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Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche sorts *most* of the current literature on covid-19 into about 60 topics - see leftsided navigation bar.

it is intended to give doctors, researchers and politicians the fast-track access to the current published literature.

if you are no health professional but generally interested you might do two things:

a) use it and learn anything you want

b) givealong the link to your doctor, you will make him happy.

for all folks who say 'eee i dont need it i have pubmed - use THIS engine at


coolest topics are

other resources are listed in the Further reading section.

DISCLAIMER the current scientific record is full of falsified and invented data and subject to political abuse. I cannot keep up with the daily retractions, so do not apply any thesis or hypothesis shown here as a valid option for application to human beings.

to get it complicated, other sources than journal articles might be included foy your convenience !


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