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32858679 2020. Liability Protection for COVID-19 Health Care Providers.
32878884 2020. Covid-19: UK prime minister says he will only meet bereaved families when they drop threat of legal action.
32880406 2020. Violation Liability in the Context of the Spread of COVID-19: Russian Experience.
32898043 2020. Medicolegal Sidebar: Legal Immunity for Healthcare Workers During COVID-19.
32928743 2020. Covid-19: Doctors working outside their expertise are unlikely to face GMC charges.
32928749 2020. Covid-19: Implication GPs haven't seen patients in person is an insult, says RCGP.
32941344 2020. Liability of Health Care Professionals and Institutions During COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy: Symposium Proceedings and Position Statement.
33015368 2020. Medico-legal issues regarding from the COVID-19 pandemic.
33033620 2020. A public health framework for COVID-19 business liability.
33052257 2020. Surgical consent during the COVID-19 pandemic.
33069278 2020. The Lombardy region of Italy launches the first investigative COVID-19 commission.
33077420 2020. Covid-19: Venezuela's doctors refuse to be gagged.
33134960 2020. Legal Considerations of COVID-19 Patients' Disposition in Emergency Department; Report of 10 Cases.
33136249 2020. COVID-19: US federal accountability for entry, spread, and inequities-lessons for the future.
33208223 2020. Healthcare workers' legal liability and immunity during the COVID-19 pandemic.
33211983 2020. The medicolegal landscape through the lens of COVID-19: time for reform.
33229337 2020. Can covid-19 help us deal with the pandemic of defensive medicine?
C7295274 2020. Emerging Medico-legal Issues Novel to COVID Era.
C7302949 ?. Products in a Pandemic: Liability for Medical Products and the Fight against COVID-19.
C7311911 2020. Whistleblowing and patient safety during COVID-19.
C7351398 2020. Medico-legal issues of COVID-19 pandemic?.

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