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32837324 2020. Economic perspective of coronavirus (COVID-19).
32837382 2020. The bubble contagion effect of COVID-19 outbreak: Evidence from crude oil and gold markets.
32838119 2020. Impact of COVID-19 on the Economic Output of the US Outbreak's Epicenter.
32839640 2020. COVID-19 outbreak, social response, and early economic effects: a global VAR analysis of cross-country interdependencies.
32842087 2020. COVID-19: Implications for Supply Chain Management.

32842900 2020. Interventions to suppress the coronavirus pandemic will increase unemployment and lead to many premature deaths.

32843776 2020. Der Einfluss von COVID-19 auf die Rohstoffmarkte.
32837383 2020. Infectious disease pandemic and permanent volatility of international stock markets: A long-term perspective.
32837387 2020. COVID-19 and safer investment bets.
32837396 2020. Willingness to pay for morbidity and mortality risk reductions during an epidemic. Theory and preliminary evidence from COVID-19.
32834170 2020. Corona-Krise fordert Wohnungspolitik heraus.
32834171 2020. Transatlantischer Handelskonflikt und die deutsche Wirtschaft: Auf die Dauer kommt es an.
32834239 2020. COVID-19 and market expectations: Evidence from option-implied densities.
32834347 2020. The motherhood penalty and The fatherhood premium in employment during covid-19: evidence from The united states.
32834389 2020. Understanding China's wildlife markets: Trade and tradition in an age of pandemic.
32836478 2020. On the efficiency of foreign exchange markets in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.
32836555 2020. Present-Day Mass Tourism: its Imaginaries and Nightmare Scenarios.
32836591 2020. Consumer Law and Policy Relating to Change of Circumstances Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
32836848 2020. COVID-19 Tests the Market Stability Reserve.
32836850 2020. Real-Time Estimation of the Short-Run Impact of COVID-19 on Economic Activity Using Electricity Market Data.
32837273 2020. Global assessment of environment, health and economic impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

32843816 2020. Economic, social and political issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.

32847650 2020. Epidemics and pandemics as high consequence events: Expanding leadership challenges and responsibilities in business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
32868975 2020. Fear of the coronavirus and the stock markets.
32868990 2020. How important is social trust during the COVID-19 crisis period? Evidence from the Fed announcements.
32874959 2020. A lockdown index to assess the economic impact of the coronavirus.
32875730 2020. Heterogeneous Risk Perception amid the Outbreak of COVID-19 in China: Implications for Economic Confidence.
32891011 2020. Impact of COVID-19 and comorbidities on health and economics: Focus on developing countries and India.
32895606 2020. Market Reactions to the Arrival and Containment of COVID-19: An Event Study.
32895607 2020. COVID-19 and Stock Market Volatility: An Industry Level Analysis.
32901203 2020. Overshooting of sovereign emerging eurobond yields in the context of COVID-19.
32904465 2020. Modeling U.S. monetary policy during the global financial crisis and lessons for covid-19.
32904736 2020. COVID-19: Impact analysis and recommendations for power sector operation.
32904908 2020. Examining the predictive information of CBOE OVX on China's oil futures volatility: Evidence from MS-MIDAS models.
32905078 2020. Capped borrower credit risk and insurer hedging during the COVID-19 outbreak.
32908465 2020. The role of the IDEMV in predicting European stock market volatility during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32914145 2020. Accelerate the Promotion of Mobile Payments during the COVID-19 Epidemic.
32921841 2020. Economic uncertainty before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32931506 2020. The propagation of economic impacts through supply chains: The case of a mega-city lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
32942766 2020. Stock Market Reactions to COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak: Quantitative Evidence from ARDL Bounds Tests and Granger Causality Analysis.
32952224 2020. Early evidence of the impacts of COVID-19 on minority unemployment.
32982059 2021. A critical analysis of the impacts of COVID-19 on the global economy and ecosystems and opportunities for circular economy strategies.
32982574 2020. Double-hit scenario of Covid-19 and global value chains.
32982612 2020. Covid-19: implications for insurer risk management and the insurability of pandemic risk.
32984501 2020. Fragility of a multilayer network of intranational supply chains.
33012958 2020. Can digitization mitigate the economic damage of a pandemic? Evidence from SARS.
33012962 2020. Japanese currency and stock market-What happened during the COVID-19 pandemic?
33013236 2020. Stock Market Returns, Volatility, Correlation and Liquidity during the COVID-19 Crisis: Evidence from the Markov Switching Approach.
33013239 2020. Industry volatility and economic uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from wavelet coherence analysis.
33013241 2020. Special issue "Covid-19: the economics of pandemic risks and insurance" of the Geneva Risk and Insurance Review.
33015556 2020. A Cross-Domain Approach to Analyzing the Short-Run Impact of COVID-19 on the US Electricity Sector.
33022618 2020. Repurposing factories with robotics in the face of COVID-19.
32837380 2020. COVID-19 and the United States financial markets' volatility.
32837381 2020. Deaths, panic, lockdowns and US equity markets: The case of COVID-19 pandemic.
32837385 2020. The role of ESG performance during times of financial crisis: Evidence from COVID-19 in China.
32837386 2020. COVID-19 and investor behavior.
32839644 2020. Deep learning models for forecasting and analyzing the implications of COVID-19 spread on some commodities markets volatilities.
32843886 2020. COVID-19 lockdowns, stimulus packages, travel bans, and stock returns.
32874143 2020. Stock Return Predictability in the time of COVID-19.
32904491 2020. Extreme risk spillover between chinese and global crude oil futures.
32904582 2020. The People's bank of China's response to the coronavirus pandemic: A quantitative assessment.
32904793 2020. Mode switching: the state, market, and anti-Covid-19 shadow of socialism in China.
32905064 2021. Whatever it takes? The global financial safety net, Covid-19, and developing countries.
32952264 2020. Notes on Covid-19 and the contradictions of capital: a Dialectical Anthropology special symposium.
32981944 2020. Measuring performance during crises and beyond: The Performance Promoter Score.
32983898 2020. The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on faith-based investments: An original analysis.
32983899 2020. A time-frequency analysis of the impact of the Covid-19 induced panic on the volatility of currency and cryptocurrency markets.
32989332 2020. The Covid-19 economic crisis: dangerously unique.
32994664 2021. Industrial policy for sustainable human development in the post-Covid19 era.
33013238 2020. Spillover effects of RMB exchange rate among B&R countries: Before and during COVID-19 event.
33013504 2020. Investigating the Psychology of Financial Markets During COVID-19 Era: A Case Study of the US and European Markets.
33024355 2021. Now is the time to press the reset button: Helping India's companies to become more resilient and effective in overcoming the impacts of COVID-19, climate changes and other crises.
33024422 2020. COVID-19 effect on herding behaviour in European Capital Markets.
33041544 2020. The Labour Market Impacts of the COVID-19: A Global Perspective.
33041545 2020. Early Effects of Lockdown in India: Gender Gaps in Job Losses and Domestic Work.
33042542 2020. Art markets in crisis: how personal bonds and market subcultures mediate the effects of COVID-19.
33042778 2020. Financial well-being, COVID-19, and the financial better-than-average-effect.
33046963 2020. How has the relationship between oil and the US stock market changed after the Covid-19 crisis?
33052168 2020. The Reserve Bank of Australia's policy actions and balance sheet.
33052193 2020. The nCOVID-19 and financial stress in the USA: health is wealth.
33052307 2020. Market capitalization: Pre and post COVID-19 analysis.
33052318 2020. COVID-19 and household energy implications: what are the main impacts on energy use?
33071293 2020. The effects of the COVID pandemic on the federal budget outlook.
33071429 2021. Electricity demand during pandemic times: The case of the COVID-19 in Spain.
33071434 2021. The market-reach of pandemics: Evidence from female workers in Ethiopia's ready-made garment industry.
33071441 2020. Ripple Effect in the Supply Chain Network: Forward and Backward Disruption Propagation, Network Health and Firm Vulnerability.
33071442 2021. Impact of people's behavior on the energy sustainability of the residential sector in emergency situations caused by COVID-19.

33071532 2020. The Clinical and Economic Value of a Successful Shutdown During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic in Germany.

33071606 2020. Time-frequency co-movement between COVID-19, crude oil prices, and atmospheric CO2 emissions: Fresh global insights from partial and multiple coherence approach.
33072633 2020. Unemployment in Switzerland in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic: an intertemporal perspective.
33072839 2020. The impact of Covid-19, associated behaviours and policies on the UK economy: A computable general equilibrium model.
33072840 2020. Modelling the economic impact of COVID19 under different policy choices: Mitigation versus suppression when time is a scarce resource.
33082229 2020. Initial economic damage from the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States is more widespread across ages and geographies than initial mortality impacts.
33082605 2020. Welche Branchen sind okonomisch systemrelevant?
33082720 2020. Learning from SARS: Return and Volatility Connectedness in COVID-19.
33088026 2021. Globalization and global risk: How risk analysis needs to be enhanced to be effective in confronting current threats.
33100353 2020. In recovery mode: manufacturers try to bounce back after COVID-19 disruptions.
33100481 2020. A preliminary simulation study about the impact of COVID-19 crisis on energy demand of a building mix at a district in Sweden.
33100597 2020. Unprecedented but not Unpredictable: Effects of the COVID-19 Crisis on Commodity-Dependent Countries.
33100599 2020. Emerging Medium-Scale Tenant Farming, Gig Economies, and the COVID-19 Disruption: The Case of Commercial Vegetable Clusters in Ethiopia.
33100603 2020. Energy trilemma based prioritization of waste-to-energy technologies: Implications for post-COVID-19 green economic recovery in Pakistan.
33100925 2020. Are Bitcoin and Ethereum safe-havens for stocks during the COVID-19 pandemic?
33106734 2020. The effect of the Covid-19 on sharing economy activities.
33106771 2021. Energy access and pandemic-resilient livelihoods: The role of solar energy safety nets.
33108374 2020. Assessing concerns for the economic consequence of the COVID-19 response and mental health problems associated with economic vulnerability and negative economic shock in Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.
33110287 2021. Impact analysis of COVID-19 responses on energy grid dynamics in Europe.
33132541 2020. A New Normal or Business-as-Usual? Lessons for COVID-19 from Financial Crises in East and Southeast Asia.
33132451 2020. Zukunft des deutschen Wirtschaftsmodells.
33132454 2020. Steuerpolitik in der COVID-19-Krise.
33132455 2020. Muster der Erwerbslosigkeit in der COVID-19-Krise.
33100926 2020. Covid-19 pandemic and tail-dependency networks of financial assets.
33100927 2020. The impact of operating flexibility on firms' performance during the COVID-19 outbreak: Evidence from China.
33139342 2020. Vulnerability of the medical product supply chain: the wake-up call of COVID-19.
33139565 2020. COVID-19 pandemic impacts on global inland fisheries.
33139962 2020. Economists tackle the challenges of a pandemic.
33144762 2020. The Economic Costs of COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa: Insights from a Simulation Exercise for Ghana.
33162564 2020. Disease, downturns, and wellbeing: Economic history and the long-run impacts of COVID-19.
33162688 2020. The Gendered Poverty Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Colombia.
33163655 2020. The social-economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic: implications for potential forest degradation.
33169049 2020. A Computational Model to Predict Consumer Behaviour During COVID-19 Pandemic.
33173259 2020. What COVID-19 Reveals About Twenty-First Century Capitalism: Adversity and Opportunity.
33173260 2020. Recovering Better from COVID-19 Will Need a Rethink of Multilateralism.
33173443 2020. A qualitative analysis of social scientists' opinions on socioeconomic and demographic implications of the lockdown during COVID-19 in India.
33173444 2020. Socioeconomic determinants of COVID-19 in Asian countries: An empirical analysis.
33192811 2020. Fear of Virus or of Competitors? The Decision Rationales of Financial Managers Under COVID-19.
33199937 2020. Introduction to pandemic econometrics/Covid-19 pandemic.
33199940 2020. Valuing mortality risk in the time of COVID-19.
33204017 2020. COVID-19 disruptions to tech-metals supply are a wake-up call.
33204038 2020. Measuring employment during COVID-19: challenges and opportunities.
33214905 2020. Disparate Disruptions: Intersectional COVID-19 Employment Effects by Age, Gender, Education, and Race/Ethnicity.
33223594 2020. Smart and automation technologies for ensuring the long-term operation of a factory amid the COVID-19 pandemic: an evolving fuzzy assessment approach.
33223764 2020. COVID-19 Pandemic Recession and Recovery.
33223798 2020. Post-Pandemic Recovery: The Russian Economy and the Transition to Sustainable Social and Economic Development.
33223799 2020. Are We on the Verge of a Major Transformation of the Global Economy?
33223800 2020. Estimating Total Labor Input for Supporting Informed Economic Policy Decisions.
33230365 2020. Impact of Covid19 on electricity load in Haryana (India).
33230406 2020. Potential Impacts of a Pandemic on the US Farm Labor Market.
33240466 2020. Risking health for rental housing: Reviewing service access in the informal backyard rental sector.
33243527 2020. Housing at the frontline of the COVID-19 challenge: A commentary on "Rising home values and Covid-19 case rates in Massachusetts".
33243755 2020. Covid-19 has harmed poorest countries the most across Asia Pacific, says OECD.
33250520 2020. The coronavirus crisis and the technology sector.
33250661 2020. Welfare and world money: the domestic foundations of currency internationalisation.
33262548 2021. Fear, lockdown, and diversion: Comparing drivers of pandemic economic decline 2020.
33264036 2020. COVID-19, politics, economics and how the future pans out are inseparable.
33269212 2021. COVID-19 containment measures and stock market returns: An international spatial econometrics investigation.
33281209 2020. Economic Recovery in the Age of COVID-19.
33281211 2020. COVID-19 and the Twin Transition: How the Recovery Can Boost Sustainable and Inclusive Growth.
33281215 2020. Social Distancing Requirements and the Determinants of the COVID-19 Recession and Recovery in Europe.
33281217 2020. Manoeuvring Through the Crisis: Labour Market and Social Policies During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
33286562 2020. Information Search and Financial Markets under COVID-19.
33286604 2020. Randomness, Informational Entropy, and Volatility Interdependencies among the Major World Markets: The Role of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
33286816 2020. Complexity in Economic and Social Systems: Cryptocurrency Market at around COVID-19.
33293289 2020. Testing the socioeconomic determinants of COVID-19 pandemic hypothesis with aggregated Human Development Index.
33293754 2020. The Mutual Constraints of States and Global Value Chains during COVID-19: The Case of Personal Protective Equipment.
33294666 2020. Some amendments to the algebraic representation and empirical estimation of the fiscal multipliers.
33312079 ?. COVID?19 and oil price risk exposure.
33318718 ?. The impact of COVID-19 on stock market performance in Africa: A Bayesian structural time series approach.
33319165 ?. The Impacts of the Coronavirus on the Economy of the United States.
33324028 ?. A hybrid multi-objective optimizer-based model for daily electricity demand prediction considering COVID-19.
C7180344 2020. The effect of COVID-19 and subsequent social distancing on travel behavior.
C7180356 ?. Masks Gloves Exports Licences and Composite Procedures: Implementing Regulation 2020/402 and the Limelight of Accountability.
C7198463 ?. A Critical Juncture in Fiscal Federalism? Canada s Response to COVID-19.
C7203032 2020. The Coronavirus crisis in B2B settings: Crisis uniqueness and managerial implications based on social exchange theory.
C7203051 2020. Managing the sales force through the unexpected exogenous COVID-19 crisis.
C7206412 ?. What?s the Deal? Trump Fichte?s Closed Commercial State and the Perverse Dialectic of Neoliberal Risk.
C7211591 2020. Influenza risk perception and travel-related health protection behavior in the US: Insights for the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak.
C7214339 ?. E-shopping changes and the state of E-grocery shopping in the US - Evidence from national travel and time use surveys.
C7216126 ?. The challenges and opportunities of a global health crisis: the management and business implications of COVID-19 from an Asian perspective.
C7218186 ?. The Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Trade.
C7219402 ?. Preiskommunikation in Krisenunternehmen ? eine Betrachtung aus Praxis-Sicht.
C7224668 2020. The contagion effects of the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from gold and cryptocurrencies.
C7227524 2020. COVID-19 pandemic oil prices stock market geopolitical risk and policy uncertainty nexus in the US economy: Fresh evidence from the wavelet-based approach.
C7232591 ?. Entrepreneurial homeworkers.
C7233224 2020. Cooperative financial institutions: A review of the literature.
C7236753 ?. Competitive pricing of substitute products under supply disruption?.
C7242888 ?. Overreliance on China and dynamic balancing in the shift of global value chains in response to global pandemic COVID-19: an Australian and New Zealand perspective.
C7244441 2020. Stock markets? reaction to COVID-19: Cases or fatalities?

C7240004 ?. Oil price shocks and renewable energy transition: Empirical evidence from net oil-importing South Asian economies.
C7241391 ?. The Economic and Public Health Imperatives Around Making Potential Coronavirus Disease?2019 Treatments Available and Affordable.
33250564 2021. Changes to the extreme and erratic behaviour of cryptocurrencies during COVID-19.
33250567 2020. Die Corona-Pandemie - eine Katastrophe mit Sprengkraft.
33250532 2020. Corona-Krise, Inflationsziel der EZB und Inflationsmessung.
33250538 2020. Wettbewerb in Zeiten der Pandemie.
33204039 2020. COVID-19's impact on the U.S. labor market as of September 2020.
33204040 2020. Central bank responses to COVID-19.

C7244450 2020. Searching for safe-haven assets during the COVID-19 pandemic.
C7245184 ?. Thoughts on the origins present and future of the coronavirus crisis: marginalization food and housing and grassroots strategies.
C7245187 ?. The urgency of transforming the Midwestern U.S. landscape into more than corn and soybean.
C7245192 ?. Macroeconomic and health care aspects of the coronavirus epidemic: EU US and global perspectives.
C7245239 2020. Industrial buying during the coronavirus pandemic: A cross-cultural study.
C7245292 ?. Financial contagion during COVID?19 crisis.
C7255351 2020. Optimal Product Substitution and Dual Sourcing Strategy considering Reliability of Production Lines.

C7245514 ?. The Third Wave: The International Financial Crisis and Refugees.
C7245634 ?. Lessons from the past policies for the future: resilience and sustainability in past crises.
C7245640 ?. Recovery during a crisis: facing the challenges of risk assessment and resilience management of COVID-19.
C7250115 2021. Coronavirus Pandemic as Black Swan Event.
C7250658 ?. Notes on Covid-19 and the contradictions of capital: a call for papers.
C7258609 ?. COVID-19-Related Economic Anxiety Is As High as Health Anxiety: Findings from the USA the UK and Israel.
C7261360 ?. Did Congress trade ahead? Considering the reaction of US industries to COVID-19.
C7262180 2020. For nonprofits survival means being proactive creative in pandemic wake.
C7264539 ?. Macroeconomic spillover effects of the Chinese economy.
C7267282 ?. New technologies potential unemployment and ?nescience economy? during and after the 2020 economic crisis.
C7270161 ?. Those who do not move do not notice their (supply) chains?inconvenient lessons from disruptions related to COVID-19.
C7272879 2020. Charities expect revenue drops but some donors plan to boost giving.
C7272934 2020. COVID?19 Relief Laws Benefit Nonprofit Organizations.
C7273067 2020. World Bank: Covid?19 Response.
C7274105 ?. Pandemic and bank lending: Evidence from the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.
C7275187 ?. Stock markets and the COVID-19 fractal contagion effects.
C7283071 2020. Entrepreneurial uncertainty during the Covid-19 crisis: Mapping the temporal dynamics of entrepreneurial finance.
C7283892 ?. From sovereignty to governmentality and back: China and the USA.
C7286645 2020. We survived this! What managers could learn from SMEs who successfully navigated the Greek economic crisis.
C7287404 ?. Covid-19 and asset management in EU: a preliminary assessment of performance and investment styles.
C7290149 ?. Public Transport Operations After Lockdown: How to Make It Happen?
C7300595 ?. A commentary on the COVID?19 crisis sustainability and the service industries.
C7300842 ?. The Impact of COVID?19 on Share Prices in the UK1.
C7301103 ?. Price Reaction Volatility Timing and Funds? Performance during Covid-19.
C7304379 ?. The Economic Cost of COVID Lockdowns: An Out-of-Equilibrium Analysis.
C7305927 2020. When pandemics impact economies and climate change: Exploring the impacts of COVID-19 on oil and electricity demand in China.
C7309432 ?. Monetary policy framework in India.
C7311340 ?. Rating Announcements CDS Spread and Volatility During the European Sovereign Crisis.
C7313244 ?. A strong dollar: help or harm?
C7314134 2020. COVID-19 and the Bioeconomy.
C7316424 ?. Policy opportunities and challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic for economies with large informal sectors.
C7318935 ?. COVID-19?s disasters are perilous than Global Financial Crisis: A rumor or fact?
C7321658 ?. Freedom and stock market performance during Covid-19 outbreak.
C7324289 ?. COVID-19: impact by and on the environment health and economy.
C7327461 ?. Public pension shortfalls and state economic growth: a preliminary examination.
C7331303 ?. Analysis of the Electricity Demand Trends amidst the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.
C7332463 2020. Global uncertainties and portfolio flow dynamics of the BRICS countries?.
C7335490 2020. Employee norm-violations in the service encounter during the corona pandemic and their impact on customer satisfaction.
C7335925 ?. The Italian value chain in the pandemic: the input?output impact of Covid-19 lockdown.
C7335940 2020. The impact of different COVID-19 containment measures on electricity consumption in Europe.
C7336080 2020. Sustainability in a COVID-19 world.
C7337854 ?. How Did COVID-19 Affect Firms? Access to Public Capital Markets?
C7338023 2020. COVID-19 energy sector responses in Africa: A review of preliminary government interventions.
C7340084 2020. Any port in a storm: Cryptocurrency safe-havens during the COVID-19 pandemic.
C7340765 ?. The impact of COVID-19 related ?stay-at-home? restrictions on food prices in Europe: findings from a preliminary analysis.
C7342936 ?. Financing entrepreneurship in times of crisis: Exploring the impact of COVID-19 on the market for entrepreneurial finance in the United Kingdom.
C7343658 ?. COVID-19 and the march 2020 stock market crash. Evidence from S&P1500.
C7344047 ?. Building Institutions for the Common Good. The Practice and Purpose of Business in an Inclusive Economy.
C7351394 2020. Sustainability and development after COVID-19.

C7351564 ?. The Economy Climate Change and Infectious Diseases: Links and Policy Implications.
C7351644 ?. European SMEs amidst the COVID-19 crisis: assessing impact and policy responses.
C7348595 ?. The impact of COVID-19 on emerging stock markets.
C7349476 ?. Managing uncertain consequences of a global crisis: SMEs encountering adversities losses and new opportunities.
C7351025 2020. COVID-19 provides an opportunity to advance a sustainable UK fisheries policy in a post-Brexit brave new world.
C7347498 2020. Renyi entropy and mutual information measurement of market expectations and investor fear during the COVID-19 pandemic.
C7347665 ?. Pandemic pushes polarisation: the Corona crisis and macroeconomic divergence in the Eurozone.
C7346845 ?. Changing worlds of revenue management.
C7347051 2020. A daily fever curve for the Swiss economy.
C7338883 2020. The energy crises revealed by COVID: Intersections of Indigeneity inequity and health.
C7338884 ?. Loss aversion and market crashes.
C7340019 2020. The global effects of Covid-19-induced uncertainty?.
C7338097 ?. China?s Belt and Road Initiative and the COVID-19 crisis.
C7338109 ?. How did the U.S. stock market recover from the Covid-19 contagion?
C7338224 2020. Engaging the Media: Telling Our Operations Research Stories to the Public.
C7323651 2020. Economic impact of government interventions during the COVID-19 pandemic: International evidence from financial markets.
C7323669 2020. Emergency measures to protect energy consumers during the Covid-19 pandemic: A global review and critical analysis.
C7323339 ?. Economic implications of coronavirus.
C7323381 ?. Independent review of emergency economic stimulus measures: Global Financial Crisis and COVID?19.
C7323408 ?. Regional Resilience in Times of a Pandemic Crisis: The Case of COVID?19 in China.
C7307016 ?. Recessions and health: The long?term health consequences of responses to the coronavirus.
C7307128 2020. Oil and Gas in the Age of COVID?19 ?Where Do They Go From Here?
C7299872 ?. Asymmetric dependence between stock market returns and news during COVID-19 financial turmoil.
C7299873 ?. COVID-19 insurer board utility and capital regulation.
C7299874 ?. How the cryptocurrency market has performed during COVID 19? A multifractal analysis.
C7300548 ?. Could COVID?19 Infect the Consumer Price Index?1.
C7247501 2020. Coopetition and COVID-19: Collaborative business-to-business marketing strategies in a pandemic crisis.
C7247742 ?. Bouncing forward: a resilience approach to dealing with COVID-19 and future systemic shocks.
C7247747 ?. Unprecedented economic attack on Sub-Sahara African economies: coronavirus: How severe is the perceived slump?
C7665781 2020. Early Evidence on the Impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the Recession on Older Workers.
C7670283 ?. Renaissance der Markteingriffe?
C7672416 ?. Japan?s strategy amid US?China confrontation.
C7675440 ?. Whither Critical Management and Organization Studies? For a Performative Critique of Capitalist Flows in the Wake of the COVID?19 Pandemic.
C7676089 ?. Die Pandemie offenbart die Defizite des transnationalen Menschenrechtsschutzes: Ein Plädoyer für eine Konfliktperspektive auf globale Lieferketten.
C7665727 ?. Repercussions of Pandemics on Markets and Policy.
C7665755 ?. A Tale of Two Crises: The 2008 Mortgage Meltdown and the 2020 COVID-19 Crisis.
C7659896 ?. The Cold War analogy?s misrepresentation of the essence of US?China strategic competition.
C7660133 ?. Ursachen und Konsequenzen von Niedrigzinsen.
C7661318 ?. The emerging ideological security dilemma between China and the U.S.
C7354369 ?. Strategies for Managing the Impacts of Disruptions During COVID-19: an Example of Toilet Paper.
C7354763 ?. Covid-19 and Optimal Portfolio Selection for Investment in Sustainable Development Goals.
C7664361 ?. Impact of coronavirus pandemic crisis on technologies and cloud computing applications.
C7665346 ?. Financialization real estate and COVID-19 in the UK.
C7680019 2021. Coronavirus disease outbreak and supply chain disruption: Evidence from Taiwanese firms in China.
C7680553 ?. Complexity in China?s current role in multilateral orders.
C7682120 ?. Marketing in the era of COVID-19.
C7682516 ?. New technologies used in COVID-19 for business survival: Insights from the Hotel Sector in China.
C7684565 ?. Sportökonomische Auswirkungen der COVID-19-Pandemie am Beispiel der Fußball-Bundesligen.
C7695586 ?. First steps to creating high impact theory in marketing.
C7699019 ?. Does virtual reality attract visitors? The mediating effect of presence on consumer response in virtual reality tourism advertising.
C7700806 2020. How the ECB responds to the corona crisis.
C7702686 2021. COVID-19 implications for banks: evidence from an emerging economy.
C7704592 2020. COVID-19: From Lockdown to Recovery.
C7716793 ?. What caused 2019?s drop in German carbon emissions: Sustainable transition or short-term market developments?
C7717775 2021. COVID-19 government policy responses and stock market liquidity around the world: A note.
C7722410 ?. The Sino-Russian partnership and global order.
C7723762 2021. Recreational and philanthropic sectors are the worst-hit US industries in the COVID-19 aftermath.
C7242963 2020. COVID19 and Airbnb ? Disrupting the Disruptor.
C7245272 ?. Public health and economic responses to COVID-19: finding the tipping point.
C7278256 ?. Symposia on behavioral economics of the COVID-19 pandemic.
C7293511 2020. Validity of energy social research during and after COVID-19: challenges considerations and responses.
C7298465 ?. COVID-19 shatters global automotive industry; sales of metal powder take a nosedive amid wavering demand.
C7314223 ?. The Federal Trade Commission?s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
C7315952 ?. The impact of COVID-19 on the degree of dependence and structure of risk-return relationship: A quantile regression approach.
C7318954 ?. Government financial support and firm productivity in vietnam.

C7662729 ?. COVID-19 and Ecosyndemic Vulnerability: Implications for El Niño-Sensitive Countries in Latin America.
C7662023 2020. Natural disasters and the economy.
C7173778 ?. Spanish Economic-Financial Crisis: Social and Academic Interest.
C7242772 ?. Global Nationalism in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

C7653456 ?. Der lange Schatten der Hyperinflation: Oder: Die Sicherheitspräferenz der Deutschen und deren Folgen für Staatsfinanzen Kapitalanlage und Unternehmensfinanzierung.
C7650576 ?. Unternehmerisches Umdenken.
C7652583 2020. The macroeconomic effects of COVID-19 in Montenegro: a Bayesian VARX approach.

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32300537 ä. The economic impact of the Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-2019): Implications for the mining industry
32202260 2020. COVID-19: Impact on health of people & wealth of nations
32325710 2020. The COVID-19 Outbreak and Affected Countries Stock Markets Response
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