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PHA Biologicals

32360516 ä. The first case of COVID-19 treated with the complement C3 inhibitor AMY-101
32329881 2020. Eculizumab treatment in patients with COVID-19: preliminary results from real life ASL Napoli 2 Nord experience
32327719 ä. Complement as a target in COVID-19?

32271624 2020. Will Complement Inhibition be the New Target in Treating COVID-19 Related Systemic Thrombosis?

32495372 2020. Terminal complement inhibition dampens the inflammation during COVID-19.
32417135 2020. Complement activation in patients with COVID-19: A novel therapeutic target.
32581810 2020. Combination of Ruxolitinib and Eculizumab for Treatment of Severe SARS-CoV-2-Related Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Controlled Study.
32430402 2020. Could severe COVID-19 be considered a complementopathy?

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