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Frauen im gebärfähigen Alter zu impfen ist ein Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit
Impfen als Mittel des Staatsterrorismus
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33229255 2020. Beurteilung des neuen Masernschutzgesetzes in Deutschland: Ergebnisse einer deutschlandweiten Befragung.
32338303 2020. Infektionsschutzrecht nach Inkrafttreten des Masernschutzgesetzes.
32399618 2020. Infektionsschutzrecht nach Inkrafttreten des Masernschutzgesetzes.
32421055 2020. Infektionsschutzrecht nach Inkrafttreten des Masernschutzgesetzes.
32382165 ä. Infektionsschutzrecht nach Inkrafttreten des Masernschutzgesetzes

32474613 2020. Das MDK-Reformgesetz mit allen nachfolgenden Anderungen : In der Fassung des Zweiten Gesetzes zum Schutz der Bevolkerung bei einer epidemischen Lage von nationaler Tragweite.
32482295 2020. Is the drug a scientific, social or political object?
32453392 2020. Adverse Consequences of Rushing a SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine: Implications for Public Trust.
32499217 2020. Even covid-19 can't kill the anti-vaccination movement.
32499650 2020. The online competition between pro- and anti-vaccination views.
32373320 2020. A classification of the aims of vaccination and its relevance to transgenerational justice.
32374358 2020. Privileges and Immunity Certification During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
32374884 2020. A tale of two countries. How decentralised orga" width="940" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"></iframe> tion and long-term investment build resilient healthcare systems.
32395013 2020. Free and perfectly safe but only partially effective vaccines can harm everyone.
32439992 2020. Ten reasons why immunity passports are a bad idea.
32442682 2020. COVID19 meets the antivaccine movement.
32463093 2020. COVID-19 Immunity Passport to Ease Travel Restrictions?
32470172 2020. Recurrent positive SARS-CoV-2: Immune certificate may not be valid.
32525519 2020. The Dual Epidemics of COVID-19 and Influenza: Vaccine Acceptance, Coverage, and Mandates.
32527809 2020. Vaccines that use human fetal cells draw fire.
32532544 2020. A framework for the systematic consideration of ethics, equity, feasibility, and acceptability in vaccine program recommendations.
32532826 2020. Multivalue ethical framework for fair global allocation of a COVID-19 vaccine. equal opportunity vuck
32542233 2020. Vaccine safety concerns: Should we be changing the way we support immunization?

32561527 2020. Covid-19: Health and care workers will be "highest priority" for vaccination, says JCVI.
perfide, vuck survivors will tell 'i had the shot flu its safe'

32563355 2020. Global governance for COVID-19 vaccines.
32563942 2020. The insidious threat of jamu and unregulated traditional medicines in the COVID-19 era.
32589371 2020. Ensuring Uptake of Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2.
32620375 2020. Contingent assessment of the COVID-19 vaccine.
32641423 2020. Covid-19: Indian doctors criticise directive to expedite vaccine trials.
32653419 2020. Allocating Vaccines in a Pandemic: The Ethical Dimension.

32654899 2020. Ethics of a partially effective dengue vaccine: Lessons from the Philippines.

32683501 2020. Optimizing the Implementation of COVID-19 "Immunity Certificates" Using Blockchain.
32687149 2020. Implications of test characteristics and population seroprevalence on 'immune passport' strategies.
32703743 ?. A global agenda for older adult immunization in the COVID-19 era: A roadmap for action.
32711799 2020. COVID-19 vaccine affordability and accessibility.
32730103 2020. The use of the health belief model to assess predictors of intent to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and willingness to pay.
32732061 2020. Strengthening vaccine confidence during the COVID-19 pandemic: A new opportunity for global hepatitis B virus elimination.
32732400 2020. Global plan seeks to promote vaccine equity, spread risks.
32733687 2020. Innovation policy and the market for vaccines.
32749496 2020. The Development of COVID-19 Vaccines: Safeguards Needed.
32756915 2020. Immunity passports to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic: controversies and public health risks.
32771485 2020. Ethical and organizational considerations for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination of health care workers: A clinical laboratorian's perspective.
32785815 2020. Vaccine hesitancy: the next challenge in the fight against COVID-19.
32808095 2020. Mistrust in biomedical research and vaccine hesitancy: the forefront challenge in the battle against COVID-19 in Italy.
32817362 2020. Passport to freedom? Immunity passports for COVID-19.
32835187 2020. Mass vaccination against COVID-19 may require replays of the polio vaccination drives.
32838242 2020. Determinants of COVID-19 vaccine acceptance in the US.
32839164 2020. Covid-19: Should doctors recommend treatments and vaccines when full data are not publicly available?
32840824 2020. Antibodies as Currency: COVID-19's Golden Passport.
32863069 2020. Acceptability of a COVID-19 vaccine among adults in the United States: How many people would get vaccinated?
32867224 2020. Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccination during the COVID-19 Pandemic in China.
32868370 2020. 'Immunity Passports' for SARS-CoV-2: an online experimental study of the impact of antibody test terminology on perceived risk and behaviour.
32886525 2020. Attitudes Toward a Potential SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine: A Survey of U.S. Adults.
32886526 2020. SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Acceptance: We May Need to Choose Our Battles.
32887676 2020. Covid-19: CDC says vaccine is coming before November US election.
32900846 2020. Uncertainty, error and informed consent to challenge trials of COVID-19 vaccines: response to Steel et al.
32907831 2020. Immunity passports, fundamental rights and public health hazards: a reply to Brown et al.
32910908 2020. Legal agreements: barriers and enablers to global equitable COVID-19 vaccine access.
32912868 2020. Vaccine hesitancy in low- and middle-income countries: potential implications for the COVID-19 response.
32926083 2020. Should We Mandate a COVID-19 Vaccine for Children?
32945638 2020. Public Risk-Taking and Rewards During the COVID-19 Pandemic - A Case Study of Remdesivir in the Context of Global Health Equity.
32964226 2020. Transparent, equitable, safe, and effective use of COVID-19 vaccines: A societal imperative.
32984795 2020. The online anti-vaccine movement in the age of COVID-19.
32998903 2020. Covid-19: public messaging on vaccination must heed warnings from confused face mask messaging.
33015676 2020. Preparing the public for COVID-19 vaccines: How can general practitioners build vaccine confidence and optimise uptake for themselves and their patients?
C7144546 ?. Effects of information-dependent vaccination behavior on coronavirus outbreak: insights from a SIRI model.
32646992 2020. Unnecessary hesitancy on human vaccine tests-Response.
32717075 2020. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and Its Role in the Pandemic Vaccine Response.
32904443 2020. COVID-19 vaccines: Getting Anti-vaxxers involved in the discussion.
32919524 2020. Mapping global trends in vaccine confidence and investigating barriers to vaccine uptake: a large-scale retrospective temporal modelling study.
33032879 2020. Vaccine hesitancy among Maltese healthcare workers toward influenza and novel COVID-19 vaccination.
33038683 2020. The French public's attitudes to a future COVID-19 vaccine: The politicization of a public health issue.

33052327 2020. A race for a better understanding of COVID-19 vaccine non-adopters.
33070804 2020. COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy is associated with beliefs on the origin of the novel coronavirus in the UK and Turkey.
33075284 2020. The scientific and ethical feasibility of immunity passports.
33079072 2020. Antivaccine Messages on Facebook: Preliminary Audit.
33079194 2020. Building Trust to Achieve Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines.
33079199 2020. Factors Associated With US Adults' Likelihood of Accepting COVID-19 Vaccination.
33082575 2020. A global survey of potential acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine.
33090194 2020. Scientific and Ethical Principles Underlying Recommendations From the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices for COVID-19 Vaccination Implementation.
33097547 2020. Social media and vaccine hesitancy.
33110636 2020. Preparing the Community for a Vaccine Against COVID-19.
33113309 2020. No-Fault Compensation for Vaccine Injury - The Other Side of Equitable Access to Covid-19 Vaccines.
33115909 2020. Will vaccination refusal prolong the war on SARS-CoV-2?
33118868 2020. Assessing COVID-19 vaccine literacy: a preliminary online survey.
33124475 2020. Considering Emotion in COVID-19 Vaccine Communication: Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy and Fostering Vaccine Confidence.
33125543 2020. Intention to Vaccinate Against the Novel 2019 Coronavirus Disease: The Role of Health Locus of Control and Religiosity.
33140594 2020. Delay or Giving Up of Influenza Vaccination Induced by Unscientific Journalism Makes Influenza Outbreak and Its Subsequent Cardiovascular Death Surges Especially in Elderly.
33144827 2020. Factors affecting COVID-19 vaccine acceptability in the US.
33154088 2020. Good reasons to vaccinate: mandatory or payment for risk?
33158059 2020. Vaccine Hesitancy in the Age of Coronavirus and Fake News: Analysis of Journalistic Sources in the Spanish Quality Press.
33160553 2020. Offline: Managing the COVID-19 vaccine infodemic.
33160755 2020. The public's role in COVID-19 vaccination: Human-centered recommendations to enhance pandemic vaccine awareness, access, and acceptance in the United States.
33171267 2020. Digging the rabbit hole, COVID-19 edition: anti-vaccine themes and the discourse around COVID-19.
33183060 2020. Vaccines and vitriol: an anthropological commentary on vaccine hesitancy, decision-making and interventionism among religious minorities.
33192883 2020. A Proactive Approach for Managing COVID-19: The Importance of Understanding the Motivational Roots of Vaccination Hesitancy for SARS-CoV2.
33184039 2020. Covid-19: Governments should demand transparency on vaccine deals, says MSF.
33184040 2020. Covid:19: Italy has wasted the sacrifices of the first wave, say experts.
33184045 2020. Covid-19: Government faces legal action over pound75m contract for antibody tests.
33184049 2020. Covid-19: Government buried negative data on its favoured antibody test.
33195788 2020. The role of women as past and present advocates for vaccinations: relevance in the Covid-19 setting.
33196555 2020. COVID-19 Related Medical Mistrust, Health Impacts, and Potential Vaccine Hesitancy Among Black Americans Living with HIV.
33202216 2020. Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy.
33202404 2020. Adherence to Immunization: Rebuttal of Vaccine Hesitancy.
33202421 2020. Perceptions of immunity and vaccination certificates among the general population: a nested study within a serosurvey of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies (SEROCoV-POP).
33211081 2020. How to Leverage the Medicare Program for a COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign.
33213966 2020. Vaccine hesitancy in the University of Malta Faculties of Health Sciences, Dentistry and Medicine vis-a-vis influenza and novel COVID-19 vaccination.
33213968 2020. Vaccine hesitancy in Maltese family physicians and their trainees vis-a-vis influenza and novel COVID-19 vaccination.
33216636 2020. Ethical and Scientific Considerations Regarding the Early Approval and Deployment of a COVID-19 Vaccine.
33218967 2020. Prioritising COVID-19 vaccination: an unprecedented conundrum.
33220729 2020. COVID-19 vaccines: no time for complacency.
33221032 2020. COVID-19, its novel vaccination and fake news - What a brew.
33227323 2020. Willingness to get the COVID-19 vaccine with and without emergency use authorization.

33228458 2020. Factors associated with parents' willingness to enroll their children in trials for COVID-19 vaccination.

33237801 2020. Communicating Effectively About Emergency Use Authorization and Vaccines in the COVID-19 Pandemic.
33242386 2020. COVID-19 vaccination intention in the UK: results from the COVID-19 vaccination acceptability study (CoVAccS), a nationally representative cross-sectional survey.
33243772 2020. Will covid-19 vaccines be cost effective-and does it matter?
33245782 2020. Going first: the ethics of vaccine self-experimentation in coronavirus times.
33257891 2020. How COVID vaccines are being divvied up around the world.
33259883 2020. Intention to get vaccinations against COVID-19 in French healthcare workers during the first pandemic wave: a cross sectional survey.
33262600 2020. Determinants of COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance in Saudi Arabia: A Web-Based National Survey.
33262601 2020. Repurposing COVID-19 Drive-Through Testing Centers for Mass Vaccination.
33272917 2020. Claims and counterclaims over alleged adverse reaction in covid-19 vaccine in India.
33276969 2020. The COVID-19 and Influenza "Twindemic": Barriers to Influenza Vaccination and Potential Acceptance of SARS-CoV2 Vaccination in African Americans.
33278857 2020. While studies on covid-19 vaccine is ongoing; the public's thoughts and attitudes to the future Covid-19 vaccine.
33284427 2020. Incre<iframe src="http://www.kidney.de/amapp.php?a=g influenza vaccination coverage in healthcare workers: a review on campaign strategies and their effect.
33288887 2020. The UK has approved a COVID vaccine - here's what scientists now want to know.
33290570 2020. Strengthening Vaccine Confidence and Acceptance in the Pediatric Provider Office.
33293161 2020. How to ensure we can track and trace global use of COVID-19 vaccines?
33293720 2020. COVID vaccines: the world's medical regulators need access to open data.
33295679 2020. Allocating a COVID-19 Vaccine: Balancing National and International Responsibilities.
C7239112 ?. Considerations in Mandating a New Covid-19 Vaccine in the USA for Children and Adults.
C7276736 ?. ?To all the anti?vaxxers out there??: ethnography of the public controversy about vaccination in the time of COVID?19.
C7286271 ?. COVID-19 Vaccines: A Race Against Time in the Middle of Death and Devastation!
C7313854 ?. COVID-19 Immunity Certificates: Science Ethics Policy and Law.
C7337759 ?. COVID-19 Vaccine: Vaccinate the Young to Protect the Old?
C7717285 ?. The Trump Administration?s Flawed Decision on coronavirus Vaccine Injury Compensation: Recommendations for Changes.
32374357 2020. The Ethics of COVID-19 Immunity-Based Licenses ("Immunity Passports")
32380041 2020. COVID-19 immunity passports and vaccination certificates: scientific, equitable, and legal challenges
33271188 2020. Willingness of parents to vaccinate their children against influenza and COVID-19.
33271190 2020. Willingness of parents to vaccinate and moving towards the post COVID-19 era.
33279207 2020. quien habria que vacunar primero frente a la COVID-19?

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