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Temporary citations, those papers which have been identified to be included in this resource are listed in these 13 major lists:

the fat ones expected to run fast track

  • tempF publication, ppe, dis models, fast-track
  • tempA reviews, children, guidelines, respiration
  • tempI immunology cell biology mol biol covid
  • tempD disease manifestations of covid, diseases influencing covid
  • tempMinus misc. on covid less interesting or too redundant
  • tempMinusC not interesting at all, corrections, redundant
  • tempE epidemiology, public health
  • tempR handling diseases, devices, and clinics in a hygienic safe mode (R==running your hospital)
  • tempPol politics aka E,R,Y going mad
  • tempX diagnostics lab, genetics, imaging
  • tempY psychiatry, behavioral, resilience, criminality
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