Cytokine absorbers

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PHA Serum products

32438839 2020. Is there a role for blood purification therapies targeting cytokine storm syndrome in critically severe COVID-19 patients?
32464624 2020. Cytokine Blood Filtration Responses in COVID-19.
C7118608 ä. A Promising Anti-Cytokine-Storm Targeted Therapy for COVID-19: The Artificial-Liver Blood-Purification System
32353740 2020. Serum albumin-mediated strategy for the effective targeting of SARS-CoV-2
32453251 2020. Extracorporeal Hemoadsorption: An Option for COVID-19 Associated Cytokine Storm Syndrome.
32501607 2020. Selective C-reactive protein (CRP) apheresis for Covid-19 patients suffering from organ damage.
32590819 2020. Critically ill patients with COVID-19 with ECMO and artificial liver plasma exchange: A retrospective study.

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