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32471919 2020. Expanding the definition of covid-19 deaths will show the true effect of the pandemic.
32499295 2020. Covid-19: Chief statistician criticises government over reporting of testing.
32526276 2020. Discrepancy in reports of COVID-19 onset of symptoms: is faulty data being collected?
32540223 2020. Evaluating the massive underreporting and undertesting of COVID-19 cases in multiple global epicenters.
32574692 2020. COVID-19 in Italy: considerations on official data.
32669281 2020. Covid-19: Trump sidelines "lying" CDC from collecting mortality data.
32680440 2020. A false promise of COVID-19 'big' health data? Health data integrity and the ethics and realities of Australia's health information management practice.
32703855 2020. Data secrecy may cripple U.S. attempts to slow pandemic.
32719009 2020. Covid-19: US states are not reporting vital data, says former CDC chief.
32727713 2020. Covid-19: Lack of action on government statistics is unacceptable, says expert.
32729754 2020. Call for proper documentation of COVID-19 deaths in poor resource setting: a necessity for management of future occurrences.
32744745 2020. Under-reporting of COVID-19 cases in Turkey.
32800074 2020. Building relevance to improve public adherence to preventive measures against COVID-19 by reporting prevalence assessment from incidence numbers.
32843755 2020. Why the United States is having a coronavirus data crisis.
32856712 2020. Are SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence estimates biased?
32883657 2020. Covid-19: the problems with case counting.
32883673 2020. Are we underestimating seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2?
32908126 2020. Substantial underestimation of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the United States.
32910871 2020. Excess mortality: the gold standard in measuring the impact of COVID-19 worldwide?
33002781 2020. Wisely choosing the numbers during the pandemic.
33013001 2020. True COVID-19 mortality rates from administrative data.
33036864 2020. Response to case comparisons and a new definition of disease-free status.
33111812 2020. Number of COVID-19 patients classified as cured: an imminent danger for the population.
33223987 2020. SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test, false result problem, public risk assessment and reliability of epidemiology statistics.
33244367 2020. Problems with the accurate reporting of COVID-19 statistics in Iran.
33290420 2020. On the authenticity of COVID-19 case figures.
33334594 ?. The complex distribution of SARS-CoV-2 in a population invalidates the use of the per capita rates of death and infection in international comparisons.
C7296309 2020. The Discomfort of Death Counts: Mourning through the Distorted Lens of Reported COVID-19 Death Data.
C7340045 2020. Death certification in COVID-19 cases in Spain?.
C7717257 ?. Transparency too little too late? Why and how Health Canada should make clinical data and regulatory decision-making open to scrutiny in the face of COVID-19.
32363010 2020. Do the current cases reported to the WHO provide a realistic incidence rate of countries infected with COVID-19?
32268929 ä. Level of underreporting including underdiagnosis before the first peak of COVID-19 in various countries: Preliminary retrospective results based on wavelets and deterministic modeling

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