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32329879 2020. (Naturlal products: )An alternative approach to minimize the risk of coronavirus (Covid-19) and similar infections
32289016 2020. Herbal medicine and pattern identification for treating COVID-19: a rapid review of guidelines
32353741 2020. Phytotherapeutics and SARS-CoV-2 infection: Potential role of bioflavonoids
32360300 ä. Natural product-derived phytochemicals as potential agents against coronaviruses: a review
32340120 2020. Shedding Light on the Effect of Natural Anti-Herpesvirus Alkaloids on SARS-CoV-2: A Treatment Option for COVID-19
32379639 2020. Herbal medicine for treatment of children diagnosed with COVID-19: A review of guidelines
32321407 2020. Hispidin and Lepidine E: two Natural Compounds and Folic acid as Potential Inhibitors of 2019-novel coronavirus Main Protease (2019-nCoVMpro), molecular docking and SAR study
32352594 2020. Phytotherapic compounds against coronaviruses: Possible streams for future research
32376238 2020. (rev on derived therapeutic strategies targeting chronic respiratory diseases: Chemical and immunological perspective
32340551 2020. Natural products may interfere with SARS-CoV-2 attachment to the host cell
32534094 2020. Antiviral activity of the high-molecular-weight plant polysaccharides (Panavir(R)).
32162896 2020. Possible therapeutic role of a highly standardized mixture of active compounds derived from cultured Lentinula edodes mycelia (AHCC) in patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus.

32501634 2020. Can Hypericum perforatum (SJW) prevent cytokine storm in COVID-19 patients?

32605149 2020. Bioactive Indolyl Diketopiperazines from the Marine Derived Endophytic Aspergillus versicolor DY180635.
32545268 2020. Potential of Flavonoid-Inspired Phytomedicines against COVID-19.
32595359 2020. Potentials of plant-based substance to inhabit and probable cure for the COVID-19.

Garlic extracts
32363255 ä. Investigation into SARS-CoV-2 Resistance of Compounds in Garlic Essential Oil

32345140 2020. Stilbene-based natural compounds as promising drug candidates against COVID-19

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