Cytopathic effects

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between uptake & secretioin

32434888 2020. Replication of SARS-CoV-2 in human respiratory epithelium.

32347055 2020. Role of cyclophilin A during coronavirus replication and the antiviral activities of its inhibitors

32368569 ä. The molecular biology of intracellular events during Coronavirus infection cycle

32298055 2020. Replication and transmission mechanisms of highly pathogenic human coronaviruses
32446559 2020. Stability of RNA sequences derived from the coronavirus genome in human cells
17194611 2007. (+)Lipid rafts play an important role in the early stage of severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus life cycle
32242128 ä. Mechano-genomic regulation of coronaviruses and its interplay with ageing
32558957 2020. Subversion of host stress granules by coronaviruses: Potential roles of pi-rich disordered domains of viral nucleocapsids.
30867314 2019. (+)The Infectious Bronchitis Coronavirus Envelope Protein Alters Golgi pH To Protect the Spike Protein and Promote the Release of Infectious Virus.

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