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hottest actual papers was constructed in may 2020 at less than 10.000 published papers by pubmed accessibility. it was possible to keep up with human-bassed assortment of papers into subject topics. 2021 is at 62k papers at june 9th and 2020...

I will show here the most remarkable appearing papers as I got noticed at initally screening the pubmed readouts.

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33932458 2021. A case of gross hematuria and IgA nephropathy flare-up following SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.

34031537 2021. Histopathological findings and clinicopathologic correlation in COVID-19: a systematic review.
33883694 2021. The pathogenic role of epithelial and endothelial cells in early-phase COVID-19 pneumonia: victims and partners in crime.
33795830 2021. Pathophysiology of SARS-CoV-2: the Mount Sinai COVID-19 autopsy experience.

34092811 2021. mRNA Targeting, Transport and Local Translation in Eukaryotic Cells: From the Classical View to a Diversity of New Concepts.

34059561 2021. Molecular Perspectives of SARS-CoV-2: Pathology, Immune Evasion, and Therapeutic Interventions.

33358567 2021. Biological functions of MAIT cells in tissues.
33328588 2021. Hyperactivation of P2X7 receptors as a culprit of COVID-19 neuropathology.
33837204 2021. Seroprevalence and correlates of SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies from a population-based study in Bonn, Germany.

33824495 2021. Influenza virus and SARS-CoV-2: pathogenesis and host responses in the respiratory tract.

33859371 2021. Uncovering SARS-CoV-2 kidney tropism.

33361386 2021. Biological Significance of Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies: Lessons Learned From Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy.

33851090 2021. Urine foaming test, a promising diagnostic test for COVID-19 infection.

34068142 2021. Human Milk from Previously COVID-19-Infected Mothers: The Effect of Pasteurization on Specific Antibodies and Neutralization Capacity.

33919991 2021. L-Carnitine Tartrate Downregulates the ACE2 Receptor and Limits SARS-CoV-2 Infection.
33942025 2021. Therapeutic use of Guggulsterone in COVID-19 induced obesity (COVIBESITY) and significant role in immunomodulatory effect.

33879509 2021. A nutraceutical strategy for downregulating TGFbeta signalling: prospects for prevention of fibrotic disorders, including post-COVID-19 pulmonary fibrosis.

33889235 2021. Suicide epidemic in Malawi: what can we do?
33879234 2021. Mechanical transmission of SARS-CoV-2 by house flies.
33969249 2021. Alpha 1 Antitrypsin is an Inhibitor of the SARS-CoV-2-Priming Protease TMPRSS2.

33857718 2021. Endothelial-Mesenchymal Transition in COVID-19 lung lesions.

33840053 2021. Proton pump inhibitor on susceptibility to COVID-19 and its severity: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
34053266 2021. Segmentation and shielding of the most vulnerable members of the population as elements of an exit strategy from COVID-19 lockdown.
34053265 2021. Epidemic interventions: insights from classic results.

33901166 2021. The first few days of a SARS-CoV-2 infection viewed at single-cell resolution.

34043653 2021. Causal graph analysis of COVID-19 observational data in German districts reveals effects of determining factors on reported case numbers.

33984066 2021. Phenome-wide association of 1809 phenotypes and COVID-19 disease progression in the Veterans Health Administration Million Veteran Program.
33979412 2021. COVID-19 vaccine rumors and conspiracy theories: The need for cognitive inoculation against misinformation to improve vaccine adherence.
33956882 2021. Prevalence and outcomes of co-infection and superinfection with SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

33956834 2021. MEDLINE search retrieval issues: A longitudinal query analysis of five vendor platforms.
33909706 2021. Investigation of SARS-CoV-2 infection in dogs and cats of humans diagnosed with COVID-19 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

33909679 2021. Pathological findings in organs and tissues of patients with COVID-19: A systematic review.
33909660 2021. Risk of rapid evolutionary escape from biomedical interventions targeting SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.
33886573 2021. The impact of COVID-19 vaccination campaigns accounting for antibody-dependent enhancement.
33844696 2021. Non-invasive adapted N-95 mask sampling captures variation in viral particles expelled by COVID-19 patients: Implications in understanding SARS-CoV2 transmission.

34015061 2021. DC/L-SIGN recognition of spike glycoprotein promotes SARS-CoV-2 trans-infection and can be inhibited by a glycomimetic antagonist.

34097709 2021. Signal-regulatory protein alpha is an anti-viral entry factor targeting viruses using endocytic pathways.
33901246 2021. Individuals cannot rely on COVID-19 herd immunity: Durable immunity to viral disease is limited to viruses with obligate viremic spread.
33886690 2021. The SARS-CoV-2 and other human coronavirus spike proteins are fine-tuned towards temperature and proteases of the human airways.
33876719 2021. Hypothesis: AA amyloidosis is a factor causing systemic complications after coronavirus disease.
33906405 2021. Five approaches to the suppression of SARS-CoV-2 without intensive social distancing.

33975906 2021. Reducing mask resistance among White evangelical Christians with value-consistent messages.

34021074 2021. The ORF8 protein of SARS-CoV-2 mediates immune evasion through down-regulating MHC-Iota.
34099578 2021. Overcoming COVID-19 vaccination resistance when alternative policies affect the dynamics of conformism, social norms, and crowding out.

34083352 2021. The total number and mass of SARS-CoV-2 virions.

34045361 2021. Translational shutdown and evasion of the innate immune response by SARS-CoV-2 NSP14 protein.

33361333 2021. Structure of SARS-CoV-2 ORF8, a rapidly evolving immune evasion protein.
33361331 2021. Forward-looking serial intervals correctly link epidemic growth to reproduction numbers.

33741734 2021. Overdispersion in COVID-19 increases the effectiveness of limiting nonrepetitive contacts for transmission control.

33833080 2021. Time-dependent heterogeneity leads to transient suppression of the COVID-19 epidemic, not herd immunity.
34033836 2021. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): Biophysical and biochemical aspects of SARS-CoV-2 and general characteristics.
34095808 2021. Perceptions of the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan with respect to cultural, information, disaster and social issues.

33915202 2021. Lipid homeostasis and mevalonate pathway in COVID-19: Basic concepts and potential therapeutic targets.

33850412 2021. Management of COVID-19-associated multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children: A comprehensive literature review.
33931378 2021. Applicability of lung ultrasound in COVID-19 diagnosis and evaluation of the disease progression: A systematic review.
33867315 2021. The immune response to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 immunopathology - Current perspectives.

33970408 2021. Cystic fibrosis improves COVID-19 survival and provides clues for treatment of SARS-CoV-2.

33968286 2021. Hyperdense pulmonary artery sign - detection of pulmonary embolism in patients with suspected COVID-19 using non-contrast chest CT.
34043146 2021. CT radiomic models to distinguish COVID-19 pneumonia from other interstitial pneumonias.
34101147 2021. Low Anti-Mullerian Hormone Levels Are Associated with the Severity of Anxiety Experienced by Healthcare Professionals During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

34027292 2021. Comparison of the coagulopathies associated with COVID-19 and sepsis.
33985491 2021. Association of endothelial activation assessed through endothelin-I precursor peptide measurement with mortality in COVID-19 patients: an observational analysis.
34091456 2021. Swiss Recommendations for the Follow-Up and Treatment of Pulmonary Long COVID.


33839186 2021. Development and validation of a multiplex reverse transcriptase-PCR assay for simultaneous testing of influenza A, influenza B and SARS-CoV-2.

33932459 2021. Acute rejection after anti-SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination in a patient who underwent a kidney transplant.
34038996 2021. Can reactogenicity predict immunogenicity after COVID-19 vaccination?
34073053 2021. Innovative Approach to Fast Electron Microscopy Using the Example of a Culture of Virus-Infected Cells: An Application to SARS-CoV-2.

33920724 2021. Current Status of Putative Animal Sources of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Humans: Wildlife, Domestic Animals and Pets.
33856141 2021. A TGF - beta2 enriched formula as an oral nutritional supplement for hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

33918371 2021. FIB-SEM as a Volume Electron Microscopy Approach to Study Cellular Architectures in SARS-CoV-2 and Other Viral Infections: A Practical Primer for a Virologist.

33921873 2021. (INSECT) Arthropod Ectoparasites Have Potential to Bind SARS-CoV-2 via ACE.

34095057 2021. The Long-Term Presence of SARS-CoV-2 on Cold-Chain Food Packaging Surfaces Indicates a New COVID-19 Winter Outbreak: A Mini Review.

33968891 2021. How Do Economic Fluctuations Affect the Mortality of Infectious Diseases?
33937168 2021. Genomic Analysis and Lineage Identification of SARS-CoV-2 Strains in Migrants Accessing Europe Through the Libyan Route.
33869135 2021. What Do Adolescents Know About One-Health and Zoonotic Risks? A School-Based Survey in Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Mauritius, and Japan.

33738273 2020. Anti-Infective, Anti-Inflammatory, and Immunomodulatory Properties of Breast Milk Factors for the Protection of Infants in the Pandemic From COVID-19.

34041293 2021. Exilic (Art) Narratives of Queer Refugees Challenging Dominant Hegemonies.
33869565 2021. Born in Captivity: The Experiences of Puerto Rican Birth Workers and Their Clients in Quarantine.
33869564 2021. Tino Rangatiratanga and Well-being: Maori Self Determination in the Face of Covid-19.
33869563 2021. Cultural Sources of Strength and Resilience: A Case Study of Holistic Wellness Boxes for COVID-19 Response in Indigenous Communities.
33965698 2021. Lack of antibodies against seasonal coronavirus OC43 nucleocapsid protein identifies patients at risk of critical COVID-19.
33626241 2021. COVID-19 and human papillomavirus: Paradoxical immunity.
33583631 2021. Successful use of mild therapeutic hypothermia as compassionate treatment for severe refractory hypoxemia in COVID-19.
33721609 2021. Late augmented renal clearance in patients with COVID-19 in the intensive care unit. A prospective observational study.
34056499 2021. Activation of Vasopressin System During COVID-19 is Associated With Adverse Clinical Outcomes: An Observational Study.

33890986 2021. Preexisting autoantibodies to type I IFNs underlie critical COVID-19 pneumonia in patients with APS-1.

33867659 2021. Saving Lives: Working across Agencies and Individuals to Reduce Intimate Homicide among those at Greatest Risk.
34037921 2021. Marketing SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines: an Opportunity to Test a Nobel Prize-Winning Theory.
33880178 2021. What could be the potential reasons for relatively low coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) fatality rates in Africa? The case for Ethiopia.

33926500 2021. SARS-CoV-2 interacts with platelets and megakaryocytes via ACE2-independent mechanism.

33992744 2021. SARS-CoV-2: a general recommendation to adhere to government regulations cannot be evidence-based.

33864891 2021. An automated room disinfection system using ozone is highly active against surrogates for SARS-CoV-2.

33865974 2021. Oral antiseptics against coronavirus: in-vitro and clinical evidence.
33965454 2021. Controlling healthcare-associated transmission of SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern 202012/01 in a large hospital network.
33940093 2021. SARS-CoV-2 routes of transmission and recommendations for preventing acquisition: joint British Infection Association (BIA), Healthcare Infection Society (HIS), Infection Prevention Society (IPS) and Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) guidance.

33358763 2021. Use of rapid ferritin test to predict clinical deterioration in at home COVID-19 patients.

34087349 2021. Lower respiratory tract and plasma SARS-CoV-2 RNA load in critically ill adult COVID-19 patients: Relationship with biomarkers of disease severity.
33932450 2021. Duration of culturable SARS-CoV-2 within different specimens among mild and severe COVID-19 patients: A longitudinal study.
33853730 2021. Investigation of nasopharyngeal viral load at discharge in patients with COVID-19.

33367731 2021. Fostamatinib Inhibits Neutrophils Extracellular Traps Induced by COVID-19 Patient Plasma: A Potential Therapeutic.

33837392 2021. Broad Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Cell Tropism and Immunopathology in Lung Tissues From Fatal Coronavirus Disease 2019.
33885811 2021. Excessive Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 and Hyperactivation of Endothelial Cells Occurred in COVID-19 Patients and Were Associated With the Severity of COVID-19.
33341484 2021. Spread of OXA-48-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae among COVID-19-infected patients: The storm after the storm.
33833547 2021. Interferon-lambda3 Exacerbates the Inflammatory Response to Microbial Ligands: Implications for SARS-CoV-2 Pathogenesis.
33990155 2021. Evaluation of urine SARS-COV-2 RT-PCR as a predictor of acute kidney injury and disease severity in patients with critical COVID-19.
33916939 2021. Critical Thinking: A Model of Intelligence for Solving Real-World Problems.
33867776 2021. Effect of environmental pollution PM2.5, carbon monoxide, and ozone on the incidence and mortality due to SARS-CoV-2 infection in London, United Kingdom.

33989168 2021. Authors' Reply to: Redundancy of Terms in Search Strategies. Comment on "Searching PubMed to Retrieve Publications on the COVID-19 Pandemic: Comparative Analysis of Search Strings".
33989165 2021. Redundancy of Terms in Search Strategies. Comment on "Searching PubMed to Retrieve Publications on the COVID-19 Pandemic: Comparative Analysis of Search Strings".

33978589 2021. Social Media Use for Health Purposes: Systematic Review.
33822735 2021. The Uncounted Casualties of a Hidden COVID-19 Epidemic in China: Cross-sectional Study on Deaths Related to Overwork.
33884071 2021. COVID-360: A Collaborative Effort to Develop a Multidisciplinary Set of Online Resources for Engaging Teaching on the COVID-19 Pandemic.
33884049 2021. Genome Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Case Study: An Undergraduate Online Learning Activity To Introduce Bioinformatics, BLAST, and the Power of Genome Databases.

33309227 2021. A mysterious surge of aspergillosis among non-SARS-CoV-2 patients during COVID-19 pandemic.
33760045 2021. Membraneless organelles restructured and built by pandemic viruses: HIV-1 and SARS-CoV-2.
33677567 2021. Entry, egress and vertical transmission of SARS-CoV-2.
33326034 2020. A promiscuous interaction of SARS-CoV-2 with bacterial products.

33871721 2021. Pregnant women with COVID-19: the placental involvement and consequences.

34023935 2021. Glycosylation is a key in SARS-CoV-2 infection.
34050501 2021. The Symptoms and Clinical Manifestations Observed in COVID-19 Patients/Long COVID-19 Symptoms that Parallel Toxoplasma gondii Infections.
34023956 2021. Immediate high-dose intravenous immunoglobulins followed by direct thrombin-inhibitor treatment is crucial for survival in Sars-Covid-19-adenoviral vector vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia VITT with cerebral sinus venous and portal vein thrombosis.
34003371 2021. Pediatric LGI1 and CASPR2 autoimmunity associated with COVID 19: Morvan syndrome.
33973106 2021. Blood neurofilament light chain and total tau levels at admission predict death in COVID-19 patients.
33893540 2021. Serum neurofilament light chain (sNfL) values in a large cross-sectional population of children with asymptomatic to moderate COVID-19.

33360484 2021. Neuropathological explanation of minimal COVID-19 infection rate in newborns, infants and children - a mystery so far. New insight into the role of Substance P.

33340640 2021. Cerebral vasculitis of medium-sized vessels as a possible mechanism of brain damage in COVID-19 patients.

34087330 2021. Imaging spectrum of acute invasive fungal rhino-orbital-cerebral sinusitis in COVID-19 patients: A case series and a review of literature.
33889020 2021. History of Respiratory Stimulants.

33960723 2021. A series of COVID-19 autopsies with clinical and pathologic comparisons to both seasonal and pandemic influenza.
33837673 2021. Characterisation of cardiac pathology in 23 autopsies of lethal COVID-19.
33919882 2021. Knowledge Graphs for COVID-19: An Exploratory Review of the Current Landscape.

33900080 2021. Tuning Proton Transfer Thermodynamics in SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease: Implications for Catalysis and Inhibitor Design.
33967361 2021. COVID-19 vaccine rollout-scale and speed carry different implications for corruption.
33866364 2021. Science and religion for COVID-19 vaccine promotion.
33975462 2021. A simple criterion to design optimal non-pharmaceutical interventions for mitigating epidemic outbreaks.

33849340 2021. School closures reduced social mixing of children during COVID-19 with implications for transmission risk and school reopening policies.

33309464 2021. Coping Using Sex During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak in the United Kingdom.

34039523 2021. Elevated Lipoprotein(a) and Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis in COVID-19.

33895426 2021. COVID-19 Associated Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome Successfully Treated with Nimodipine and Aspirin.

34058701 2021. International Survey of Mechanical Thrombectomy Stroke Systems of Care During COVID-19 Pandemic.
34047937 2021. Transient endothelial injury and release of lupus anticoagulant in COVID-19.
33982161 2021. ICODE: the international COVID-19 thrombosis biomarkers colloquium-novel soluble biomarkers: circulating cell-free nucleic acids and other molecules.

33866481 2021. Von Willebrand factor and ADAMTS13 activity as clinical severity markers in patients with COVID-19.

33844151 2021. Abnormal immunothrombosis and lupus anticoagulant in a catastrophic COVID-19 recalling Asherson's syndrome.
33880442 2021. Functional autoantibodies against G-protein coupled receptors in patients with persistent Long-COVID-19 symptoms.

33372219 2021. Comment on sex tourism in the era of COVID-19.
33851369 2021. One year of SARS-CoV-2 and lung ultrasound: what has been learned and future perspectives.

33933387 2021. Thrombosis-Related Honeycomb-Like Structure in Non-Infarct-Related Artery in a COVID-19 Convalescent Patient Presenting With STEMI.

34032852 2021. Association Between Bitter Taste Receptor Phenotype and Clinical Outcomes Among Patients With COVID-19.
33909052 2021. Assessment of Length and Readability of Informed Consent Documents for COVID-19 Vaccine Trials.
34019099 2021. Assessing the Risk of SARS-CoV-2 Transmission via Surgical Electrocautery Plume.

33986193 2021. A specific low-density neutrophil population correlates with hypercoagulation and disease severity in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

34043524 2021. Experiences With Internet Triaging of 9498 Outpatients Daily at the Largest Public Hospital in Taiwan During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Observational Study.
33319191 2021. Monitoring Hospitalized Dialysis Patients With COVID-19: Repurposing Baby Monitors for Patient and Staff Safety.

33942030 2021. Molecular Analysis of the Kidney From a Patient With COVID-19-Associated Collapsing Glomerulopathy.

34022975 2021. What next for a COVID-19 intellectual property waiver?
33930321 2021. Symptom study app provides real-world data on COVID-19 vaccines.

34002171 2021. Rapid tests for quantification of infectiousness are urgently required in patients with COVID-19.

33997832 2021. Do asymptomatic carriers of SARS-COV-2 transmit the virus?

34051878 2021. Exploiting an early immunological window of opportunity in COVID-19.
34051877 2021. Colchicine for community-treated patients with COVID-19 (COLCORONA): a phase 3, randomised, double-blinded, adaptive, placebo-controlled, multicentre trial.
34000237 2021. A tricompartmental model of lung oxygenation disruption to explain pulmonary and systemic pathology in severe COVID-19.

33965003 2021. The COVID-19 puzzle: deciphering pathophysiology and phenotypes of a new disease entity.
33872590 2021. Interleukin-6: obstacles to targeting a complex cytokine in critical illness.

33967345 2021. Evaluation of the persistence of SARS-CoV-2 (ATCC(R) VR-1986HK) on two different food contact materials: flow pack polyethylene and polystyrene food trays.
33894671 2021. Immunohistochemistry patterns of SARS-CoV-2 deaths in forensic autopsies.
33915711 2021. Previous Humoral Immunity to the Endemic Seasonal Alphacoronaviruses NL63 and 229E Is Associated with Worse Clinical Outcome in COVID-19 and Suggests Original Antigenic Sin.

33316266 2021. Repurposing of histone deacetylase inhibitors: A promising strategy to combat pulmonary fibrosis promoted by TGF-beta signalling in COVID-19 survivors.
33977082 2021. Experimental Analysis of Solar Powered Disinfection Tunnel Mist Spray System for Coronavirus Prevention in Public and Remote Places.

33947753 2021. Galectin-9, a Player in Cytokine Release Syndrome and a Surrogate Diagnostic Biomarker in SARS-CoV-2 Infection.
33906927 2021. ColdZyme Maintains Integrity in SARS-CoV-2-Infected Airway Epithelia.
33849978 2021. Interferon-Independent Restriction of RNA Virus Entry and Replication by a Class of Damage-Associated Molecular Patterns.
33308936 2021. Alveolar epithelial cell type II as main target of SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 development via NF-Kb pathway deregulation: A physio-pathological theory.
34054173 2021. Histopathological features in fatal COVID-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome.

33828892 2021. A Rare Cause of ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction in COVID-19: MINOCA Syndrome.

34007243 2021. Correlation of Low Levels of alpha-1 Antitrypsin and Elevation of Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio with Higher Mortality in Severe COVID-19 Patients.

33967626 2021. Recombinant Human Thymosin Beta-4 Protects against Mouse Coronavirus Infection.
33833618 2021. Whole-Transcriptome RNA Sequencing Reveals Significant Differentially Expressed mRNAs, miRNAs, and lncRNAs and Related Regulating Biological Pathways in the Peripheral Blood of COVID-19 Patients.
34087907 2021. COVID-19 phobia in a boy with undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder: A case report.

33897247 2021. Effect of self-assembly on fluorescence in magnetic multiphase flows and its application on the novel detection for COVID-19.
33855870 2021. Can cilia provide an entry gateway for SARS-CoV-2 to human ciliated cells?

33900543 2021. Genetic Mutation of SARS-CoV-2 during Consecutive Passages in Permissive Cells.
33869558 2021. Development and Dissemination of a Strengths-Based Indigenous Children's Storybook: "Our Smallest Warriors, Our Strongest Medicine: Overcoming COVID-19".
33869509 2020. War Metaphors in Political Communication on Covid-19.
34035830 2021. SARS-CoV-2 likely targets cellular PDZ proteins: a common tactic of pathogenic viruses.
33991578 2021. Gut Microbiome Composition Is Associated with COVID-19 Disease Severity.

33837476 2021. Lobectomy with pathological examination in lung cancer patients who recovered from COVID-19.
33977168 2021. Diversity and genomic determinants of the microbiomes associated with COVID-19 and non-COVID respiratory diseases.
34001247 2021. An atlas connecting shared genetic architecture of human diseases and molecular phenotypes provides insight into COVID-19 susceptibility.
34004284 2021. Vaccine-escape and fast-growing mutations in the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Spain, India, and other COVID-19-devastated countries.
34095688 2021. On the Environmental Determinants of COVID-19 Seasonality.
33937569 2021. Epidemiological correlation between COVID-19 epidemic and prevalence of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency in the world.

33331235 2021. Lyrics and artistic improvisations in health promotion for the COVID-19 pandemic control in East Africa.
33845923 2021. Rethinking and strengthening the Global Health Diplomacy through triangulated nexus between policy makers, scientists and the community in light of COVID-19 global crisis.

33987628 2021. Inclusion of Cephalexin in COVID-19 Treatment Combinations May Prevent Lung Involvement in Mild Infections: A Case Report with Pharmacological Genomics Perspective.
33832219 2021. Circulating histones play a central role in COVID-19-associated coagulopathy and mortality.

33309293 2021. COVID-19: R0 is lower where outbreak is larger.

33855127 2021. A Higher Number of Covid19 Cases and Fatalities in Israel Phased With the Start of the Mass Vaccination.

33977022 2021. Using data mining techniques to fight and control epidemics: A scoping review.

34068009 2021. Long-COVID Syndrome? A Study on the Persistence of Neurological, Psychological and Physiological Symptoms.

33916054 2021. More Frequent Internet Use during the COVID-19 Pandemic Associates with Enhanced Quality of Life and Lower Depression Scores in Middle-Aged and Older Adults.

33340827 2021. Heparan sulfate consumption as a potential mechanism of intra-cardiac thrombosis in SARS-CoV-2 infection.
34056141 2021. Pulmonary stromal expansion and intra-alveolar coagulation are primary causes of COVID-19 death.
34036187 2021. Remarkable vessel enlargement within lung consolidation in COVID-19 compared to AH1N1 pneumonia: A retrospective study in Italy.

34027161 2021. Images of the emptied society. Alicante (Spain), local and global example of the consequences of the coronavirus.
33937546 2021. Error rates in SARS-CoV-2 testing examined with Bayes' theorem.
33880423 2021. Stability analysis of SEIR model related to efficiency of vaccines for COVID-19 situation.

33883951 2021. Binding of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein to the Asialoglycoprotein Receptor on Human Primary Hepatocytes and Immortalized Hepatocyte-Like Cells by Confocal Analysis.

34085127 2021. Credibility and evidence in the handling of SARS-CoV-2.
33939023 2021. The road from evidence to policies and the erosion of the standards of democratic scrutiny in the COVID-19 pandemic.
33864168 2021. On evidence fiascos and judgments in COVID-19 policy.
33988723 2021. Zukunftsweisende Therapieansatze bei Riechstorungen: elektrische Stimulation, Stammzelltherapie und Transplantation von Riechepithel - eine Ubersicht.
33961839 2021. Tissue-based SARS-CoV-2 detection in fatal COVID-19 infections: Sustained direct viral-induced damage is not necessary to drive disease progression.
33836527 2021. Animal Models of COVID-19. I. Comparative Virology and Disease Pathogenesis.
33914873 2021. Animal Models of COVID-19 II. Comparative Immunology.

33996172 2021. Nucleocapsid and Spike Proteins of SARS-CoV-2 Drive Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation.
34048708 2021. SARS-CoV-2 exacerbates proinflammatory responses in myeloid cells through C-type lectin receptors and Tweety family member 2.
33915108 2021. Notch4 signaling limits regulatory T-cell-mediated tissue repair and promotes severe lung inflammation in viral infections.

33357409 2021. The persistence of interleukin-6 is regulated by a blood buffer system derived from dendritic cells.
34022670 2021. Acquired decrease of the C3b/C4b receptor (CR1, CD35) and increased C4d deposits on erythrocytes from ICU COVID-19 patients.

34015982 2021. Tranilast: a potential anti-Inflammatory and NLRP3 inflammasome inhibitor drug for COVID-19.

33962635 2021. Systematic review of experiences and perceptions of key actors and orga" width="940" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"></iframe> tions at multiple levels within health systems internationally in responding to COVID-19.

33323604 2021. Comments on: An editorial perspective on the infamous COVID-19 studies retracted by Lancet and NEJM.

33846691 2021. Povidone Iodine (PVP-I) Oro-Nasal Spray: An Effective Shield for COVID-19 Protection for Health Care Worker (HCW), for all.

33961695 2021. beta-D-N 4-hydroxycytidine (NHC) Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Through Lethal Mutagenesis But Is Also Mutagenic To Mammalian Cells.
a typo error made me aware of THIS PAPER - i am strongly interested in
magnesium transporter kinase trpm7 - 
33951695 2021. MiR-129-5p Protects H9c2 Cardiac Myoblasts From Hypoxia/Reoxygenation Injury by Targeting TRPM7 and Inhibiting NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation.
  • "TRPM7 forms nonselective cation channels functional in the plasma membrane and activated on depletion of cellular Mg2+." 22301056

18192217 2008. Transient receptor potential melastatin 6 and 7 channels, magnesium transport, and vascular biology: implications in hypertension

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