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  • GET 2020. Radiology Management and COVID-19 in Resource Limited Setting Extract
  • GET ä. COVID-19 Protection Guidelines in Outpatient Medical Imaging Centers Extract
  • GET ä. Corona Virus International Public Health Emergencies: Implications for Radiology Management Extract
  • GET 2020. How imaging should properly be used in COVID-19 outbreak: an Italian experience Extract
  • GET 2020. A British Society of Thoracic Imaging statement: considerations in designing local imaging diagnostic algorithms for the COVID-19 pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. Planning and coordination of the radiological response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic: the Singapore experience Extract
  • GET 2020. Management strategy of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pneumonia in the radiology department: a Chinese experience Extract
  • GET 2020. Imaging and COVID-19 Extract
  • GET 2020. Strategies for radiology departments in handling the COVID-19 pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. Suggestions for safety and protection control in Department of Nuclear Medicine during the outbreak of COVID-19 Extract
  • GET ä. Facing a disruptive threat: how can a nuclear medicine service be prepared for the coronavirus outbreak 2020? Extract
  • GET ä. Key elements of preparedness for pandemic coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in nuclear medicine units Extract
  • GET ä. COVID-19 pandemic: guidance for nuclear medicine departments Extract
  • GET ä. Nuclear medicine in responding to global pandemic COVID-19?American College of Nuclear Medicine member experience Extract
  • GET 2020. Radiology department strategies to protect radiologic technologists against COVID19: Experience from Wuhan Extract
  • GET ä. Nuclear medicine services after COVID-19: gearing up back to normality Extract
  • GET ä. Adapting to a new normal? 5 key operational principles for a radiology service facing the COVID-19 pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. Important lessons for infection control in radiology departments during the COVID-19 pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. The Radiology Department during the COVID-19 pandemic: a challenging, radical change Extract
  • GET ä. Prevention and control measures in radiology department for COVID-19 Extract
  • GET ä. Infection Control against COVID-19 in Departments of Radiology Extract
  • GET ä. The Battle Against Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Emergency Management and Infection Control in a Radiology Department Extract
  • GET ä. Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography Guidance for Use of Cardiac Computed Tomography Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. Touch Me Not: Physical Distancing in Radiology during COVID-19 Extract
  • GET ä. Italian Radiology?s Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak Extract
  • GET ä. Academic Radiology Departmental Operational Strategy Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. Ventilation-perfusion Scans During the Coronavirus (COVID 19) Outbreak Extract
  • GET 2020. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak: What the Department of Radiology Should Know Extract
  • GET ä. Coronavirus Outbreak: Is Radiology Ready? Mass Casualty Incident Planning Extract
  • GET ä. Operational Strategies to Prevent COVID-19 spread in Radiology: Experience from a Singapore Radiology Department after SARS Extract
  • GET ä. COVID-19 and Your Radiology Practice: Case Triage, Staffing Strategies, and Addressing Revenue Concerns Extract
  • GET 2020. Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) guidance for the practice of cardiovascular magnetic resonance during the COVID-19 pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. Infection Control in the Medical Imaging Department During the COVID-19 Pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. Adapting to a novel disruptive threat: Nuclear Cardiology Service in the time of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak 2020 (SARS REBOOT) Extract
  • GET 2020. Guide for Nuclear Medicine Applications During the COVID-19 Outbreak Extract
  • GET ä. The prevention and management of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak in radiology departments in epidemic areas Extract
  • GET ä. Reply to the Letter to the Editor: Protection of computed tomography suites from SARS-CoV-2 infection in a tertiary emergency hospital Extract
  • GET ä. Protection of CT suites from COVID?19 infection in a tertiary emergency hospital Extract
  • GET ä. Infection control protocol inside computed tomography suites during COVID-19 outbreak Extract
  • GET ä. COVID-19 pneumonia: infection control protocol inside computed tomography suites Extract
  • GET 2020. COVID19 ?Nuclear Medicine Departments, be prepared! Extract
  • GET ä. Pediatric radiology and the COVID-19 pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. Management of patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, in the radiology department Extract
  • GET ä. COVID-19 preparedness for portable x-rays in an Indian hospital- Safety of the radiographers, the frontline warriors Extract
  • GET ä. COVID-19: A case series to support radiographer preliminary clinical evaluation Extract
  • GET 2020. Dealing with COVID-19: initial perspectives of a small radiology department Extract
  • GET 2020. The American College of Nuclear Medicine Guidance on Operating Procedures for a Nuclear Medicine Facility During COVID-19 Pandemic Extract
  • GET ä. Response to COVID-19 in Breast Imaging Extract
  • GET ä. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cardiac CT Extract
  • GET ä. COVID-19 pandemic and cardiac imaging: EACVI recommendations on precautions, indications, prioritization, and protection for patients and healthcare personnel Extract
  • GET ä. Radioaerosols and the updated EANM guideline in ventilation/perfusion imaging Extract
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