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project started 08 may 2020 with domain registration, wikimedia installation, contents outline, scratching items from gabgroup4077, repurposing facebook account (to be given later). precursor is inefficient communication of my personal hit [magnesium]. medline/pmcentral search run on on 08 may 2020

currently selecting from medline search & streaming into contents page to get a useful topic map [stasu pubmed] 6000 free, 4000 restricted access 10000 pmc to be checked.

search engines listing pending publication pending

currently semi-open alternative things to post via gabgroup 4077 with coviki tag. currently nospam problem.

10 may 2020 150 papers included (anticipate 5000)

18 may publication submitted 21 may rej

19 may page "eddit" built for more rapid copypasting of the citations, "contents" will be the topic map with some intersting links to get ppl interested

21 may template ttp to mark extremely interesting citations, sample =dermatology; contents page re-designed, all citations into the linked wikipages.

21 may to get it into a 'research paper', count no. of papers / topic : sci / engin aspects and discussing the triple-fed publication record, call it bibliometric...

22 may upped to medrxiv, surely no primary research...

23 may getting published, where the hell should i get 4 reviewers, i am a one man show, out of anything no hopital no university only my set of barns fille up with books and papers and tables and computers calles BIAS Institut für Medizinische Bibliographie. Going pdf, going google, going libgen herewego. hell im no researcher living from his publication record. your database has google ads commerrrciaaaaaal.

24 may MS ID#: MEDRXIV/2020/110379 MS TITLE: : The really good ideas and the scientific record on Covid-19 viral disease. Dear Ossip N Groth; We regret to inform you that your manuscript is inappropriate for medRxiv. It is a review not a research article and therefore out of scope. The medRxiv team

26 may. vernünftiger kurzreport eingereicht. failed - retry - mal gucken, wird schon !

26 may macht schon spaß was brauchbares zu gestalten wenngleich ich bald nackensteife und rhizarthrose bekomme...

29 may contents page restructured

02 jun all pubmed citations entered. 1700 pmcentral remaining to be done. (w pmc/pm overlap exclusion)

05 jun abstract A2001/1195 to Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nephrologie Berlin 1-4 oct 2020

07 jun added DISCLAIMER the current scientific record is full of falsified and invented data and subject to political abuse. I cannot keep up with the daily retractions, so do not apply any thesis or hypothesis shown here as a valid option for application to human beings.

08 jun all 8600 papers are included and sorted to the appr. topical sections. now, subindexing will follow for the important subject areas, never for all.

08 jun little php made to scratch pmids from temp lists of included papers - these papers are included number=pmid c+number=pmcentral with copypaste from former projects -> nichts ist unmöööglich w/o wäre ich heute zu doof müßte jemand fragen

it works pretty well, standard cov search w/o date filter substracts those papers seen & gives me the ti list of the new papers since last search. bad news: in 30 day, +12 k papers appeared, now the litbase on cov is exploding r0>3 imho

12 jun some bulk topics subindexed.

17 jun fascicle 007 to be entered. shown at[PubMed_selected_papers_unsorted_to_be_listed_in_contents_topics]

18 jun decision to subindex the upto0508 dataset (this) online, then to enter the newer fascicles

12 sep the not-yet-added streaming contents are temporary shown in 13 broad topic pages Temporary_citations from which the fine indexing into the 60 main & countless deeper topics will occur. all main pages might refer to this 'further content'. remember its a one-man-resource.

12 sep firefox got an addon which enables vertical tabs which will enhance performance of subindexing.

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