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32336583 ä. Redesigning emergency department operations amidst a viral pandemic
32317277 2020. Redesign of a rural emergency department to prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic
32241814 2020. Emergency departments and the COVID-19 pandemic: making the most of limited resources
32216865 ä. Translating COVID-19 Pandemic Surge Theory to Practice in the Emergency Department: How to Expand Structure
32342164 ä. Emergency Responses to Covid-19 Outbreak: Experiences and Lessons from a General Hospital in Nanjing, China
32243318 2020. COVID-19: emergency medicine perspectives from Hong Kong
32243317 2020. European Society For Emergency Medicine position paper on emergency medical systems? response to COVID-19
32229768 2020. COVID-19: response plan for International Medical Assistance companies
32224710 2020. How emergency departments prepare for virus disease outbreaks like COVID-19
32205709 2020. The challenge of emergency medicine facing the COVID-19 outbreak
32345851 2020. The emergency department in the COVID-19 era Who are we missing?
C7115349 ä. Triagestrategie für COVID-19-Verdachtsfälle bei steigender Patientenzahl
32322988 ä. Umgang mit COVID-19 in der Notaufnahme: Erfahrungsbericht der interdisziplinären Notaufnahme des Universitätsklinikums Münster
32367794 ä. Recommendations for emergency departments receiving patients with vital signs absent from paramedics during COVID-19
32205268 ä. Buffer areas in emergency department to handle potential COVID-19 community infection in Taiwan
32425004 ä. Clinical value of the emergency department in screening and diagnosis of COVID-19 in China
32147890 2020. Emergency Management of the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in Specialized Branches of Hospital

32061335 2020. Therapeutic and triage strategies for 2019 novel coronavirus disease in fever clinics

32333858 ä. Screening and triage at health-care facilities in Timor-Leste during the COVID-19 pandemic

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