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32213487 2020. Covid-19: Trump declares intention to "re-open economy" within weeks against experts' advice.
33032880 2020. COVID-19: Combined supply-side and demand-side shocks, so lift restrictions (carefully) lest GPD declines ultimately kill more than COVID-19.
33039678 2020. A simple tool for comparing benefits and 'costs' of COVID-19 exit strategies.
33046737 2020. After the lockdown: simulating mobility, public health and economic recovery scenarios.
33110525 2020. National COVID-19 lockdown exit strategies need to pay more attention to community engagement and workplace safety.
33116179 2020. Medical costs of keeping the US economy open during COVID-19.
33119089 2020. Prioritizing Healthcare and Employment Resources during COVID-19: Roles of Benevolent and Hostile Ageism.
33162676 2021. Strategies to exiting the COVID-19 lockdown for workplace and school: A scoping review.
33207390 2020. Modelling the impact of relaxing COVID-19 control measures during a period of low viral transmission.
33222539 2021. Negotiating Health Amidst COVID-19 Lockdown in Low-income Communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.
33223954 2020. Risk assessment of the step-by-step return-to-work policy in Beijing following the COVID-19 epidemic peak.

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