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Die allgemeine und durch Zwang zu erwirkende Impfflicht in Deutschland wurde vom Deutschen Bundestag am 07.04.2022 abgelehnt.
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{{tp|p=32291365|t=2020. Diagnosing COVID-19: Did We Miss Anything?|pdf=|usr=}}
{{tp|p=32291365|t=2020. Diagnosing COVID-19: Did We Miss Anything?|pdf=|usr=}}

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coviki.org collects the really good Ideas and the scientific Record on Covid-19 Virus.

Die allgemeine und durch Zwang zu erwirkende Impfflicht in Deutschland wurde vom Deutschen Bundestag am 07.04.2022 abgelehnt.

Karl Lauterbach nach Abstimmungsniederlage.png

32291365 2020. Diagnosing COVID-19: Did We Miss Anything?

32235575 2020. The First 75 Days of Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Outbreak: Recent Advances, Prevention, and Treatment

32120913 2020. Epidemiological Identification of A Novel Pathogen in Real Time: Analysis of the Atypical Pneumonia Outbreak in Wuhan, China, 2019?2020
32001309 2020. Emergence of a novel coronavirus causing respiratory illness from Wuhan, China
31986257 2020. A novel coronavirus outbreak of global health concern
32305089 2020. Sarah Gilbert: carving a path towards a COVID-19 vaccine

C7110433 ä. Coronaviren: von der banalen Erkältung zum schweren Lungenversagen: Chronologie einer Pandemie
32108160 2020. Emergence of a novel human coronavirus threatening human health
31988490 2020. Outbreak of a novel coronavirus
32015508 2020. A new coronavirus associated with human respiratory disease in China
32015507 2020. A pneumonia outbreak associated with a new coronavirus of probable bat origin
32322401 2020. Novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19): a pandemic (epidemiology, pathogenesis and potential therapeutics)
32322400 2020. Epidemiology, genome, and clinical features of the pandemic SARS-CoV-2: a recent view
32287808 2020. Why the WHO won t use the p-word
32372802 2020. How do we leave lockdown?
32359839 ä. Symptomatic COVID-19 in Eye Professionals in Wuhan, China
32275667 2020. Will COVID-19 become the next neglected tropical disease?

32088858 ä. Puzzle of highly pathogenic human coronaviruses (2019-nCoV)
32334163 2020. Overview of Covid-19; its prevention and management in the light of Unani medicine
32335410 2020. COVID-19 outbreak: Migration, effects on society, global environment and prevention

32296735 ä. Prudently conduct the engineering and synthesis of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

32198918 2020. COVID-19: a fast evolving pandemic
C7138902 ä. Emergence of deadly severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 during 2019?2020
32313822 ä. Recent apprise on coronavirus and its terrible insinuations
32230900 2020. Virology, Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, and Control of COVID-19
31991541 2020. Return of the Coronavirus: 2019-nCoV
31979013 2020. Emerging Viruses without Borders: The Wuhan Coronavirus

32271601 2020. Epidemiology and Clinical Characteristics of COVID-19
32144096 2020. Covid-19: UK records first death, as world s cases exceed 100 000
32165426 2020. Covid-19: WHO declares pandemic because of "alarming levels" of spread, severity, and inaction
32071063 2020. Coronavirus covid-19 has killed more people than SARS and MERS combined, despite lower case fatality rate
32273278 2020. Covid-19: should the public wear face masks?
32273267 2020. Face masks for the public during the covid-19 crisis
32265341 2020. Covid-19: What is the evidence for cloth masks?
32354787 2020. A third of covid-19 patients admitted to UK hospitals die
32327412 2020. Covid-19: Two thirds of healthcare workers who have died were from ethnic minorities
32317248 2020. Covid-19: doctors are warned not to go public about PPE shortages
32299810 2020. Covid-19: Coronavirus was first described in The BMJ in 1965
32235915 2020. COVID-19: a new challenge for human beings

32374013 2020. Faced with 2019-nCoV outbreak, we have learned our lessons from SARS of 2003
32374011 2020. Herd immunity and COVID-19
32202659 2020. Coronavirus disease 2019: the harms of exaggerated information and non-evidence-based measures
32376793 2020. Is Gradual and Controlled Approach to Herd Protection a Valid Strategy to Curb the COVID-19 Pandemic?

32343423 2020. A Novel Plan to Deal with SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Disease
32211809 2020. An Acute Respiratory Infection Runs Into the Most Common Noncommunicable Epidemic-COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Diseases
32376535 2020. SARS-CoV-2
32078595 2020. SARS-CoV-2: a novel deadly virus in a globalised world
32132688 2020. Behind the scenes in the biosafety office
31992886 2020. This scientist hopes to test coronavirus drugs on animals in locked-down Wuhan
32265538 2020. The pandemic in pictures: how coronavirus is changing the world
32332911 2020. Chloroquine hype is derailing the search for coronavirus treatments
32303732 2020. Withholding funding from the World Health Organization is wrong and dangerous, and must be reversed
32300223 2020. These cancer scientists turned their lab into a coronavirus-testing facility

32364048 2020. The BMA COVID-19 ethical guidance: a legal analysis
32349615 2020. COVID-19: A personal perspective
32371403 2020. A personal historical perspective of HIV
32355024 2020. Call for transparency of COVID-19 models
32217705 2020. Race to find COVID-19 treatments accelerates
32213646 2020. COVID-19 needs a big science approach
32054740 2020. Labs scramble to produce new coronavirus diagnostics
32241928 2020. Vaccine designers take first shots at COVID-19
32299994 2020. Vets would not manage Covid-19 this way
32187929 2020. 2019-nCoV: new challenges from coronavirus
32023682 2020. 2019-nCoV: new challenges from coronavirus

C7147143 2020. Zwischen Infektionsschutz und Versorgungsauftrag: Eine Zwischenbilanz vier Wochen nach Ausbruch der Pandemie
32387617 ä. COVID-19: The first documented coronavirus pandemic in history
32078801 2020. The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak: What We Know and What We Don?t
32373783 2020. The Italian war-like measures to fight coronavirus spreading: Re-open closed hospitals now
32322145 2020. The Return of the Plague: A Primer on Pandemic Ethics

32033382 2020. Does Wuhan Need to be in Lockdown during the Chinese Lunar New Year?

32285349 ä. Reflections on life in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, from the viewpoint of two people who have experienced dialysis and kidney transplantation

C7130075 ä. Dr Hong Yu leads a team battling against the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan
32334691 2020. Offline: Why President Trump is wrong about WHO
27745880 2016. WHO s Director-General candidates: visions and priorities
32078809 2020. Outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019

32006509 2020. Mysterious pneumonia in China

32325013 2020. Can a virus undermine human rights?
32061319 2020. Authoritarianism, outbreaks, and information politics
32027848 2020. Coronavirus in China
32342390 2020. COVID-19: Keine Entwarnung im Sommer?
32071422 ä. We shouldn?t worry when a virus mutates during disease outbreaks
32287788 2020. Inside Wuhan s lockdown
C7110433 ä. Coronaviren: von der banalen Erkältung zum schweren Lungenversagen: Chronologie einer Pandemie
C7107834 ä. Moral imperative for the immediate release of 2019-nCoV sequence data
32292590 2020. All about COVID-19 in brief

32382897 ä. Die Corona-Pandemie 2020 ? Über eine allumfassende Prävention hinaus

C7130038 2020. A novel coronavirus emerges

32125418 ä. Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV): Update on 3rd Coronavirus Outbreak of 21st Century
32007621 2020. SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV and now the 2019-novel CoV: Have we investigated enough about coronaviruses? ? A bibliometric analysis?
32288866 2020. Verzerrte Informationen: Zwischen Panikmache und Sorglosigkeit

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