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29139110 2017. Unconditional cash transfers for reducing poverty and vulnerabilities: effect on use of health services and health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries.
32130682 2020. A general approach to compensation for losses incurred due to public health interventions in the infectious disease context.
32161028 2020. Covid-19: UK budget gives pound94 a week statutory sick pay to self-isolators and their carers.
32240632 2020. Will financial innovation transform pandemic response?
32246515 2020. Ethics and Economic Growth in the Age of COVID-19: What Is a Just Society to Do?
32396447 2020. Protecting health during COVID-19 and beyond: A global examination of paid sick leave design in 193 countries.
32488739 2020. COVID-19 and sex workers: human rights, the struggle for safety and minimum income.
32540964 2020. Income security in times of ill health: the next frontier for the SDGs.
32576557 2020. Covid-19: Doctors "face difficulties" getting life insurance after exposure to disease.
32624317 2020. Secure the availability of labor: Extension of annual paid leave settlement between healthcare workers and employers is good for post COVID-19 recovery.
32766734 2020. Allocation of COVID-19 Relief Funding to Disproportionately Black Counties.
32816204 2020. Universal Basic Income as a Policy Response to COVID-19 and Precarious Employment: Potential Impacts on Rehabilitation and Return-to-Work.
32816817 2020. Covid-19: Medical expenses leave many Americans deep in debt.
32834097 2020. State Aid Policies in Response to the COVID-19 Shock: Observations and Guiding Principles.
32834180 2020. Relaxing household liquidity constraints through social security.
32838120 2020. Socio-Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on Household Consumption and Poverty.
32897336 2020. Allocation of COVID-19 Relief Funding to Disproportionately Black Counties.
32921869 2020. Sociodemographic inequality in exposure to COVID-19-induced economic hardship in the United Kingdom.
32955471 2020. Individual, interpersonal and economic challenges of underemployment in the wake of COVID-19.
32956299 2020. Revealing the Unequal Burden of COVID-19 by Income, Race/Ethnicity, and Household Crowding: US County Versus Zip Code Analyses.
33002052 2020. Using a rapid assessment methodology to identify and address immediate needs among low-income households with children during COVID-19.
33006541 2020. Social Determinants of Health-Related Needs During COVID-19 Among Low-Income Households With Children.
32556217 2020. Economic Vulnerability of Households With Essential Workers.
32904786 2020. Social Protection as a Key Tool in Crisis Management: Learnt Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.
33081833 2020. Income assurances are a crucial factor in determining public compliance with self-isolation regulations during the COVID-19 outbreak - cohort study in Israel.
33110285 2021. COVID-19 response needs to broaden financial inclusion to curb the rise in poverty.
33230360 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic: Time for a universal basic income?
C7255276 ?. Household financial vulnerability in Indonesia: Measurement and determinants?.
C7337863 ?. The initial impact of COVID-19 and policy responses on household incomes.
C7358168 ?. La précarité : un risque majoré de COVID-19.
C7653215 ?. COVID-19 Is Having a Devastating Impact on the Economic Well-being of Latino Families.

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