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32845583 2020. Evaluating Covid-19 Injury Claims with a Focus on Workers' Compensation.
32856557 2020. The Potential Impact of COVID-19 on H-2A Agricultural Workers.
32890206 2020. Evaluating Covid-19 Injury Claims With a Focus on Workers' Compensation.
32924061 2020. Disease and death from work: RIDDOR and covid-19.
32943130 2020. Safety considerations during return to work in the context of stable COVID-19 epidemic control: an analysis of health screening results of all returned staff from a hospital. nsfw
32952308 2020. Working from home and income inequality: risks of a 'new normal' with COVID-19.
32954421 2020. Covid-19: statutory means of scrutinizing workers' deaths and disease.
32958470 2020. Covid-19 in the workplace.
32958471 2020. Safely returning clinically vulnerable people to work.
33014979 2020. Spillover Trends of Child Labor During the Coronavirus Crisis- an Unnoticed Wake-Up Call.
33012619 2020. COVID-19 Mask Requirements as a Workers' Rights Issue: Parallels to Smoking Bans.
33030117 2020. Current understanding and future directions for an occupational infectious disease standard.
33041346 2020. Mindfulness and the challenges of working from home in times of crisis.
33085585 2020. Assessing and managing the risks of COVID-19 in the workplace: Applying industrial hygiene (IH)/occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) frameworks.
33100425 2020. Hospitals' Liabilities in Times of Pandemic: Recalibrating the Legal Obligation to Provide Personal Protective Equipment to Healthcare Workers.
33107408 2020. Evaluating the industrial hygiene, toxicology, and public health aspects of COVID-19.
33124612 2020. Effectiveness of the measures aimed at containing Sars-cov-2 virus spreading in work settings: a survey in companies based in the Veneto region of Italy.
33132537 2020. Soziale Isolation im Homeoffice im Kontext der COVID-19-Pandemie: Hinweise fur die Gestaltung von Homeoffice im Hinblick auf soziale Bedurfnisse.
33136220 2020. Company Characteristics, Disability Inclusion Practices, and Employment of People with Disabilities in the Post COVID-19 Job Economy: A Cross Sectional Survey Study.
33156435 2020. Telework After COVID: A "Silver Lining" for Workers with Disabilities?
33158969 2020. Occupational COVID-19: what can be learned from notifications of occupational diseases?
33173855 2020. COVID-19 risk tools should incorporate assessment of working environment risk and its mitigation.
33177472 2020. How did Occupational and Employee Health Services innovate to maintain core business while meeting the increased work demands of the COVID-19 pandemic?
33187955 2020. Mitigating staff risk in the workplace: the use of RFID technology during a COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
33229376 2020. Covid-19: Should the UK mandate more stringent workplace protection for older people?
33230359 2020. Achieving Effective Remote Working During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Work Design Perspective.
33235404 2020. Zerlegung des Arbeitsschutzes in der Fleischindustrie durch Werkvertrage - und die Notwendigkeit integrativen Arbeitsschutzes.
33241763 2020. Clinicians, cooks, and cashiers: Examining health equity and the COVID-19 risks to essential workers.
33263528 2020. Differences in COVID-19 Risk Between Occupational Groups and Employment Sectors in Germany.
33281205 2020. Infektionsschutz: Wenn gegen Regeln verstossen wird.
C7300560 2020. Effect of Pandemic on Union Organizing.
C7300624 2020. Union Promises About Pandemic Safety.
C7313856 ?. COVID-19 should be recognized as an occupational disease worldwide.
C7313871 ?. COVID-19: an occupational health view from South Africa.
C7318924 2020. Local food systems and COVID-19: an insight from China.
C7335487 ?. Arbeiten nach Corona: Ist Homeoffice das Modell der Zukunft?
C7337862 2020. Occupational Health and Covid-19.
C7351393 2020. Medico-legal assessment of the COVID-19 infection in workplace?.
C7700819 2020. "Wir brauchen einen professionellen Plan für das Arbeiten im Homeoffice".
C7218379 ?. Responsabilité de l?employeur dans le cadre de la pandémie COVID-19.
C7266131 ?. Occupational Health Science in the Time of COVID-19: Now more than Ever.

old dataset follows

32202635 ä. Covid-19: Protecting Worker Health
32298415 ä. COVID-19 Outbreak in Italy: Protecting Worker Health and the Response of the Italian Industrial Hygienists Association
32335200 ä. Is Returning to Work during the COVID-19 Pandemic Stressful? A Study on Immediate Mental Health Status and Psychoneuroimmunity Prevention Measures of Chinese Workforce
32341630 2020. Tackling Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID 19) in Workplaces
32147406 ä. Reasons for healthcare workers becoming infected with novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in China
32243947 ä. Beyond the assistance: additional exposure situations to COVID-19 for healthcare workers
32278703 ä. Preventing the Transmission of COVID-19 Amongst Healthcare Workers
32278701 ä. Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding COVID-19 among health care workers in Henan, China
32305069 ä. Protecting workers aged 60?69 years from COVID-19
32219471 ä. Mutterschutz ? auch im Zeitalter der Coronakrise
32354748 2020. Working from home in the time of covid-19: how to best preserve occupational health?
32359155 ä. COVID-19: opportunity to learn from necessity
32359148 ä. COVID-19: a new work-related disease threatening healthcare workers
32107548 2020. Occupational risks for COVID-19 infection
32347933 ä. Covid-19 and Health at Work
32311040 2020. COVID-19: Health prevention and control in non-healthcare settings
32239155 ä. COVID-19 and experiences of moral injury in front-line key workers
32366503 2020. Covid-19: NHS bosses told to assess risk to ethnic minority staff who may be at greater risk
32299328 2020. Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): What You Need to Know

32387671 2020. Role of the chronic air pollution levels in the Covid-19 outbreak risk in Italy?

C7188145 ä. Reporting, Recording and Communication of COVID-19 Cases in Workplace: Data Protection as a Moving Target
C7197552 ä. Health and safety considerations for hotel cleaners during Covid-19

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