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since this database failed to be published in the peer reviewed scientific record, here are the full pdf versions of a german and an english paper. its better to keep a resource personal than pleasant.

Deutschsprachiges Paper vom 19.11.2020 - auf   
English paper Nov 3rd 2020

terrible, it seems to be impossible to publish the metacollection of accepted truth into the scientific record.

  • deutsches ärzteblatt
  • swiss medical weekly
  • budesgesundheitsblatt
  • mayo clin proc
  • cureus
  • peer j
  • medarxiv
  • mdpi
  • res sq

stay tuned, maybe something appears in the best-of section.

magnesium -- selenium -- glutathion -- colchicine -- vitamin d -- vitamin c -- melatonin -- avoid artificial LED light use filter goggles --

this is the chance i can give you. no evidence on any. best educated bet.

search for covid papers via

MyCovidpaper This paper as wikitext templates used for wiklitext

How works

Today, pubmed gives 23.000 citations on covid19. As of may 5th, about 8.000. Currently, all relevant papers have been indexed in, all up to may 8th are sorted into the 60item contents index (sidebar or contents which explains something). You will find appropriate papers to the standard question without the need to perform a pubmed search. This is especially relevant to the hard-to-filter topics like immunology or drug development or adapting hospital, the latter is about half the current output meaning how to perform this or that procedure or how to handle this or that sort of patients down to single-case questions. No chance to recieve such stuff by covid an x or y or z style search endeavors.

If useful, any of the basic 60 items will be structured into further subdomais, e.g. endoscopy as one of a lot of subdomains of adapting hospital.

To feed the database, I have to printout the medline list, to mark each useful paper into on of 12 major subject areas, type their pmid numbers into a odf table (i decided 1996 at silverplatter times to use barcod39) feed a php which makes a list of any consisting of a standard output and a list of wikitext templates to copy them into the 60items each.

Since this takes time, these lists - starting with the 07 fascicle - are given [here-newest-items].

If I have nothing but the pure lists, they stand without comment, otherwise a entered tag is set.

Current state of development is told chronologically here.


Private systematic data collection made by Ossip Groth (Arzt), Lepser Strasse 54, 39261 Zerbst, Aufsichtsbehörde Ärztekammer Sachsen Anhalt, Doctor Eisenbart Ring 2, 39120 Magdeburg. No sponsor, no bucks from influencers, no in-site advertisements. some stupid and versatile seo backlinks. se also the draft papers for more. actuality as-is, terribly lacking behind - one-man yeah man team.

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