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hottest actual papers was constructed in may 2020 at less than 10.000 published papers by pubmed accessibility. it was possible to keep up with human-bassed assortment of papers into subject topics. 2021 is at 62k papers at june 9th and 2020...

I will show here the most remarkable appearing papers as I got noticed at initally screening the pubmed readouts.

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so this is the next "convolute" of the pretagged papers.

34707418 2021. Construct a Knowledge Graph for China Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patient Information Tracking.

34658741 2021. Glutathione deficiency in COVID19 illness-does supplementation help?
34608369 2021. Perspective on the status and behaviour of SARS-CoV-2 in soil.
34588541 2021. Retinal vessels modifications in acute and post-COVID-19.

34620968 2021. sFlt-1 and CA 15.3 are indicators of endothelial damage and pulmonary fibrosis in SARS-CoV-2 infection.
34615949 2021. Transcriptomic analysis revealed increased expression of genes involved in keratinization in the tears of COVID-19 patients.

34608227 2021. Increased serum catalytic iron may mediate tissue injury and death in patients with COVID-19.

34716394 2021. Dysbiosis and structural disruption of the respiratory microbiota in COVID-19 patients with severe and fatal outcomes.

34675242 2021. Meta-analysis of COVID-19 single-cell studies confirms eight key immune responses.

34671043 2021. Importance of untested infectious individuals for interventions to suppress COVID-19.
34663881 2021. Visible blue light inhibits infection and replication of SARS-CoV-2 at doses that are well-tolerated by human respiratory tissue.

34650119 2021. Effects of government policies on the spread of COVID-19 worldwide.

34687707 2021. Different characteristics of microbial diversity and special functional microbes in rainwater and topsoil before and after 2019 new coronavirus epidemic in Inner Mongolia Grassland.
34702797 2021. Attenuating innate immunity and facilitating beta-coronavirus infection by NSP1 of SARS-CoV-2 through specific redistributing hnRNP A2/B1 cellular localization.

34693315 2021. Cultural values predict national COVID-19 death rates.
34619632 2021. The misunderstanding of vaccine efficacy.

34631396 2022. Comparison of COVID-19 infection risks through aerosol transmission in supermarkets and small shops.
34635222 2022. Chemometric analysis of the global pattern of volatile organic compounds in the exhaled breath of patients with COVID-19, post-COVID and healthy subjects. Proof of concept for post-COVID assessment.

34659752 2021. SARS-CoV-2 RNA in the Cerebrospinal Fluid of a Patient with Long COVID.

34711519 2021. Acute pancreatitis due to severe hypertriglyceridemia in the COVID-19 era: The role of therapeutic plasma exchange.

34593305 2021. GDF15: an emerging modulator of immunity and a strategy in COVID-19 in association with iron metabolism.

34629205 2021. Christian nationalism and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and uptake.

34654579 2021. A self-administered virtual reality intervention increases COVID-19 vaccination intention.

34711439 2021. Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy, conspiracist beliefs, paranoid ideation and perceived ethnic discrimination in a sample of University students in Venezuela.
34696164 2021. SnoRNAs and miRNAs Networks Underlying COVID-19 Disease Severity.


34678180 2021. Intense SARS-CoV-2 transmission among affluent Manaus residents preceded the second wave of the epidemic in Brazil.
34653374 2021. Longitudinal respiratory subphenotypes in patients with COVID-19-related acute respiratory distress syndrome: results from three observational cohorts.
34609882 2021. Atomic Force Microscopy and Infrared Nanospectroscopy of COVID-19 Spike Protein for the Quantification of Adhesion to Common Surfaces.
34685472 2021. On Analyzing Capnogram as a Novel Method for Screening COVID-19: A Review on Assessment Methods for COVID-19.

34695187 2021. Synchronization in epidemic growth and the impossibility of selective containment.

34666900 2021. Commercialized kits to assess T-cell responses against SARS-CoV-2 S peptides. A pilot study in health care workers.

34662884 2021. The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Health Crisis Managed or a Panic Response with Disastrous Future Consequences?
34635632 2021. Silent Hypoxemia in Patients with COVID-19 Pneumonia: A Review.
34622862 2021. Low-field thoracic magnetic stimulation increases peripheral oxygen saturation levels in coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients: A single-blind, sham-controlled, crossover study.
34612698 2021. Upregulation of Human Endogenous Retroviruses in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid of COVID-19 Patients.

34612687 2021. PABPC4 Broadly Inhibits Coronavirus Replication by Degrading Nucleocapsid Protein through Selective Autophagy.

34632512 2021. COVID-19: On the Disparity in Outcomes Between Military and Civilian Populations.

34652669 2021. COVID-19: Wie impft man richtig?

34664389 2021. COVID19 Disease Map, a computational knowledge repository of virus-host interaction mechanisms.

34664895 2021. Which impact for proton pump inhibitors in SARS-COV-2 pneumonia.
34611155 2021. Increased lethality in influenza and SARS-CoV-2 coinfection is prevented by influenza immunity but not SARS-CoV-2 immunity.
34716338 2021. Clinical practices underlie COVID-19 patient respiratory microbiome composition and its interactions with the host.
34667166 2021. Highly efficient intercellular spreading of protein misfolding mediated by viral ligand-receptor interactions.

34675436 2021. The SARS-CoV-2 main protease M(pro) causes microvascular brain pathology by cleaving NEMO in brain endothelial cells.

34671122 2021. The type I interferonopathies: 10 years on.
34646033 2021. Lessons in self-defence: inhibition of virus entry by intrinsic immunity.

34611319 2021. Cross-reactive tissue-resident CD8(+) T cells may provide first line of defence against SARS-CoV-2.
34676089 2021. On the founder effect in COVID-19 outbreaks: how many infected travelers may have started them all?

34676088 2021. Efficient network immunization under limited knowledge.

34676100 2021. The oscillation-outbreaks characteristic of the COVID-19 pandemic.

34590186 2021. miRNA-223 as a regulator of inflammation and NLRP3 inflammasome, the main fragments in the puzzle of immunopathogenesis of different inflammatory diseases and COVID-19.

34634820 2021. SCovid: single-cell atlases for exposing molecular characteristics of COVID-19 across 10 human tissues.
34634797 2021. The Ensembl COVID-19 resource: ongoing integration of public SARS-CoV-2 data.
34684306 2021. Course and Survival of COVID-19 Patients with Comorbidities in Relation to the Trace Element Status at Hospital Admission.

34656407 2022. Nutraceuticals and dietary supplements should not be used as pharmaceuticals to treat COVID-19.

34632042 2021. A multiplicity of environmental, economic and social factor analyses to understand COVID-19 diffusion.

34604494 2021. Genomic investigation of a household SARS-CoV-2 disease cluster in Arizona involving a cat, dog, and pet owner.

34628071 2021. Intranasal photobiomodulation therapy for COVID-19-related olfactory dysfunction: A Brazilian multicenter case series.

34714886 2021. Nanopore sequencing of SARS-CoV-2: Comparison of short and long PCR-tiling amplicon protocols.
34673813 2021. High association of COVID-19 severity with poor gut health score in Lebanese patients.

34673800 2021. Klotho deficiency intensifies hypoxia-induced expression of IFN-alpha/beta through upregulation of RIG-I in kidneys.
34669724 2021. Politicization of COVID-19 health-protective behaviors in the United States: Longitudinal and cross-national evidence.

34591918 2021. An evaluation of a FluoroSpot assay as a diagnostic tool to determine SARS-CoV-2 specific T cell responses.
34614036 2021. Impaired function and delayed regeneration of dendritic cells in COVID-19.
34597346 2021. The proximal proteome of 17 SARS-CoV-2 proteins links to disrupted antiviral signaling and host translation.
34658321 2021. The Roth score as a triage tool for detecting hypoxaemia in general practice: a diagnostic validation study in patients with possible COVID-19.

34663728 2021. COVID-19 lockdowns drive decline in active fires in southeastern United States.

34620716 2021. Cryo-EM structure determination of small proteins by nanobody-binding scaffolds (Legobodies).
34716263 2021. SARS-CoV-2 evolution in animals suggests mechanisms for rapid variant selection.
34630750 2021. Cellular Automata in Covid-19 prediction.
34630741 2021. OntoRepliCov: an Ontology-Based Approach for Modeling the SARS-CoV-2 Replication Process.
34703335 2021. Peer Phubbing and Chinese College Students' Smartphone Addiction During COVID-19 Pandemic: The Mediating Role of Boredom Proneness and the Moderating Role of Refusal Self-Efficacy.

34628307 2021. An analysis of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and fear mongering on Twitter.
34593362 2021. The misunderstood link between SARS-CoV-2 and angiogenesis. A narrative review.
34690452 2022. Proposal on the use of Xenon-133 against COVID-19.

34627721 2021. The role of NADPH oxidases in infectious and inflammatory diseases.
34658486 2021. Does bitcoin provide hedge to Islamic stock markets for pre- and during COVID-19 outbreak? A comparative analysis with gold.

34656520 2021. Empirical antibiotic usage and bacterial superinfections in patients with COVID-19 in Japan: A nationwide survey by the Japanese Respiratory Society.

34673456 2021. Two-photon microscopy analysis reveals different pulmonary damage after infection by influenza or SARS-CoV-2.

34642620 2021. Development of a spectroscopic technique that enables the saliva based detection of COVID-19 at safe distances.

34655035 2021. The year public health lost its soul: a critical view of the COVID-19 response.
34671964 2021. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide fluorescence to assess microvascular disturbances in post-COVID-19 patients.
34609482 2021. Remdesivir induces persistent mitochondrial and structural damage in human induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes.
34643857 2021. Potential Cardiotoxic Effects of Remdesivir on Cardiovascular System: A Literature Review.
34642555 2021. Utility of P-SEP, sTREM-1 and suPAR as Novel Sepsis Biomarkers in SARS-CoV-2 Infection.
34611417 2021. Impact of High Serum Levels of MMP-7, MMP-9, TGF-beta and PDGF Macrophage Activation Markers on Severity of COVID-19 in Obese-Diabetic Patients.

34625912 2021. All-cause mortality and disease progression in SARS-CoV-2-infected patients with or without antibiotic therapy: an analysis of the LEOSS cohort.
34671922 2021. Gut and airway microbiota and their role in COVID-19 infection and pathogenesis: a scoping review.
34669163 2021. Cardiac iron overload promotes cardiac injury in patients with severe COVID-19.

34709541 2021. The effect of glutamine supplementation on serum levels of some inflammatory factors, oxidative stress, and appetite in COVID-19 patients: a case-control study.
34660882 2021. In-silico study on perovskites application in capturing and distorting coronavirus.

34674033 2021. Abusive leadership, psychological well-being, and intention to quit during the COVID-19 pandemic: a moderated mediation analysis among Quebec's healthcare system workers.
34673299 2021. Anti-VEGF agents: As appealing targets in the setting of COVID-19 treatment in critically ill patients.

34649114 2021. The SARS CoV-2 spike directed non-neutralizing polyclonal antibodies cross-react with Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) gp41.

34695565 2021. Evaluation of early antibiotic use in patients with non-severe COVID-19 without bacterial infection.

34673106 2021. Review: Roles of human serum albumin in prediction, diagnoses and treatment of COVID-19.
34639557 2021. How Can Flowers and Their Colors Promote Individuals' Physiological and Psychological States during the COVID-19 Lockdown?
34639553 2021. Template for Rapid Iterative Consensus of Experts (TRICE).
34639486 2021. Simple Disposable Odor Identification Tests for Predicting SARS-CoV-2 Positivity.
34639361 2021. Why Do Citizens Share COVID-19 Fact-Checks Posted by Chinese Government Social Media Accounts? The Elaboration Likelihood Model.

34639796 2021. Open Data Resources on COVID-19 in Six European Countries: Issues and Opportunities.

34639695 2021. Workplace Cognitive Failure among Nurses during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

34682719 2021. Half-Year Longitudinal Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2-Antibodies and Rule Compliance in German Hospital Employees.
34632844 2021. A review: Antibody-dependent enhancement in COVID-19: The not so friendly side of antibodies.

34666164 2021. Transient increase in plasma HIV RNA after COVID-19 vaccination with mRNA-1272.

34614444 2021. Persistent IgG anticardiolipin autoantibodies are associated with post-COVID syndrome.
34591186 2021. Postmortem investigation of fatalities following vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines.

34639073 2021. Molecular Mechanism of the Anti-Inflammatory Action of Heparin.
34681624 2021. Receptor-Loaded Virion Endangers GPCR Signaling: Mechanistic Exploration of SARS-CoV-2 Infections and Pharmacological Implications.
34707042 2021. Community-acquired Respiratory Virus Cases Mimic COVID-19 on Lung Computed Tomography.
34608452 2021. Limited TCR repertoire and ENTPD1 dysregulation mark late-stage COVID-19.
34608451 2021. A rapid test recognizing mucosal SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies distinguishes prodromal from convalescent COVID-19.

34604720 2021. The nasal symbiont Staphylococcus species restricts the transcription of SARS-CoV-2 entry factors in human nasal epithelium.

34693218 2021. Effective chimeric antigen receptor T cells against SARS-CoV-2.
34672441 2021. COVID-19: adrenal response and molecular mimicry.

34687877 2021. Retinal and peripapillary vessel density increase in recovered COVID-19 children by optical coherence tomography angiography.

34636913 2021. Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 After COVID-19 Screening and Mitigation Measures for Primary School Children Attending School in Liege, Belgium.
34596572 2021. A Digital Human for Delivering a Remote Loneliness and Stress Intervention to At-Risk Younger and Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Randomized Pilot Trial.

34591027 2021. Uncovering Clinical Risk Factors and Predicting Severe COVID-19 Cases Using UK Biobank Data: Machine Learning Approach.

34623955 2021. Central COVID-19 Coordination Centers in Germany: Description, Economic Evaluation, and Systematic Review.
34710054 2021. The Spread of COVID-19 Crisis Communication by German Public Authorities and Experts on Twitter: Quantitative Content Analysis.
34688363 2021. COVID-19 and the rebiologisation of racial difference.
34715018 2021. APOL1 risk variants in individuals of African genetic ancestry drive endothelial cell defects that exacerbate sepsis.


34593004 2021. Transmission event of SARS-CoV-2 delta variant reveals multiple vaccine breakthrough infections.
34645453 2021. Covid-19 crisis impact on the next generation of physicians: a survey of 800 medical students.

34715923 2021. Dysregulation of RNA interference components in COVID-19 patients.

34679481 2021. Usefulness of Lung Ultrasound in Paediatric Respiratory Diseases.

34602706 2021. COVID-19 in Romania-the militarization of social life and the banality of death.
34627082 2021. Immunogenic T cell epitopes of SARS-CoV-2 are recognized by circulating memory and naive CD8 T cells of unexposed individuals.
34689086 2021. Emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants expand species tropism to murines.

34609107 2022. Invasive Haemophilus influenza Type b in an Infant During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Return of Diseases We Hoped Never to See Again....

34653312 2021. Cellular senescence as a source of SARS-CoV-2 quasispecies.

34592048 2021. From cells to atoms: Cryo-EM as an essential tool to investigate pathogen biology, host-pathogen interaction, and drug discovery.
34716441 2021. Common antidepressant slashes risk of COVID death, study says.
34716433 2021. The search for people who never get COVID.

34695836 2021. Untimely TGFbeta responses in COVID-19 limit antiviral functions of NK cells.

34587867 2021. An atypical case of corticobasal syndrome with psychotic depression and delusional jealousy.
34713989 2021. Fibrin airway cast obstruction: Experience, classification, and treatment guideline from Denver.

34566244 2021. Weakening personal protective behavior by Chinese university students after COVID-19 vaccination.

34673016 2021. Pathogenic mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolic abnormalities.
34677872 2021. COVID-19 coagulopathies: Human blood proteins mimic SARS-CoV-2 virus, vaccine proteins and bacterial co-infections inducing autoimmunity: Combinations of bacteria and SARS-CoV-2 synergize to induce autoantibodies targeting cardiolipin, cardiolipin-binding proteins, platelet factor 4, prothrombin, and coagulation factors.

34613368 2021. COVID-19 knowledge graph from semantic integration of biomedical literature and databases.

34602545 2021. Rap1 Small GTPase Regulates Vascular Endothelial-Cadherin-Mediated Endothelial Cell-Cell Junctions and Vascular Permeability.
34681142 2021. The Curious Case of Earthworms and COVID-19.

34678727 2021. Role of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in viral respiratory infections; Hints for discovering therapeutic targets for COVID-19.

34649298 2021. T-cell immune response after mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccines is frequently detected also in the absence of seroconversion in patients with lymphoid malignancies.
34622507 2021. Child sexual abuse and Covid-19: Side effects of changed societies and positive lessons for prevention.

34616900 2020. COVID-19 policies in Germany and their social, political, and psychological consequences.

34670808 2021. COVID-19 pneumonia: pathophysiology and management.
34666149 2021. FDA approved L-type channel blocker Nifedipine reduces cell death in hypoxic A549 cells through modulation of mitochondrial calcium and superoxide generation.
34630433 2021. Diversity of Macrophages in Lung Homeostasis and Diseases.
34692735 2021. Removal of COVID-19 Spike Protein, Whole Virus, Exosomes, and Exosomal MicroRNAs by the Hemopurifier(R) Lectin-Affinity Cartridge in Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19 Infection.

34631741 2021. Case Report: Successful Treatment of Five Critically Ill Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients Using Combination Therapy With Etoposide and Corticosteroids.
34707577 2021. Microbiome Profiling Using Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing Identified Unique Microorganisms in COVID-19 Patients With Altered Gut Microbiota.

34690800 2021. Sterols, Oxysterols, and Accessible Cholesterol: Signalling for Homeostasis, in Immunity and During Development.

34690793 2021. The Impact of COVID-19 Infection on Oxygen Homeostasis: A Molecular Perspective.

34712182 2021. Conspiratorial Beliefs and Cognitive Styles: An Integrated Look on Analytic Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Scientific Reasoning in Relation to (Dis)trust in Conspiracy Theories.
34708017 2021. Voice-Activated Virtual Home Assistant Use and Social Isolation and Loneliness Among Older Adults: Mini Review.
34631635 2021. Social Quarantine and Its Four Modes: Conceptional Exploration and the Theoretical Construction of the Polices Against COVID-19.

34621717 2021. COVID-19 Outbreaks in Settings With Precarious Housing Conditions in Germany: Challenges and Lessons Learned.

34589461 2021. Side-Effects of Public Health Policies Against Covid-19: The Story of an Over-Reaction.
34650618 2021. Computed tomography-positive, SARS-CoV-2 RNA-negative symptomatic contacts of COVID-19 patients: what are their nature and implications?
34680972 2021. COVID-19 Infection Alters the Microbiome: Elite Athletes and Sedentary Patients Have Similar Bacterial Flora.
34712838 2021. Biofoundries are a nucleating hub for industrial translation.
34699458 2022. Severe COVID-19 Pneumonia of Single Transplant Lung Sparing Native Fibrotic Lung.

34696621 2021. Postdefecation Cleansing in the Asian Population and the Spread of COVID-19.

34706875 2021. Crimes against humanity in Brazil's covid-19 response-a lesson to us all.
34686491 2021. Covid-19: Protect healthcare workers with vaccines, urges WHO after 115 000 die worldwide.

34666980 2021. Covid-19: Silencing health workers, researchers, and journalists caused unnecessary deaths, says Amnesty.

34654696 2021. Covid-19: Scientists report "unacceptable" abuse and threats after speaking out during pandemic.

34598924 2021. Covid-19: Spreading vaccine "misinformation" puts licence at risk, US boards tell physicians.

34622475 2021. Association of proton-pump inhibitor use with adverse health outcomes: A systematic umbrella review of meta-analyses of cohort studies and randomised controlled trials.
34615386 2021. Metaphoric Perceptions of Covid-19 Patients Related to the Disease.

34623425 2021. How dendritic cells sense and respond to viral infections.

34605775 2021. Influence of Geopolitics on Severity and Outcome in Coronavirus Disease 2019.
34643578 2021. Executive Summary: Surviving Sepsis Campaign: International Guidelines for the Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock 2021.
34605781 2021. Surviving Sepsis Campaign: International Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock 2021.


34676888 2022. Clozapine treatment and risk of severe COVID-19 infection.

34716683 2021. Neutralizing Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 Selected from a Human Antibody Library Constructed Decades Ago.

34687279 2021. Rapid Detection and Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2-Spike Mutation-Mediated Microthrombosis.
34637150 2021. Persistence of infectious SARS-CoV-2 particles for up to 37 days in patients with mild COVID-19.
34622480 2021. Plasma P-selectin is an early marker of thromboembolism in COVID-19.
34715676 2021. Antibiotic Overuse for COVID-19: Are We Adding Insult to Injury?
34645324 2021. Increase in Motor Vehicle Crash Severity: An Unforeseen Consequence of COVID-19.
34687052 2021. The effect of interleukin-6 level at the time of hospitalisation on erectile functions in hospitalised patients with COVID-19.

34599382 2021. Vincristine therapy for severe and refractory immune thrombocytopenia following COVID-19 vaccination.

34670388 2021. Low mortality from COVID-19 at a nursing facility in France following a combined preventive and active treatment protocol.
34644637 2021. A Case of Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens in a Patient With COVID-19, Effectively Ttreated With Fasciotomy and Mechanical Thrombectomy.
34614518 2021. Health Intelligence Atlas: A Core Tool for Public Health Intelligence.
34602087 2021. Changes in retinal multilayer thickness and vascular network of patients with Alzheimer's disease.
34602687 2021. Smart carnivores think twice: Red fox delays scavenging on conspecific carcasses to reduce parasite risk.
34709851 2021. Excess Deaths During the COVID-19 Economic Downturn.
34643226 2021. Hantavirus Disease and COVID-19.

34673701 2021. More Nursing Home Staff Linked to More COVID-19 Cases.

34709857 2021. COVID-19 Era Recessional Mortality Continues the Impact of Prepandemic Recessions on Mortality.
34709850 2021. Unemployment, Bankruptcies, and Deaths From Multiple Causes in the COVID-19 Recession Compared With the 20002018 Great Recession Impact.
34710339 2021. Tissue Proteomic Analysis Identifies Mechanisms and Stages of Immunopathology in Fatal COVID-19.
34606319 2021. In COVID-19, therapeutic vs. prophylactic anticoagulation did not improve clinical outcomes and increased bleeding.

34715741 2021. Countries With Higher Alcohol Consumption Are More Vulnerable to COVID-19 Infection and Severity.


34460840 2021. Immunometabolic signatures predict risk of progression to sepsis in COVID-19.

34449792 2021. Original antigenic sin responses to Betacoronavirus spike proteins are observed in a mouse model, but are not apparent in children following SARS-CoV-2 infection.

34438441 2021. Influences of Social Distancing and attachment styles on the strength of the Halo Effect.
34432813 2021. Hyper-altruistic behavior vanishes with high stakes.
34428230 2021. Torquetenovirus in saliva: A potential biomarker for SARS-CoV-2 infection?
34415941 2021. Countering the potential re-emergence of a deadly infectious disease-Information warfare, identifying strategic threats, launching countermeasures.

34347828 2021. EUAdb: A resource for COVID-19 test development and comparison.

34347801 2021. Impaired immune response mediated by prostaglandin E2 promotes severe COVID-19 disease.
34437657 2021. SARS-CoV-2 suppresses IFNbeta production mediated by NSP1, 5, 6, 15, ORF6 and ORF7b but does not suppress the effects of added interferon.
34424945 2021. Acute SARS-CoV-2 infections harbor limited within-host diversity and transmit via tight transmission bottlenecks.
34408076 2021. Optimized delay of the second COVID-19 vaccine dose reduces ICU admissions.

34369207 2021. The Psychological Burden of the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Associated With Antisystemic Attitudes and Political Violence.
34334819 2021. The Psychological Consequences of COVID-19 Outbreak Among the German Population.

34365110 2021. Do the determinants of the COVID-19 mortality rate differ between European Union countries with different adult population pyramids?
34396357 2021. A Cluster of Children with Facial Nerve Palsy in High Prevalence Area for COVID-19.
34389507 2021. Evaluation of the prophylactic effect of hydroxychloroquine on people in close-contact with patients with COVID-19.
34437666 2021. Diagnosing Lemierre's Syndrome as the Cause of Multifocal Pneumonia During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
34377220 2021. The radiological presentation of Rasmussen aneurysm secondary to pulmonary tuberculosis and COVID-19: A case report.
34406295 2021. Correlation between venous blood gas indices and radiological involvements of COVID-19 patients at first admission to emergency department.
34338380 2021. Systematic review of host genetic association with Covid-19 prognosis and susceptibility: What have we learned in 2020?

34377470 2021. The possible impact of increased physical intimate partner violence during the COVID-19 pandemic on ocular health.
34389545 2021. Excess of COVID-19 cases and deaths due to fine particulate matter exposure during the 2020 wildfires in the United States.
34348906 2021. Controlling inflammation in the elderly with BCG vaccination.
34348897 2021. Effect of BCG vaccination on proinflammatory responses in elderly individuals.

34431042 2021. Genome-wide CRISPR activation screen identifies candidate receptors for SARS-CoV-2 entry.

34387838 2021. Overview of SARS-CoV-2 genome-encoded proteins.
34373540 2021. More than 50 long-term effects of COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

34362979 2021. Evidence for a thromboembolic pathogenesis of lung cavitations in severely ill COVID-19 patients.
34354202 2021. Real-time SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic and variants tracking over multiple candidates using nanopore DNA sequencing.
34433867 2021. Comparative transcriptomic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 infected cell model systems reveals differential innate immune responses.
34341434 2021. Hidden pandemic: COVID-19-related stress, SLC6A4 methylation, and infants' temperament at 3 months.

34408169 2021. A simple and fast spectroscopy-based technique for Covid-19 diagnosis.
34404832 2021. Inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro by suppressing its receptor, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, via aryl-hydrocarbon receptor signal.

34376762 2021. Comparative transcriptome analyses reveal genes associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection of human lung epithelial cells.
34336361 2021. A Review on Expression, Pathological Roles, and Inhibition of TMPRSS2, the Serine Protease Responsible for SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Activation.
34404759 2021. Dynamic landscape mapping of humoral immunity to SARS-CoV-2 identifies non-structural protein antibodies associated with the survival of critical COVID-19 patients.

34396046 2021. COVID-19: a Disease with a Potpourri of Histopathologic Findings-a Literature Review and Comparison to the Closely Related SARS and MERS.
34456450 2021. Trust in Government Actions During the COVID-19 Crisis.

34457082 2021. Echo chamber detection and analysis: A topology- and content-based approach in the COVID-19 scenario.

34341673 2021. Progressive domain adaptation for detecting hate speech on social media with small training set and its application to COVID-19 concerned posts.
34399291 2021. Pandemic backsliding: Violations of democratic standards during Covid-19.
34364158 2021. Emergence of knowledge communities and information centralization during the COVID-19 pandemic.
34425522 2021. Long Covid - The illness narratives.
34419633 2021. Good night: Experimental evidence that nighttime curfews may fuel disease dynamics by increa-sing contact density.

34345925 2021. COVID-19 Pandemic Origins: Bioweapons and the History of Laboratory Leaks.
34407365 2021. If immu" width="940" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"></iframe> tion is too low, dropping temperatures in fall 2021 may lead to epidemic resurgence - as in 1918, 1957 and 2020.
34377888 2021. Nebulized Heparin for Post-COVID-19-Related Hypoxia.

34458584 2021. Idiotype/anti-idiotype antibodies: as a glorious savior in COVID-19 pandemics.

34445855 2021. From asymptomatic to critical illness: decoding various clinical stages of COVID-19
34346048 2021. 21-Fold Higher COVID-19 Mortality Rate in Patients with Severe Renal Dysfunction on Admission.
34358150 2021. Detailed Dissection and Critical Evaluation of the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA Vaccines.


34613689 2021. Reductionism Ad Absurdum: The Misadventures of Structural Biology in the Time of Coronavirus.
34669371 2021. Low-Cost Optodiagnostic for Minute-Time Scale Detection of SARS-CoV-2.
34651104 2021. Inhibition of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Replication by Hypertonic Saline Solution in Lung and Kidney Epithelial Cells.
34656289 2021. Antibody dependent enhancement: Unavoidable problems in vaccine development.
34656288 2021. Immunology of SARS-CoV-2 infections and vaccines.
34609704 2021. Inpatient Hospital Costs for COVID-19 Patients in the United States.
34608456 2021. COVID-19 as Natural Intervention: Guilt and Perceived Historical Privilege Contributes to Structural Reform Under Conditions of Crisis.

34690448 2021. Artificial intelligence, public control, and supply of a vital commodity like COVID-19 vaccine.

34697281 2021. Platypnea Orthodeoxia Due to a Patent Foramen Ovale and Intrapulmonary Shunting After Severe COVID-19 Pneumonia.
34605875 2021. The pathophysiology of sepsis-2021 update: Part 1, immunology and coagulopathy leading to endothelial injury.
34700024 2021. Stillbirth and fetal capillary infection by SARS-CoV-2.
34656736 2021. Approximation and evaluation of the spontaneous abortion rate following COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy.
34452040 2021. A Modeling Study on Vaccination and Spread of SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Italy.
34452371 2021. Intravenous, Intratracheal, and Intranasal Inoculation of Swine with SARS-CoV-2.

34452355 2021. Detection of IFNgamma-Secreting CD4(+) and CD8(+) Memory T Cells in COVID-19 Convalescents after Stimulation of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells with Live SARS-CoV-2.

34452319 2021. SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Dogs and Cats from Southern Germany and Northern Italy during the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
34452443 2021. Coronavirus Pseudotypes for All Circulating Human Coronaviruses for Quantification of Cross-Neutralizing Antibody Responses.

34414479 2021. Kommen die alten Angste wieder? : Eine Untersuchung zum Erleben der Corona-Krise bei Uberlebenden des Hamburger Feuersturms (1943).

34423606 2021. Captopril alleviates lung inflammation in SARS-CoV-2-infected hypertensive mice.
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34357576 2021. Association Between Driving in the Summer and COVID-19 Mortality in the Autumn.
34332019 2021. Epidemiological data and genome sequencing reveals that nosocomial transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is underestimated and mostly mediated by a small number of highly infectious individuals.

34384810 2021. Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?
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34351643 2021. The rampant use of cow dung to treat COVID-19: Is India at the brink of a zoonotic disease outbreak?
34449057 2021. The rapid adaptation of SARS-CoV-2-rise of the variants: transmission and resistance.
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10152100 1995. Calif. hospital wins case against docs.

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34360153 2021. Emotional Exhaustion, Depersonalization, and Mental Health in Nurses from Huelva: A Cross-Cutting Study during the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic.

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