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C7588344 2020. Das Maskendilemma.
C7590910 ?. Crop Situation in India Before During and After COVID-19 Lockdown as Seen from the Satellite Data of Resourcesat-2 AWiFS.
C7590644 2021. The moderating role of childhood socioeconomic status on the impact of nudging on the perceived threat of coronavirus and stockpiling intention.
C7584480 ?. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in COVID-19: Evidence from Six Large Cities.
C7581947 ?. Precarious Sovereignty in a Post-liberal Europe: The COVID-19 Emergency in Estonia and Finland.
C7579903 ?. The Austrian Corona Panel Project: monitoring individual and societal dynamics amidst the COVID-19 crisis.
C7577208 ?. Über Verschwörungstheorien und ihre Anhänger.
C7574846 2020. Mapping physical access to health care for older adults in sub-Saharan Africa and implications for the COVID-19 response: a cross-sectional analysis.
C7574693 2020. COVID-19 Vaccines A Global Common Good.
C7572357 ?. How COVID-19 drives connectedness among commodity and financial markets: Evidence from TVP-VAR and causality-in-quantiles techniques.
C7543573 2020. Infodemic: analysis of global and local 2019-20 Coronavirus epidemic search flow.
C7543568 2020. Implementing Health Literacy Intelligence during COVI-19 outbreak.
C7543565 2020. Public Health Policies and Global COVID-19 Outbreak.
C7543562 2020. Coronavirus - Crisis Communication in Croatia.
C7543546 2020. Public health law and COVID-19: Human rights and global health security.
C7543543 2020. Responding to COVID19 in Russia.
C7543540 2020. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak: can HTA improve preparedness and response in emergencies with a high degree of uncertainty?
C7543513 2020. Influenza surveillance system and Covid-19.
C7543462 2020. Twitter monitoring evidence of Covid-19 infodemic in Italy.
C7543455 2020. Beyond COVID-19: a cross-sectional study in Italy exploring the Covid Collateral Impacts.
C7543451 2020. Healthcare systems strategies to manage pandemics transition phases: a systematic review.
C7543436 2020. Action against environmental pollution through a healthy green and just recovery in Europe.
C7543434 2020. SHARP Joint Action ? Strengthening International Health Regulations and preparedness in the EU.
C7543423 2020. Challenges of ongoing Covid and Ebola epidemics amidst violence and other epidemics in DR Congo.
C7543413 2020. Dealing with COVID-19 Barriers to Care: Digital Platform to support and monitor chronic patients.
C7543409 2020. Infodemia and COVID-19: a text mining analysis.
C7543403 2020. Health and social needs of unprotected unaccompanied minors in Paris in the context of COVID-19.
C7543397 2020. Conceptualizing resilience in health systems: results from 30 countries.
C7543386 2020. Public Health measures to control the spread of COVID-19 amongst the migrant population in Malta.
C7543384 2020. Responding to COVID19 in Austria Germany and Switzerland.
C7543607 2020. Examining ?immunity passports? from an ethics perspective ? ten reasons why they are bad idea.
C7543605 2020. Proactive machine-learning-based approaches to vaccine hesitancy for a potential SARS-Cov-2 vaccine.
C7543599 2020. Risk stratification for the safety of patients and hospital health workers during Covid-19 emergency.
C7543587 2020. Youth-led efforts against infodemic.
C7543584 2020. Effect of COVID-19 outbreak on emergency department attendances in an Italian academic hospital.
C7543580 2020. Vaccine prevention at the time of covid-19: the ASL Roma 4 experience.
C7543576 2020. The virus and its images - Metaphorical genealogy of the risk society.
C7543574 2020. Responding to COVID19 in Italy.
C7543566 2020. 30.G. Round table: Health planning In Europe: preparing for the expected and the unexpected.
C7543564 2020. Risk perception knowledge prevention information sources and efficacy beliefs related to Covid-19.
C7543558 2020. The EU?s global health policy in times of Covid-19: challenges and prospects.
C7543552 2020. GH:ADT Project: developing a framework of Global Health concepts and a learning objectives catalogue.
C7543550 2020. Patient health engagement model: explaining citizens noncompliance and maladaptive behaviors.
C7543545 2020. Digital epidemiology supported by GIS as a way for effective communication of the epidemic situation.
C7543541 2020. 13.A. Workshop: Responding to COVID19 in Europe: a tale of five countries.
C7543536 2020. COVID-19 lockdown: housing built environment?s effects on mental health.
C7543515 2020. 20.A. Round table: COVID-19 infectious diseases and human rights and risks in public health.
C7543512 2020. The challenges of the outbreak: the Italian COVID-19 integrated surveillance system.
C7543507 2020. Countering COVID-19: A European survey on acceptability of and commitment to preventive measures.
C7543503 2020. 48 hours public response to Corona epidemic status in Indonesia. Perceived risk and panic buying.
C7543501 2020. 28.I. Workshop: Communication in public health: neglected but essential.
C7543491 2020. The potential for coronavirus transmission in waters: what do we know?
C7543489 2020. 18.I. Workshop: Opportunities for EU funding in health.
C7543475 2020. 6.A. Round table: Protecting borders and preparing for a pandemic: responses around the world to COVID19.
C7543466 2020. The European Union?s response to COVID19.
C7543463 2020. The Requirements of Developing Countries Health Systems Facing with COVID-19: A Case Study of Iran.
C7543460 2020. Implementation of the German Prevention Act: Municipal Public Health Units as a Bottleneck?
C7543454 2020. COVID-19 and newspapers: a content & text mining analysis.
C7543450 2020. Early evidence of the impact of legal responses to COVID-19.
C7543442 2020. Risk factors for distress during online health information seeking behavior in parents.
C7543440 2020. Battling the infodemics: health communication effectiveness during COVID-19.
C7543435 2020. The effects of lockdown on lifestyle habits of adults during the coronavirus pandemic in Cyprus.
C7543433 2020. Vaccines in support of globalisation: the current status of coronavirus and future implementation challenges.
C7543429 2020. 16.A. Round table: Responding to COVID19 in Europe: politics and policies.
C7543424 2020. Forecasting emergency admissions in the city of Milan to predict overflow: a 2-day warning system.
C7543415 2020. 22.F. Workshop: What makes for resilient health systems? Evidence from the State of Health in the EU country profiles.
C7543406 2020. Cocooning the vulnerable - a main pillar of Malta s COVID-19 response.
C7543396 2020. Local preparedness for Mass Gatherings in Northern Portugal.
C7543390 2020. Legal and human rights-based approaches to healthy diets and sustainable food systems.
C7543385 2020. Anthropological analysis on recent covid-19 infection in Italy.
C7542320 ?. Managing the Pandemic: The Italian Strategy for Fighting COVID-19 and the Challenge of Sharing Administrative Powers.

C7550095 2020. Deciphering the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on food security agriculture and livelihoods: A review of the evidence from developing countries.
C7550085 2020. Impacts of COVID-19 on food systems and poverty in Nigeria.
C7546522 ?. Complicity and Synergy Between Bolsonaro and Brazilian Evangelicals in COVID-19 Times: Adherence to Scientific Negationism for Political-Religious Reasons.
C7546173 ?. Estudiantes de las ciencias médicas en Cuba y su lucha contra la COVID-19.
C7537369 2020. Das Maskendilemma.
C7546519 ?. Religious Leaders in Politics: Rio de Janeiro Under the Mayor-Bishop in the Times of the Pandemic.
C7546263 2020. From the ?new normal? to a ?new future?: A sustainable response to COVID-19.
C7545372 ?. Piketty Thunberg or Marx? Shifting ideologies in the COVID-19 bailout conditionality debate.
C7537370 2020. Versorgung von Krebspatienten leidet .
C7543942 2020. COVID-19 pandemic health risks and economic consequences: Evidence from China.
C7539554 ?. Nikil Mukerji Adriano Mannino: Covid-19: Was in der Krise zählt. Über Philosophie in Echtzeit: Stuttgart: Reclam 2020 ISBN 978-3-15-014053-6 120 Seiten 6??.
C7539552 ?. Die Covid-19-Pandemie: Schlaglicht auf das Spannungsfeld von Biowaffenkontrolle Biosicherheit und globaler Gesundheit.
C7538536 ?. Combatting Against Covid-19 & Misinformation: A Systematic Review.
C7542543 ?. Understanding fake news during the Covid-19 health crisis from the perspective of information behaviour: The case of Spain.
C7537777 ?. Managing supply chain uncertainty by building flexibility in container port capacity: a logistics triad perspective and the COVID-19 case.
C7537577 ?. COVID-19 restrictions on human rights in the light of the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights.
C7535951 2020. Preventive health behaviours during coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic based on health belief model among Egyptians.
C7538077 2020. Peste noire (1347?1352) et Covid-19 (2019?20-- ?) : les conséquences.
C7533044 ?. US?China Relations: Nationalism the Trade War and COVID-19.
C7532740 ?. Integrated optimisation for production capacity raw material ordering and production planning under time and quantity uncertainties based on two case studies.
C7532732 ?. Environmental impacts of new Coronavirus outbreak in Iran with an emphasis on waste management sector.
33386856 ?. European Union HIV and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Progress and Lessons Learned From the HIV Pandemic.
C7553037 ?. Persistence of SARS-CoV-2 in Water and Wastewater.
C7543617 2020. Responding to COVID19 in France.
C7543603 2020. How to foster cities resilient to the COVID-19 pandemic through Urban Health strategies.
C7543598 2020. 10.A. Workshop: COVID19 immunisation passports ? A golden solution or the golden apple of discord?
C7543581 2020. The importance of reliable social media information during the COVID-19 pandemic.
C7543579 2020. Climate change and health: time for action!
C7543497 2020. Clean air policy challenges in Europe: achieving air standards that prevent disease.
C7543472 2020. Impact of lockdown measures in abating the COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons from India?s phased approach.
C7485644 ?. The pathway to comfort: Role of palliative care for serious COVID-19 illness.
C7485636 ?. COVID-19 testing in India in comparison to the rest of the world. If Indian testing strategy was replicated in the other top 15 COVID-19 affected countries in the world the status would be startlingly different.
C7485632 ?. Change in spectrum of hand injuries during COVID-19 lockdown period: Increase in mixer grinder and domestic violence related injuries in lieu of trauma sustained in outdoor activities.
C7529603 ?. DISPOSABLE COVID BOX ? A new invention.
C7548543 ?. Beyond (Mis)Representation: Visuals in COVID-19 Misinformation.
33351134 ?. Healthcare Cyber-Attacks and the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Urgent Threat to Global Health.
C7562825 ?. What Happened to International Labour Standards and Human Rights at Work?
C7562823 ?. Harnessing Globalization: An Everlasting Challenge.
C7562826 ?. The ILO and Transformation of Labour Law.
C7562824 ?. An Accidental Revolution: The ILO and the Opening Up of International Law.
C7581386 2020. TCT CONNECT-214 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Acute Coronary Syndrome and Stroke Volumes in Non-Western Countries.
C7581372 2020. TCT CONNECT-226 In-Hospital Outcomes of CABG Candidates Undergoing PCI During the ICU Restricted COVID-19 Pandemic: The Multi-Center Prospective UK-REVASC Registry.
C7556902 ?. Viral Reflections: Placing China in Global Health Histories.
C7556896 ?. Pandemic India: Coronavirus and the Uses of History.
C7556903 ?. The Media Spectacle of a Techno-City: COVID-19 and the South Korean Experience of the State of Emergency.
C7556901 ?. ?Responding to an Epidemic Requires a Compassionate State?: How Has the Indian State Been Doing in the Time of COVID-19?
C7527197 2020. The Decrease in Hospitalizations For Heart Failure During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Community and Academic Hospital Comparison Study.
C7527193 2020. Initial Experience of A Heart Failure Disease Management Clinic During the Covid-19 Era.
C7527202 2020. Heart Failure Hospitalization Trends During the Early Phase of the COVID 19 Pandemic.
C7527198 2020. Changes in Care Delivery for Patients with Heart Failure During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Results of a Multicenter Survey.
C7562778 ?. Comorbidities and health care systems differences among states as it relates to COVID-19.
C7580702 2021. Zero healthcare-associated respiratory viral infections among haematology inpatients: unexpected consequence of heightened infection control during COVID-19 outbreak.
C7581325 2021. Heat sterilization dramatically reduces filter efficiency of the majority of FFP2 and KN95 respirators.
C7543595 ?. COVID-19 emergency measures and the impending authoritarian pandemic.
C7543496 ?. COVID-19: responsibility and accountability in a world of rationing.
C7572079 2020. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Obstetric and Gynecologic Procedures and Consults at a Metropolitan Hospital in the Epicenter.
C7578646 2020. Public health and criminal justice are intertwined.
33371945 2021. Adaptations to jail-based buprenorphine treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
C7581420 2020. US election 2020: research and health institutions.
33413815 2021. Ethical Challenges in COVID-19 Biospecimen Research: Perspectives From Institutional Review Board Members and Bioethicists.
33413837 2021. Socioeconomic Disparities in Community Mobility Reduction and COVID-19 Growth.
C7545241 ?. The invisible enemy: a historian s short tale of Covid-19 in Italy.
C7543445 ?. Comparing containment measures among nations by Epidemiological Effects of COVID-19.
C7561247 ?. Physician Executives Guide a Successful Covid-19 Response in Colorado.
C7540912 ?. A Sustainable Post-Pandemic Health Care System Needs Adjustable Payment Models.
C7529361 2020. Access to Coronavirus Disease 2019 Literature.
33358715 ?. COVID-19 disease and nutritional choices: How will the pandemic reconfigure our food psychology and habits? A case study of the Italian population.
C7543446 ?. Financial food and housing insecurity due to COVID-19 among at risk people living with HIV in a non-urban Ryan White HIV/AIDS program clinic.
C7537183 ?. Covid?19: the unimpressive West.

32998729 2020. Towards defining core principles of public health emergency preparedness: scoping review and Delphi consultation among European Union country experts.
33037350 2020. Redeployed as a district nurse.
33041746 2020. German energy transition (Energiewende) and what politicians can learn for environmental and climate policy.
33106305 2020. Managing the modern infodemic.
33026546 2020. Reliance on emotion promotes belief in fake news.
33048046 2020. The challenges of vaccine strain selection.
32862792 2020. A newly found handbook for developing vaccines during World War II in China: the legacy of global responses to crises.
33020728 2020. Comparing coal phase-out pathways: The United Kingdom's and Germany's diverging transitions.
33035556 2020. Editorial perspective: Viruses in wastewater: Wading into the knowns and unknowns.
33082623 2020. Twenty Key Challenges in Environmental and Resource Economics.
33085009 2020. Air pollutants, economic growth and public health: implications for sustainable development in OECD countries.
33004981 2020. Nutritionally sensitive agriculture-an approach to reducing hidden hunger.
33100600 2020. COVID-19 and Global Poverty: Are LDCs Being Left Behind?
33041529 2021. SemSeq4FD: Integrating global semantic relationship and local sequential order to enhance text representation for fake news detection.
33089075 2020. Abusing science.
33102503 2020. Effectiveness of Surgical Face Masks in Reducing Acute Respiratory Infections in Non-Healthcare Settings: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
33072789 2020. Preprints in Medicine: Useful or Harmful?
33072771 2020. Regulatory Science to 2025: An Analysis of Stakeholder Responses to the European Medicines Agency's Strategy.
33014965 2020. Health Education Intervention as an Effective Means for Prevention of Respiratory Infections Among Hajj Pilgrims: A Review.
33041408 2021. Susceptible user search for defending opinion manipulation.
33083214 2020. Recent food safety and fraud issues within the dairy supply chain (2015-2019).
32872330 2020. Sentiment Analysis Methods for HPV VaccinesRelated Tweets Based on Transfer Learning.
33041361 2020. The leaky pipeline in research grant peer review and funding decisions: challenges and future directions.
33059745 2020. The social, economic, political, and genetic value of race and ethnicity in 2020.
33071302 2020. Free Circulation of Information and Online Intermediaries - Replacing One "Value Gap" with Another.
33052180 2020. Lives, Livelihoods and the Economy: India in Pandemic Times.
33071490 2020. Income Support Through Cash Transfers and Employment Guarantee Schemes During the Pandemic Times in India.
33088120 2020. Considerations for palliative intervention procedures in the COVID pandemic.
33088097 2020. CARE: A Holistic Approach Toward Patients During Pandemic: Through the Eyes of a Palliative Physician.
33308659 2020. Lessons to be learnt from 100 year old 1918 influenza pandemic viz a viz 2019 corona pandemic with an eye on NTEP.
33042774 2020. Child-Computer Interaction in times of a pandemic.
33049592 2020. The regulation project: Tools for engaging the public in the legal regulation of drugs.
33007885 2020. A Quantitative Study on Crucial Food Supplies after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Based on Time Series Analysis.
32998210 2020. Tuberculosis and Other Airborne Microbes in Occupational Health and Safety.
32962023 2020. Recent Advances in Occupational Exposure Assessment of Aerosols.
33097046 2020. Realigning global health governance: WHO at a crossroads.
33071454 2020. Celebrity Politicians as Health-Promoting Role Models in the Media: the Cases of Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Benjamin Netanyahu.
33071453 2020. Moroccan City Festivals, Cultural Diplomacy and Urban Political Agency.
32438930 2020. The threads of history: why record your pandemic experiences for the RCPI archive?
33096088 2020. Regulatory Frameworks for Development and Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence-Based Diagnostic Imaging Algorithms: Summary and Recommendations.
33041395 2021. When a luxury brand bursts: Modelling the social media viral effects of negative stereotypes adoption leading to brand hate.
32889986 2020. Preparedness for the next emerging infectious disease outbreak by implementing strategic human resource management.
33100811 2020. The Role and Logic of Nontraditional Security in China's Engagement in Global Governance Mechanisms under Xi Jinping's Regime.
33043246 2020. Weight-of-Evidence Strategies to Mitigate the Influence of Messages of Science Denialism in Public Discussions.
33062746 2020. Harnessing the potential of uploading health educational materials on medical institutions' social media for controlling emerging and re-emerging disease outbreaks.
33028933 2020. Exposure science in an infectious disease pandemic: who do we want to be?
33331628 2021. Letter to the Editor: Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on COVID-19 Negative Geriatric Patients with Hip Fractures.
33006079 2020. Zebra Hunting: How Caring Is Lost When We Chase Diseases.
32789476 2020. Robotic Pet Use Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults.
33110550 2020. Global health: Global health diplomacy.
33110548 2020. Modeling the future of cancer registration and research: The Martinique Cancer Data Hub Platform.
33110519 2020. Natural outbreaks and bioterrorism: How to deal with the two sides of the same coin?
33041675 2020. Safety Among Newly Resettled Refugees in the USA.
33071464 2020. Modeling information diffusion in online social networks using a modified forest-fire model.
33083890 2020. Come What May, Digital Health Technologies Will Never Be Able to Predict the Emergence of Unknown Viruses and Microorganisms with any Degree of Certainty.
33106890 2020. The neurological sequelae of pandemics and epidemics.
32732383 2020. Guillain-Barre syndrome in times of pandemics.
32958721 2020. Standing on the shoulders of giants: 100 years of neurology and epidemic infections.
33052151 2020. How can Bill and Melinda Gates increase other people's donations to fund public goods?
32930031 2020. A price tag on clinical empathy? Factors influencing its cost-effectiveness.
33110289 2020. Was it rural populism? Returning to the country, "catching up," and trying to understand the trump vote.
33015418 2020. Why Do Medical Journals Exist in the 21st Century?: Some Thoughts on the Next 5 Years of JACC: Basic to Translational Science.
33038945 2020. Dangerous use of crowd-control weapons against medics and protesters in Portland, OR.
33035495 2020. The opioid crisis and the 2020 US election: crossroads for a national epidemic.
33091359 2020. Ending support for medical organisations puts the world at risk.
33091358 2020. In the 2020 US election, we can choose a just future.
33010829 2020. Reckoning with histories of medical racism and violence in the USA.
33010827 2020. US election 2020: public health.
33010826 2020. Offline: Science and the breakdown of trust.
33038972 2020. From race-based to race-conscious medicine: how anti-racist uprisings call us to act.
33091361 2020. Psychoanalysis in combatting mass non-adherence to medical advice.
33103094 2020. Contact tracing: digital health on the frontline.
33010238 2020. Public Health England's political end.
33069305 2020. The USA and its discontents.
33111064 2020. Voting to end the American healthcare nightmare.
33071598 2020. Nanowire mask offers big advantages for PPE.
33071597 2020. Copper against Covid.
33012361 2020. The Pandemic of Publications: Are We Sacrificing Quality for Quantity?
33025351 2020. The epidemiology of moral bioenhancement.
33078042 2020. Reviews in the time of COVID.
33085005 2020. Public perceptions on Controlled Human Infection Model (CHIM) studies-a qualitative pilot study from South India.
32242365 2020. Creating a Framework for Conducting Randomized Clinical Trials during Disease Outbreaks.
33110209 2020. Preparing for the vaccine.
32999286 2020. Developing infectious disease surveillance systems.
32999285 2020. Three questions to ask before using model outputs for decision support.
33024115 2020. Authentic self-expression on social media is associated with greater subjective well-being.
33020479 2020. Crop switching reduces agricultural losses from climate change in the United States by half under RCP 8.5.
33096760 2020. Eating Competence Associated with Food Consumption and Health Outcomes among Brazilian Adult Population.
33134422 2020. Tuskegee as a History Lesson, Tuskegee as Metaphor: Addressing Discrimination as a Social Determinant of Health in the Classroom.
33072804 2020. Human Immunodeficiency Virus in the State of Texas of the United States: Past Reflections, Present Shortcomings, and Future Needs of the Public Health Response.
33191136 2020. Don't leave me alone! Ethics of quarantine and isolation in young children.
33050939 2020. My fear, my morals: a surgeon's perspective of the COVID crisis.
33079928 2020. Impacts of the 1918 flu on survivors' nutritional status: A double quasi-natural experiment.
33048964 2020. Facemask against viral respiratory infections among Hajj pilgrims: A challenging cluster-randomized trial.
33035215 2020. The body in isolation: The physical health impacts of incarceration in solitary confinement.
33027262 2020. Why do people spread false information online? The effects of message and viewer characteristics on self-reported likelihood of sharing social media disinformation.
33317819 2021. Early mandated social distancing is a strong predictor of reduction in peak daily new COVID-19 cases.
33126119 2020. Who is lonely in lockdown? This cross-cohort analysis suggests students may be at risk.
33047038 2020. Personality affects dynamics of an experimental pathogen in little brown bats.
32633114 2020. The Spanish flu and the fiction literature.
33052217 2020. Evaluation des politiques sanitaires publiques face aux grandes pandemies.
33052215 2020. Coronavirus : la pandemie se nourrit aussi des inegalites economiques et sociales.
33052214 2020. Y a-t-il une erreur qu'ils n'ont pas commise? Covid-19 : l'union sacree de l'arrogance et de l'incompetence.
33052210 2020. Dix minutes seulement pour identifier l'exposition au Sars-CoV-2.
33052203 2020. Vous reprendrez bien un peu de chloroquine ?
33052171 2021. The association between union membership and perceptions of safety climate among US adult workers.
33024352 2021. Creating conditions for critical trust - How an uncertainty-based risk perspective relates to dimensions and types of trust.
33048327 2020. Should We Aim to Create a Perfect Healthy Utopia? Discussions of Ethical Issues Surrounding the World of Project Itoh's Harmony.
33122721 2020. Spatial super-spreaders and super-susceptibles in human movement networks.
33144743 2020. Do journals and corporate sponsors back certain views in topics where disagreement prevails?
33059971 2020. Elements of Regulatory Dissonance: Examining FDA and EMA Product Labeling of New Vaccines (2006-2018).
33164802 2020. The sources and correlates of exposure to vaccine-related (mis)information online.

C7575139 ?. Reactions to the Pandemic in Latin America and Brazil: Are Religions Essential Services?
C7574839 2020. Double pandemic: racial discrimination amid coronavirus disease 2019.
C7574790 2021. Asymmetric nexus between COVID-19 outbreak in the world and cryptocurrency market.
C7574694 2020. COVID-19 and health care inaccessibility in sub-Saharan Africa.
C7573641 2021. Can the Chinese volatility index reflect investor sentiment?
C7572111 2020. Evaluate the impact of COVID-19 prevention policies on supply chain aspects under uncertainty.
C7572064 2020. Exploring the intention of out-of-home activities participation during new normal conditions in Indonesian cities.
C7572051 2020. Commentary on COVID-19 and African Americans. The numbers are just a tip of a bigger iceberg.
C7549727 2020. Anwohner müssen Corona-Ambulanz dulden.
C7572132 2020. Recovering vaccine coverage lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic?.
C7565227 ?. Beyond COVID-19: Applying ?SDG logics? for resilient transformations.
C7564759 2020. The fourth industrial revolution and the coronavirus: a new era catalyzed by a virus?.
C7564119 2020. Effectiveness of community forest user groups (CFUGs) in responding to the 2015 earthquakes and COVID-19 in Nepal.
C7563898 ?. Digitale Büroarbeit ? Mit Cloud-Lösungen durch die Corona-Krise.
C7563097 2020. Syndromic surveillance of COVID-19 using crowdsourced data.
C7562692 ?. The epistemic uncertainty of COVID-19: failures and successes of heuristics in clinical decision-making.
C7561342 2020. Solar to steer brisk EU transition from ?grey? to ?green? hydrogen economy as renewables gain preference during COVID-19 pandemic.
C7561335 2020. Transport-related experiences in China in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
C7561307 2020. Australia to see fastest energy transition in the world due to sizeable renewable project pipeline and 94% renewables generation target by 2040.
C7561280 ?. The Impact of the Pandemic on the Conception of Poverty Discourse and Praxis of Christian Religious Communities in Brazil from the Perspective of Their Local Leaders.
C7557308 ?. Nation branding in the COVID-19 era: South Korea?s pandemic public diplomacy.
C7561234 2020. Digital Nomadism: the nexus of remote working and travel mobility.
C7557241 ?. Eine Bestandsaufnahme zur Klimakrise inmitten der COVID-19-Pandemie.
C7556891 2020. Home sweet home: Warum das Arbeiten von zu Hause viele Vorteile schafft.
C7544763 2020. "Eklatante Einmischung in die Souveränität der Praxen": KBV warnt vor politischen Plänen im Zuge der Pandemie.
C7556566 ?. COVID-19 infections and fatalities developments: empirical evidence for OECD countries and newly industrialized economies.
C7556557 2020. Logistics integration in the supply chain: a resource dependence theory perspective.
C7556225 2020. Considerations on water quality and the use of chlorine in times of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic in the community.
C7553883 2021. Big data analytics meets social media: A systematic review of techniques open issues and future directions.
C7556800 2020. Aesseal complies with international supply chain security standard.
C7549335 ?. Das Verfahren geht weit über ?die App? hinaus ? Datenschutzfragen von Corona-Tracing-Apps: Einführung in Datenschutz-Folgenabschätzungen als Mittel gesellschaftliche Implikationen zu diskutieren.
C7548406 ?. Reshaping the policy debate on the implications of COVID-19 for global supply chains.
C7548130 2020. Pandemie-Resilienz durch Open Government?
C7550079 2020. The COVID-19 outbreak and high frequency information transmission between major cryptocurrencies: Evidence from the VAR-DCC-GARCH approach.
C7548530 ?. Cybersecurity and remote working: Croatia?s (non-)response to increased cyber threats.
C7547572 ?. Hedging oil price risk with gold during COVID-19 pandemic.
C7543613 2020. COVID-19 Asylum in the EU and the Great Expectations of Solidarity.
C7543428 2020. A Watching Brief on the Impacts of COVID-19 on the World?s Displaced People.
C7543544 2020. By Refugees for Refugees: Refugee Leadership during COVID-19 and beyond.
C7529152 ?. Developing Countries Markets and the Coronavirus Two Challenges.
C7562784 ?. Resilient Aspirants: Women s Candidacies and Election in Times of COVID-19.
C7562782 ?. Women Leaders and Pandemic Performance: A Spurious Correlation.
C7588715 ?. Gender Differences in COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory Beliefs.
C7579098 ?. Efficacy of a student-led community contact tracing program partnered with an academic medical center during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.
C7540245 2020. COVID-19 Racial Discrimination and Psychological Distress.
C7538095 2020. Enforcement of Stay-at-home Orders Associated with Improved COVID-19 Population Outcomes.
C7530622 2020. Early Government Interventions are Correlated to Lower Peak COVID-19 Outcomes.
C7533478 ?. Social stigmatisation among COVID-19 patients: addressing a potential source of COVID-19 transmission to healthcare staff in cardiac emergency and cardiac care units.
C7582338 2020. Management and early outcomes of children with appendicitis in the UK and Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic: a survey of surgeons and observational study.
C7561516 2020. Optimizing global food supply chains: The case for blockchain and GSI standards.
C7538065 2021. Impact of COVID-19 on Resettled Refugees.
33386140 2021. Routine testing of close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases ? National COVID-19 Contact Management Programme Ireland May to August 2020.
33468323 ?. Behavioural change theories: a necessity for managing COVID-19.
C7547632 ?. Putting the voices and insights of migrants and diverse ethnic groups at the centre of our response to COVID-19.
C7543589 ?. COVID-19 Capitalism: The Profit Motive versus Public Health.
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