer radiotherapy during the COVID-19 pandemic: An ESTRO-ASTRO consensus statement
32389580 2020. Radiotherapie mammaire ...
32377596 ä. Experiencing the Surge: Report From a Large New York Radiation Oncology Department During the COVID-19 Pandemic
32292845 ä. How to Reorganize Children?s Access to Radiation Therapy in the Era of COVID-19, to Protect Them and Elderly Patients
32342868 ä. COVID-19, radiotherapy and cancer
32342867 ä. (hygiene)Breakthrough of COVID-19 using radiotherapy treatment modalities
32342861 ä. International expert consensus statement regarding radiotherapy treatment options for rectal cancer during the COVID 19 pandemic
32342880 ä. Prevention and control measure to avoid cross infection during radiotherapy in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic in Wuhan, China
32342878 ä. Recommendations on the use of radiation therapy in managing patients with gastrointestinal malignancies in the era of COVID-19
32342872 2020. A rapid review of evidence and recommendations from the SIOPE radiation oncology working group to help mitigate for reduced paediatric radiotherapy capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic or other crises?
32342876 ä. Radiotherapy imaging: an unexpected ally in fighting COVID 19 pandemic
32342862 ä. Practice recommendations for lung cancer radiotherapy during the COVID-19 pandemic: An ESTRO-ASTRO consensus statement
32103304 ä. Old Threat, New Enemy: Is Your Interventional Radiology Service Ready for the Coronavirus Disease 2019?
32292693 ä. Adapting palliative radiation therapy for bone metastases during the Covid-19 pandemic: GEMO position paper
C7153354 ä. COVID-19 pandemic planning: considerations for radiation oncology medical physics

32389753 2020. What is our threshold: Departmental planning for radiation oncology?s future in the time of COVID-19?
32335668 ä. Letter: COVID-19 Pandemic: Safety Precautions for Stereotactic Radiosurgery Hospital Model |pdf=|usr=}}
32387545 2020. Radiotherapy and COVID-19: Practical recommendations from iran???
32389420 ä. Radiotherapy & Oncology during the COVID-19 pandemic?
32380338 2020. ...Neurosurgery Department, and the Role of Radiosurgery as a Minimally Invasive Procedure for Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma in the Pandemic Outbreak
32424565 2020. Performing Gamma Knife radiosurgery safely during the COVID-19 pandemic: preliminary results from a single center in the Lombardy region in Italy.

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