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colchicine as inh. of the inflammosome

32337546 ä. Colchicine as a potent anti-inflammatory treatment in COVID-19: can we teach an old dog new tricks?
32251729 ä. The Greek study in the effects of colchicine in COvid-19 complications prevention (GRECCO-19 study): Rationale and study design
32344275 2020. Dapsone, colchicine and olanzapine as treatment adjuncts to prevent COVID-19 associated adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
32380315 2020. Continuous hydroxychloroquine or colchicine therapy does not prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2: Insights from a large healthcare database analysis
32472681 2020. Why not to use colchicine in COVID-19? An old anti-inflammatory drug for a novel auto-inflammatory disease.
32445400 2020. Can Colchicine as an Old Anti-Inflammatory Agent Be Effective in COVID-19?
32511763 2020. Colchicine and COVID-19.
32503853 2020. COVID-19 infection in a patient with FMF: does colchicine have a protective effect?
32461554 2020. Colchicine's effects on metabolic and inflammatory molecules in adults with obesity and metabolic syndrome: results from a pilot randomized controlled trial.
32503855 2020. Candidate rheumatologic treatments for COVID-19. Response to: 'COVID-19 infection in a patient with FMF: does colchicine have a protective effect?' by Kobak.
32426001 2020. Colchicina: una herramienta terapeutica potencial frente a COVID-19. Experiencia en 5 pacientes.
32584431 2020. Colchicin Treatment of Covid-19 Presenting With Cutaneous Rash and Myopericarditis.
32492478 2020. Treating COVID-19 with colchicine in community healthcare setting.
32564213 2020. The rationale for the use of colchicine in COVID-19: comments on the letter by Cumhur Cure M et al.
32564212 2020. Comment on "Colchicine may not be effective in COVID-19 infection; it may even be harmful?"
32556936 2020. Colchicine as a possible therapeutic option in COVID-19 infection.
32394215 2020. Colchicine may not be effective in COVID-19 infection; it may even be harmful?
32579195 2020. Effect of Colchicine vs Standard Care on Cardiac and Inflammatory Biomarkers and Clinical Outcomes in Patients Hospitalized With Coronavirus Disease 2019: The GRECCO-19 Randomized Clinical Trial.
32579190 2020. Colchicine for the Treatment of Myocardial Injury in Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)-An Old Drug With New Life?


32493814 2020. Inflammasomes and Pyroptosis as Therapeutic Targets for COVID-19.

32574259 2020. Novel Coronavirus-Induced NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation: A Potential Drug Target in the Treatment of COVID-19.

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