Nicotinergic signaling

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PHA conventional pharmacology

32353120 ä. Does Cigarette Smoking Protect Against SARS-CoV-2 Infection?
32242236 ä. COVID-19 and Smoking

32522666 2020. How nicotine can inhibit cytokine storm in the lungs and prevent or lessen the severity of COVID-19 infection?

32470789 2020. Survival of COVID-19 patients requires precise immune regulation: The hypothetical immunoprotective role of nicotinic agonists. {{tp|p=32383751|t=2020. Beyond Smoking Cessation: Investigating Medicinal Nicotine to Prevent and Treat COVID-19.|pdf=|usr=009
32554535 2020. Potential role of memantine in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19: its antagonism of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR) and beyond.
32387130 ä. GTS-21, an alpha7nAChR agonist, suppressed the production of key inflammatory mediators by PBMCs that are elevated in COPD patients and associated with impaired lung function
32552811 2020. E-cigarette-induced pulmonary inflammation and dysregulated repair are mediated by nAChR alpha7 receptor: role of nAChR alpha7 in SARS-CoV-2 Covid-19 ACE2 receptor regulation.
32595653 2020. Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) and Nicotine in COVID-19 Patients: Trying to Calm the Storm.

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