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PHA Biologicals

32317220 ä. The anti-viral facet of anti-rheumatic drugs: Lessons from COVID-19
32232552 ä. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and anti-rheumatic drugs
32321635 2020. Old and new antirheumatic drugs for the treatment of COVID-19
32299202 2020. COVID-19, immune system response, hyperinflammation and repurposing antirheumatic drugs
32241793 2020. Clinical course of COVID-19 in a series of patients with chronic arthritis treated with immunosuppressive targeted therapies
32374874 ä. COVID-19: an unexpected indication for anti-rheumatic therapies?
C7189010 2020. Biologika und Covid-19
32387535 ä. Asthma, biologics, corticosteroids, and coronavirus disease 2019
32376395 ä. SARS-CoV-2 infection among patients with systemic autoimmune diseases
32355446 2020. Medicaments rhumatologiques pour le traitement de l?infection par le COVID-19?

32426090 2020. COVID-19, asthma, and biologic therapies: What we need to know.

32514854 2020. Biologikatherapie nach COVID-19-Infektion : Keine Reaktivierung einer COVID-19-Infektion bei positivem Antikorperstatus SARS-CoV-2 unter Biologikatherapie.

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