Etelux Glove Box Laser Welding Packaging Process

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When particular components these as semiconductor equipment, integrated circuits, and optoelectronic gadgets are subjected to laser welding and packaging operations, the welding materials are exposed to the air and are especially prone to oxidation under superior temperature disorders, resulting in welding problems this kind of as porosity, slag inclusions, cracks, and very low welding energy. , Primary to soaring failure premiums such as very poor airtightness, small energy, and influence resistance of the product, especially the affect resistance defect will lead to harm to the machine traveling higher Mach, producing big security accidents and residence losses. At existing, the domestic marketplace urgently needs a The laser welding packaging device that can be utilized beneath vacuum circumstances or under particular environment defense ailments has a superior man-device atmosphere and flexible machines to meet up with the wants of significant-stop products, specially particular units for superior-speed aerospace vehicles.

Etelux delivers a laser welding Glove Box Application box based mostly on atmospheric protection. To resolve the results of air humidity and air impurities in laser welding, the glove box has two ninety-diploma sq. cabins, the still left facet is the heating cabin, and the proper side For the transitional cabin, the greatest temperature of the heating cabin is 200 ℃, the heating plate can be cooled fast at the very same time, the exterior of the square cabin door is a guide doorway, the inner doorway is an automatic doorway, the internal and outer doorways are interlocked, the glove box is managed to be cleaned by a flow meter, and can also be related to the purification procedure. Its traits are: low leakage, lower h2o and oxygen articles in the box, steady overall machines effectiveness, and true and reliable water and oxygen detection.

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